A report on our Club's stoves project in Guatemala
Jeannie Hill served as the greeter.  The invocation was given by Alan Billingsley.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Randy Black.  President Jim Hairston led us in the 4-way test.
No visiting Rotarians at this week’s meeting
Other visitors:
  • Bill Reardon – guest of Ellie Carr
  • Dr. and Mrs. Billingsley (Alan’s parents)
  • Genette Simmons and Chris Mejia - America’s Credit Union
  • Sally Martinez – City of Lakewood
  • Patrick Ahearne – the new Chief Executive Officer/Chief Nursing Officer at St. Claire Hospital
Sunshine ReportKaren George gave a brief update from Charlie Maxwell on how Kathie is recovering. Prayers are still requested; no visitors or food please.
  • Joyce Oubre reminded club members that contributions are being collected to purchase clothing and toys for children at Tyee Park Elementary for Christmas.  This is an annual project done in conjunction with the West Pierce Fire department. Shopping will occur at Target on Sunday morning, December 4. 
  • Patty Ellisor, interim CEO at St. Claire hospital, told members about Prompt Care, a new emergency care facility service operated by Fransciscan Health Services that opened at 9537 Gravelly Lake Drive on October 10 (right next to Sheri Hodson’s office).
Flat PaulGeorgene Mellom took flat Paul with her on a recent 1500 mile cruse from Montreal through Maine and Boston. She showed her picture with flat Paul and the Captain of the Rotterdam.  Georgene shared information with him about Rotary and learned a great deal about the Captain’s experiences as well.
Fun and Fines
  • A $4 fine was charged to Patti Ellisor for advertising as she talked about the new emergency facility in Lakewood, and $8 to Sheri for advertising as she twice mentioned that it’s located close to her office. [ed. note: So if you have a minor injury in a car accident, house fire, etc., you can get treated and then go see Sheri for your claim.]
  • Tom McClellan paid the requisite fine for his 31st wedding anniversary (all of the years were happy, and Tom asserted that he has his wife’s permission to say so).
  • Joyce Loveday was celebrating her Birthday.
  • Karl Roth won the Tacoma South Rotary Club's miniature golf tournament at Harkness Furniture last Friday night on a team with Fire Chief Sharp and their wives.  Karl settled with Ed for a fine of $20 (tournament winnings were $25)
  • General Bill Harrison paid $100 for a trip he and Karen George took October 1-12. They attended an Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference in Washington DC, then drove to the General’s hometown in Hembrook, Kentucky (western Kentucky) for a reunion with old friends.  Karen noted that there are signs around the city declaring that it is the “Birthplace of General William Harrison.”  The Citizens of Hembrook are clearly as proud of General Harrison as we are.
  • Joy Taylor reported the accomplishment of the Bellarmine girls’ robotics team who won a recent competition ($20).
  • Ellie Carr was charged for ratting on Jenny Goodin for activities during a recent girls’ night out.
Tom McClellan introduced the day’s speakers – Alan Billingsley, Chris Carr, and Ellie Carr – who provided pictures and captivating tales about the Stoves for Guatemala mission trip they took this past August.
Alan started out by presenting 2 pairs of carved wooden figures, one each to James Hairston and Joyce Loveday, the current and past presidents who approved the expenditure of club charity account funds in support of the trip.  The figures are of a man and a woman, affectionately referred to as Diego and Maria.
Alan then turned it over to Chris and Ellie Carr.
Some of the points they made are provided below:
Stoves alone $30,000. Our Club donated the international project budget for the past 2 years combined, of $4000. Some Club members also contributed $6000 individually.
  • A total of 120 stoves were delivered and installed in Northwest Guatemala by 16 team members on the Stoves for Guatemala expedition. The stoves are locally manufactured in Barillas, Guatemala, and replace an open fire on the dirt floor of the villagers' homes.  The result is cleaner air, a safer area for children, and 80% lower wood consumption.
  • As they traveled to their destination in Northwest Guatemala, they carried 600 pounds of medical supplies to a small hospital in the village of Barillas that has one trained medical doctor, and no budget for supplies.
  • The first village to which stoves were delivered was 30 miles from Barillas – a three and a half hour trip on the primitive roads.
  • The team was impressed by the incredible spirit and hospitality they experienced in each village.
  • Alan expressed how proud he was of the Clover Park Rotary club for the amazing support we gave to this project.  The club provided $4000 of funds for this international project, and individual members together contributed and additional $6000.  This went a long way toward covering the $30,000 cost of the stoves. 
Following the presentation, President Jim called Sally Martinez to the front of the room and inducted her as a new member of the Clover Park Rotary Club. The club welcomed her warmly as she donned her new red membership badge.
Sally works for the Lakewood Parks Department as coordinator of community events, such as the Farmers’ Market, and the Truck and Tractor Day.
Raffle Paul Webb had the selected ticket. Didn’t select the winning card.
And Finally: