2 Chaplains Came to Visit, And Brought Good News
Meeting Notes taken by Karen Fengler Nichols, with creative editing by Tom McClellan
The meeting was called to order by President Joyce Loveday, once again at precisely 12:30.  No words of frustration over this trend in precise presidential punctuality were heard out of the Finemaster, which is not to say that we won't hear about it again at some point. 
Jeannie Hill led us in prayer, and Joy Taylor led the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were no visiting Rotarians at this meeting. 
Other Visitors - Marie Barth introduced her guest Samantha Farrar, a possible future Rotarian and daughter of Lakewood chief of police, Brett Farrar.  Clarke Thomson introduced his guest Dan Lasham, also of Mt View Funeral Home & Memorial Park. Tom McClellan introduced today’s speakers Larry & Diane Huffman, Chaplains for West Pierce Fire and Rescue.
Sunshine Report: Alice Peeples has had facial surgery leaving her with some dramatic bruising.  She came to the meeting, sporting sunglasses which were très stylé.  See more about this below.  We wish her quick and complete healing.
Future programs, by Tom McClellan
Nov. 25 - Port Commissioner Connie Bacon
Dec. 2 - Brian Culpepper, Community Engagement Coordinator for WorkSource Pierce County
Dec. 9 - Justice Charlie Wiggins, WA State Supreme Court
Foundation Report - Don Sosnowski states that the club has had a phenomenal first 5 months of this Rotary year in terms of gifts to the Foundation.  Our clubs goal for the 2015-2016 year is $7000. We are currently at $4733 towards that goal, and that's before this meeting's additions.
Food Drive - Bonnie Boyle reported that our food drive was a success, accumulating a truckload (is that better than a boatload?) of food for EFN, plus $300 in cash donations. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Holiday Shopping Event - Joyce Oubre reported that donations for the Christmas shopping spree to benefit students at Tyee Park have topped $3000. Events to remember- Shopping day is Dec 6 @ 8am. Gift wrapping and Club Christmas Party is Dec 10, 5-8pm, at Carr’s. West Pierce gift wrapping party is Dec. 16 at the UP West Pierce Fire Station. And finally West Pierce gift delivery and Santa visit is Dec 19.
Holiday Baskets - Ellie Carr reported on her ongoing discussions with Tyee Park Elementary school staff.  In the past, our club provided Thanksgiving and Christmas meal packages to specified families identified by our past adopted school, which was the former Southgate Elementary.  But the needs at Tyee Park Elementary are different.  Christmas and Spring break packs which supplement the EFN holiday break packs are preferred over the traditional holiday food baskets. They request foods that the kids can prepare themselves while they are home on these holiday breaks. Ellie is sourcing items like instant oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. for 55 families. Monday Dec. 14 is packing day at Carr’s at 3pm, with delivery of the packs to Tyee Park School Dec. 15.
Joyce Loveday reminded everyone of our Board meeting this Friday Nov. 20 at 7:30 am.  All members are welcome to attend any board meeting. 
Joy Taylor invited the club to come see Robotics in action competition at Bellarmine High School on Saturday Nov. 21 2pm-6:30. Come after the EFN repack event.
Today’s President's Moment: 4 Questions
Q1: Which Rotary Club is the largest in the world?
A: Currently that honor is held by The Rotary Club of Seattle, which has 675 members and a fulltime staff.  It is known as "Seattle 4" because it was the 4th Rotary Club created in sequence.  Their meetings fill an entire hotel ballroom.
Q2: Which woman in the club is in charge of the power tools in her home?
A: Teresa Nye. Her husband is not allowed to touch her tools.  And we're talking power saws, sanders, drills, and the like, not just the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (which your editor is not allowed to touch in his own home). 
Q3: Which Clover Park Rotarian took a cadaver lab in college?
A: Karen George at TCC in association with UW. She found it extremely interested probably not so for her classmate who fainted at the sight of a cadaver foot being flexed by Karen's classmate who was pulling on a tendon.
Q4: Which Clover Park Rotarian once worked as a cashier at Tacoma Boys?
A: Heidi Wachter.  In those days, ‘girls’ were not allowed to work in sales, even though Heidi did an amazing job when asked to extol the virtues of a package of snap peas.  Heidi confided that if she had instead been asked to give a demonstration of her cash-management and mathematical skills, that summer job opportunity might not have worked out the same. 
Fun and Fines with Gen Ed.
Joy Taylor to collect fines and Karen George to pass the mike.
Today’s early leavers are Grant Blinn and Jim Harrison $2 each.  Tom Faubion was also an early leaver today, but somehow escaped attention.  Hmmm. 
Celebrating a recent birthday is Heidi Wachter, who 'fessed up to being ‘52’. She offered the appropriate Wachter. The Happy Birthday song was led by Joy.  The singing was of such unusually good quality that General Ed was spurred to offer a compliment. 
The Carr and Billingsley clan was well represented at the Tacoma South Rotary fundraiser golf tourney at Harkness Furniture. They again won this year. Such skill! Alan offered a $50 fine payment split with Ellie.  Alan shared his secret: In that tourneyment, a player can buy a Mulligan for a dollar on every hole.  With 14 holes, a dollar per hole to garner the $20 grand prize seems like a great return on investment.  Great, that is, until Finemaster math gets added to the equation. 
Karen Fengler Nichols just returned from a 5 day 5 night trip to Phoenix to visit with her husband’s family. Lovely sunny weather and good company made this getaway perfect.  She offered $50 towards Polio Plus.
Alice Peeples talked about her mysterious sunglasses look and reported that her facial bruising is the remains of an eye surgery repair job. She even gave everyone a fair warning to look away if they wished before removing the sunglasses to reveal the special coloration.  She offered $50.
Don Sosnowski was fined $2 for not signing in. Don also spoke of a program he is involved with called ‘Onward to Opportunity’. This program matches veteran’s career skills with opportunities in the community. Much needed. Don offered $50 payment towards his Paul Harris. IOU.
Today’s Program- West Pierce Fire and Rescue Chaplaincy Program
Speakers Larry and Diane Huffman
Former Lakewood Fire Department Chief Paul Webb made the introductions of today’s speakers, and to everyone’s surprise, Paul left enough time in the meeting for them to also talk.  Paul explained his own role in their hiring, and the need he saw in 2005 for chaplains within our local Fire department. At that time he recruited ministers Larry and Diane Huffman for the job.
Larry and Diane are both ordained ministers, and the opportunity to serve as chaplains came along at just the right time, since their prior church had just had to lay them off.  They are thankful for the opportunity they have been given to serve and have become integral members of the fire department community.
Their role is to help grieving families who have experienced a loss whether by fire, auto accident, or other events.  They assist in coordinating needed services and emotional support to help in the recovery process.  Another important role they serve is peer support for their fellow firefighters.  They created a place (the day room table) to hear each other out and allow firefighters to talk about their own feelings in order to mitigate stress and “compassion fatigue”.  This became extremely important in 2009 when the 4 Lakewood police officers were shot down. After this time Larry and Diane became contract employees with the department.  Their role and service to the community has continued to grow.
Today’s raffle pot has $169. General Ed had the winning ticket but did not draw an ace so he gets $5 for his winnings.
And Finally:
Bill's barn burned down, and his wife Polly called the insurance company.
Polly told the insurance agent, "We had that barn insured for fifty thousand, and I want my money."
The agent replied, "Hold on just a minute, Polly.  Insurance doesn't work quite like that.  We will ascertain the value of what was insured, and provide you with a new barn of comparable worth."
There was a long pause before Polly replied, "Then I'd like to cancel the policy on my husband."