Posted by Tom McClellan on Nov 19, 2017
While the Fine Master and Primary Fine Madam are away.....
Marie Rakes in the $Bucks!
The November 15, 2017 meeting of Clover Park Rotary Club
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting was called to order by President Bryan precisely at 12:30 pm.
Invocation – Tom McClellan.
Pledge of Allegiance – Charlie Maxwell.
Visiting Rotarians:
Bob Zawilski and Carol Weir – Lakewood Rotary.   Howard Svigals – Gig Harbor Midday Club.  Howard is the District 5020 Council Chair, Area 11 Assistant District Governor and is here as today’s guest speaker.
Today’s Guest:
Kendra Riconosciuto of Financial Advocates, Olympia.
Future Programs:
November 22 – Rachael Adler from West Pierce Fire and Rescue
November 29 – Tim Cook from WA State Emergency Management Office
December 6 – Doug Richardson, Pierce County District 6 Council Chair
Sunshine ReportAnn Winters reported for her sister Karen Fengler Nichols that Joe Nichols is not having any adverse effects so far from chemo treatments. He is doing OK. We were asked to keep John Korsmo in our prayers.  Alice Pepples is resting and will hopefully return next week.
Joyce Oubre – passed around the sign-up sheet for donations toward our Holiday Shopping event for Tyee Park Elementary students.  We will be shopping for 21 students this year. Based on pledges and cash already donated, we have at least $2,400 for shopping.  Rotarians who cannot make it to the next two meetings who want to donate can mail a check to Joyce Oubre or to Judy Maier before Nov 27th.  This year’s timeline includes:
  • Sunday Dec 3rd at 0830 am - Shopping at Target
  • Tuesday, Dec 5th, 5-7 PM- Rotary Gift Wrapping Party at Carr’s. $10 pre-paid for heavy appetizers, and no-host bar.
  • Wednesday Dec 6th at 5:00 pm – Gift Wrapping at WPFD Union Hall.
  • Tuesday Dec 12th ,WPFD Delivers Gifts to Schools
  • Sunday Dec 17th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm - Family gift pick-up at WPFD Union Hall (for those who did not receive them via school.
Joyce Oubre – also took the opportunity to report that the opening of the Steilacoom McDonalds is regrettably delayed another week and will therefore open on Black Friday.  
Joy Taylor – announced that today was a special day to make your donation count as double.  She asked everyone to stay tuned for a special offer from our guest speaker, Howard Svigals.
President Bryan – asked everyone if they knew the significance of Dec 18.  Since no one took the challenge, he went on to explain that the Amtrak Trains will begin their runs from Centralia to Tacoma using the new lines along I-5.  He will continue to remind everyone and asks that everyone inform others that this will happen.
President Bryan – announced to those present that the funds used to seed our golf tournament were provided out of our general fund and did not come from this year’s budget.
Memorable Fines and Moments without Gen Ed:
(Madame Marie Barth presided, and was assisted by Riley Wyatt).
Fine Madame Marie - began the session by stating that she was not prepared but seemingly had amassed quite a list of notable and finable offenses.  All visiting Rotarians were asked to raise their hands.....and have $2.00 in them so they would not feel neglected during our fine session.
Tom McClellan and Jim Hairston – were fined $2.00 each for failure to include the 85th birthday of Gen Ed in the meeting notes last week.  Jim made a feeble attempt at defending the faux pas and Tom quickly raised his hand, containing $2.00. [ed. note: If it did not get written down, did it really happen?]
Karen George – announced that she has opened a Yoga Studio and Sydna Koontz was her first student.  Karen pledged $20.00 (Wachter) for advertising.  Karen also told a story, at Marie’s urging about a near incident between husband Bruce Barth and Gen Bill Harrison.  Marie contributed $2.00 for explaining the story further.
Ellie Carr – was somehow baited into a conversation about a beautiful Treehouse that now exists, built for the multitude of Billingsley grandkids by Grandpa Alan.  Before we knew it, Marie found a way to introduce the issue of a building permit and the conversation shifted to Ellie contributing $100 toward her Paul Harris. 
Marie Barth – asked if anyone knew the meaning of Uber (as in the transport company’s name).  Dave Hall responded with the correct answer and then rolled out quite a bit more “auf deutsch” for which Marie levied a fine of $2.00.  Since he had the floor, Dave announced that he is returning part-time to a WA State Emergency Management position which will free him from other unpopular winter work duties as a substitute teacher.  In his joyous state, he donated $8.00 for that announcement, to total $10.00.  And he stipulated that the part-time nature of the gig will be configured to ensure that he makes each Wednesday Rotary meeting.
On the subject of Uber, Joyce Oubre announced that all her restaurants subscribe to Uber Eats and paid a fine of $20.00 for disclosing that information.  [ed. note: So yes, if you want someone to deliver a Big Mac and fries to you while you luxuriate in your bathrobe, all it takes is the Uber app, and money.]
Randy Black – has a knack for making confessions when Gen Ed is not here and continued today with a touching confession.  He received an extra special present from his youngest daughter Lindsey as they were celebrating his birthday last week.  Lindsey informed Randy and Tina that they are going to be “Grandparents”.  Randy gladly offered $20.00 for making the announcement.  Congratulations Randy & Tina!
[ed. note: Hey Randy, here is a book you might get for your daughter.  The cover sort of says it all.]
Teresa Nye – finally broke ground on her basement remodel project.  The city of University Place required that she purchase a full building permit to authorize the work.  [ed. note: Evidently being married to a City Council member does not mean easy treatment from the permitting office.]  No fine.
Today’s Program:
Today's speaker was Howard Svigals, a very active member from the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor Midday.  Howard is the District 5020 Council Chair and Area 11 Assistant District Governor.  He was here to talk about the Rotary Foundation.
Charity Navigator (CN) has given Rotary International a 4-star rating (CN’s highest rating) for 9 consecutive years.  That’s quite an impressive and significant achievement for our organization.  In a continuing quest to eradicate Polio, Rotary International has pledged to give $50 million per year for the next three years toward the eradication of Polio.  Bill & Melinda Gates have committed to match Rotary’s pledge at a two for one basis.  That’s $450 Million over the next three years toward the effort to eradicate Polio. It is estimated that there are about 50 million children around the world who have benefited, so far, from the work done to eliminate this horrible disease.
Howard also brought to us an explanation of the various categories of donors and the many ways that we can give to the Rotary Foundation.  Howard explained, through a very informational set of diagrams, how annual funds and endowment spendable earnings are managed to fund Rotary programs and activities at a high level each year, allowing Rotary International to continue our great work.
Raffle Drawing:
Fine Madame Marie Barth possessed the selected ticket, but did not draw an Ace.... $5.00 collected.
And Finally…
Since Thanksgiving is almost here, that means “Black Friday” shopping is also zooming up toward us.  As you shop for those great deals, you should beware that some advertisements may not be accurate.  Here are a few examples:
And this one... USA??
100%?  Really?
And be careful of retailers to make dubious holiday linkages, like this one:
This one might not be legitimate:
Last, you should be especially careful of retail advertising exaggerations when shopping online, such as this offer of garden equipment from Ireland: