President Sheri Hodson led another successful meeting, but due to a camera failure on your scribe's brand new iPhone 6, there is no photographic record of it.  To make up for that, some news headlines from the world outside Rotary will be interspersed in this week's eBulletin. 


Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)

George Lin is still here from Taipei, and we will have more about George's exploits below.

Fred Willis introduced his wife Ingrid and their house guest visiting from Germany.  No exploits lately for Fred, as far as we know. 


Sunshine report:  Marilee Johnson reported that Choi Halladay is on his way to Montana to handle a family matter – please keep him in your prayers.



Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:

President Sheri Hodson reminded everyone that next week we will be having a visit from District Governor Michael Procter.  Everyone is welcomed to attend, just as at every meeting, but board members are to please arrive at 1100 for a pre-meeting meeting with the DG. [ed note: the board on Friday also had a discussion about the upcoming Wednesday pre-meeting meeting of the board, that discussion taking place during Friday's regular board meeting, for which there was no pre-meeting.]



Bonnie Boyle reported on several items : 

Attendance is good, over 80% in September.  Please make every meeting you can, and forward makeups to Bonnie for when you cannot be with us and do a makeup somewhere else.    

She needs more people to help with taking notes at the meetings for the newsletter, so let her know if you can help.  [ed note: Your scribe usually handles adding the funny stuff, so the humor impaired can also help]  She is also interested in hearing from anyone who is willing to serve as a greeter.  So it's either writer's cramp, or hand-shaking duty. 

Sheri thanked your scribe for his work on this newsletter, and quizzed the group on the extra items that were publicized after last week’s meeting– George Lin’s hole-in-one; theater pictures and the pictures of Bruce and Marie Barth’s dogs.  So study up, because you never know when there may be a test. 




Alan Billingsley reminded people to sign up for the Watch Dog program at Southgate.  More details to follow about scheduling and tasks.  And there is a background form that all volunteers must fill out.  Email for more details, or to sign up. 

Fred Willis provided the “Foundation Minute” and focused on the world service aspect of the Foundation and the ability to get matching funds and support from other clubs to fund international projects.

Sue Potter shared two truths.  (1) She actually held John Landis' Best Picture Oscar for The Titanic while hanging out with Gregory Peck at Rock Hudson’s former house, while 7 months pregnant, and (2) She got to wear a Super Bowl ring.  That 2nd one sounded really impressive, until she revealed that the ring belonged to some staffer for the Denver Broncos, and not any sort of star player.  Sue revealed that the lie was about having been cast as extra in the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds”.




Memorable fines and stories: 

Don Sosnowski paid for his $100.00 “Wachter” for his a new position as the executive director of an organization that represents Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College and Tacoma Community College.  [ed note: A "Wachter" is what used to be known as a "Ulisse", named for Rotarians who were notorious for not having cash to cover fines that were assessed.]

Judge Grant Blinn ratted on Heidi Wachter for actually bringing her checkbook so she could clean up her own eponymous Wachters, the magnitude of which had grown quite large over time.

Choi Holiday did not get signatures from Randy Black or Karl Roth   - $5.00 from each of them.

Randy also missed signing Jim Hairston’s roster – another $5.00

The Tacoma News Tribune published a letter from Tom Faubion, requesting levy support for the Graham Fire Department, where Tom is a volunteer firefighter.  Tom suggested a fine of $5.00 now or $50.00 if levy passes.  The Club went for the $50.00.

George Lin – $50.00 for his hole-in-one – congratulations!

Paul Webb confessed to taking a 19-day trip to Europe which included a cruise from England to Rome.  He also ratted on Karl Roth and Ken Sharp for not ratting on Paul over taking such an extravagant trip.   Paul went onto report having spent 7 days in Hawaii attending a family wedding, although at this point he started sniveling about how the trip to Hawaii was a lot more like work than a vacation. [ed. note: Paul is retired, so he may have forgotten the difference between work and vacation].

Bob Edington paid $50.00 for a newly acquired old car, which he says he only bought to support our country.

Marie Barth volunteered to be head of the dog-lovers club.  At this point Tom McClellan piped up and asserted that Marie had furthermore offered to indemnify Tom (i.e. pay any fines which might be assessed) for the publication of club members' dog pictures.  This resulted in a variety of legal opinions being solicited from all of the attorneys and judges in the club, which actually took quite a while because of the large number of attorneys we have amassed – fortunately we didn’t have to pay the hourly fee for all of the advice.  Marie paid $5, which was a bargain considering that the picture showed all 3 dogs.



General Bill Harrison was fined $2.00 for being late and Teresa Nye was fined $2.00 for not signing in.

Bill Harrison also offered up $100.00 in honor of his son joining a Rotary Club in Roseville, CA.



Randy Black paid $50.00 for youngest daughter’s engagement, an amount which he noted will assuredly be just a down payment on a whole lot more spending to come.  Helen McGovern took that opportunity to point out that at her upcoming Abundance Dinner and Auction on October 25, from 6-10 PM at the McGavick Center, the Emergency Food Network will auction off a chicken coop, among other things.  So Helen thought that perhaps Randy could get back in the green by starting up the egg business again.  Randy had been smiling before that suggestion, not so much afterward. 


Abundance Web Banner



Today’s speaker:  Mike Savage is the public information officer and now also the new chief of investigations for Western State Hospital in Lakewood.  Members in attendance at the meeting got to see what Mike looks like: here is an artist's depiction:


Before coming to his current job at Western State, Mike was an assistant city attorney working for our own Heidi Wachter in Lakewood, and before that he was a prosecuting attorney in Kitsap County. 

Western State Hospital is one of 3 state-run mental health facilities in Washington.  The other two are Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake near Spokane, and the Child Study and Treatment Center which is collocated with Western in Lakewood. 

Western faces a lot of challenges in dealing with mentally ill patients, all of whom are admitted only by court order.  There is currently a waiting list of over 100 patients, for whom there is no room. 

Handling investigations is a really difficult job, because on any given day there are approximately 10 complaints concerning the 1000 patients.  Some are patient versus patient, patient versus staff, and staff versus patient.  The hospital has a 50-person security staff to deal with all issues of patient and staff safety.

Mike also told of lawsuits that have been filed against the State of Washington over not providing enough hospital beds to allow all court-ordered patients to be admitted.  The outcome of those suits is to be determined.  He is hopeful that the legislature will come up with additional funding for an expansion of the capacity at Western State. 


Raffle: Tom McClellan is getting pretty good at having his ticket drawn in the weekly raffle.  But he is still awful at picking the ace.  $5 won.