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Trees, homes, and explanations for strange terms like "Wachter" and "Fraley"
Meeting Minutes,November 1, 2017
Recorded by Sydna Koontz, edited by Tom McClellan
President Bryan Christensen called the meeting to order at precisely at 12:30pm.  Fred Willis gave the invocation.  Paul Webb led the club in the flag salute.  Everyone joined in reciting the Rotary Four-Way Test.  David Cotant introduced visiting Rotarians Don Daniels of Lakewood Rotary, and Kevin Bates from the Puyallup Sunrise Rotary Club.  Visiting guests included Ingrid Willis (wife of Fred).
No report, but Bryan did say his dad is recovering nicely after open heart surgery.
November 8 – Roxanne Miles from Pierce County Parks Department
November 15 – Howard Svigals, Area 11 Assistant Governor
November 22 – Rachael Adler from West Pierce Rescue speaking on gunshot wounds
November 29 – Tim Cook, WA State Emergency Management Division (and Heidi Wachter will be conducting her first meeting in Bryan’s absence!)
Sheri Hodson reported in place of Joyce Oubre on this year’s Christmas shopping with West Pierce Fire. 
Shopping at Target – Dec 3rd
Gift Wrapping at West Pierce FD Union Hall - Dec 6th at 5:00pm
Delivery of Gifts to Schools – Dec 12th
Family gift pick-up at WPFD Union Hall – Dec 17th 10:00am -1:00pm. 
Sheri passed around the envelope and reminded members the suggested donation of $100 - $125.  By the time one shops for an older child, the amount often exceeds $100.
Bryan reported that the board approved sponsoring a hole at the VA golf course.  This will be done by our club orchestrating a “best ball” golf tournament to be held on Saturday, August 4.  More information will follow as the committee meets to plan activity.  Members of the committee include Jim Hairston, Dave Hall, General Ed, and Bob Lawrence.  The burden on our club should be light in terms of volunteer work, since the VA golf course is already volunteer-run and there should be staff to handle most functions. 
Next year’s slate of officers will be brought to the membership on November 15.
President Bryan asked Dave Hall to step forward to accept $1,000 for the Shelter Box program. 
As a ShelterBox ambassador, Dave thanked both Clover Park Rotary and Lakewood Rotary for their generous contributions.  Both clubs have been recognized as “Heroes”, and each will receive a banner for their participation.
General Ed, with the assistance of Becky Newton collecting the money, went after those with outstanding Wachters.  Dr. David Cotant ($20), because someone turned in his concealed weapon.  Karl Roth ($100), for birthday and trip(s).
Happy Birthday wishes went to Joyce Loveday.  Because General Ed never asks a lady’s age, Joyce contributed the appropriate amount.  Riley Wyatt celebrated his 30 year birthday with $30.
Thirty-two years of marriage was celebrated by Tom and Shelley McClellan - Happy Anniversary!  Tom noted that they were 32 very happy years, and that he had his wife’s permission to say so. 
David Cotant spent 6 nights in New York City, Judy spent time in Macy’s!  They saw 3 plays, cruised around the island, went to church at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.  Tried to attend the 9:30 service, but it was cancelled.  Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolman gave the sermon at the 11:00 service on “One church with lots of different buildings”.  The Cotants returned home on Monday, leaving NYC before the terrorist attack that took place on Tuesday.  $50.
Tom Faubion ratted on David but will not pay the customary $2 fine as he has a “Fraley” — not to be confused with a “Wachter”.  A Wachter is when you have no money, and leave an IOU to be paid later, perhaps subject to undefined interest.  A Fraley is when you pay a huge sum up front which covers any fines you may incur during the year. 
Heidi Wachter was called out for not signing in.  She had money and paid $5 as she needed to leave early, too!
Sheri Hodson called a point of order:  What happened to the singing of Happy Birthday to our birthday people.  She happily led the club in the song.
Joy Taylor reported that last weekend, the girls of her robotic team from Bellarmine took home first place for the second year in a row at a girls-only competition (with the boys also attending and offering moral support).  Finemaster Ed pointed out the Suburban Times published an article about the tournament, but failed to mention the Bellarmine team.  Joy said the reporter obviously didn’t stick around for the entire event.  $20
Don Daniels, President of the Lakewood Rotary Club, said he was here today to retrieve a misplaced badge from one of the senior members of his club.  At the last joint meeting, Ted Weir accidentally placed his badge in the wrong box.  Don happily paid $5 knowing the Ted was going to have to pay much more this Friday to get his badge back.  [ed. note: Your editor explained to Don in an aside the concept of “Freudian” comments and actions, which are things that part of your brain actually means to do, but which you did not know that you meant to do.  The Lakewood Rotary Club members who put their badges in our badge box were acting out aspirational motives, to come be part of “the fun club”.]
Sheri Hodson wanted to thank Clarke Thomson for organizing the Make a Difference Day tree planting at Fort Steilacoom Park last Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day with lots of participants.  In mid-November there will be another opportunity for Rotarians to plant a tree at the park (and to fulfill the Rotary requirement of a tree being planted by and for every Rotarian). 
Ed Trobaugh said he missed the tree planting because he was out on the golf course.  Tom McClellan said that replacing a divot is not the same as planting a tree!
Tom McClellan introduced Kevin Bates from Helping Hand House in Puyallup. 
He is a proud third generation Rotarian.  He moved to Puyallup from California in 2008.  After 20 years with a credit union he wanted to help nonprofits.  All he wanted to do was write grant proposals.  He got involved with Helping Hands House as a volunteer and quickly moved to being on staff.  Our Savior Lutheran Church is affiliated with Helping Hand House.  Their focus is on families in life crisis, homelessness. 
There are 4,397 children in Pierce County that are homeless.  This figure, however, counts only children K thru 12.  It is believed there is actually close to 8,000 if you consider infants and those over 18.  Approximately 3,543 families. 
One problem is an assumption by parents that their kids can be taken away if they are found to be homeless.  That is not the case, but the mental adversities that families go through have lasting effects on children.  80% of their clients experienced homelessness at some point when they were children.  Helping Hand House has three requirements for prospective clients:
  1. Have at least one child in the family under the age of 18
  2. Pierce County resident
  3. Earn less than $24,500 annually
Their programs include
  1. 1.  Emergency Shelter: Thus far in 2017 they have served 37 families.  By year end they hope to help 42.  Their goal is to provide emergency shelter for families for 30-45 days.
  2. 2.  Rapid Rehousing: Client signs lease.  They are given 5-6 months assistance.  Scattered sites means homes are scattered around area.  They are in neighborhoods where kids can feel they are not being singled out as “homeless clients” living at the “shelter”.  54 families helped last year, goal is 105 next year.
A video was shown of clients who have gone through their program.  Helping Hands House raises private funds to sustain their programs. 
$138 in pot.  Marie Barth had the lucky number, but she failed to draw the ace. $5
Meeting adjourned at 1:31pm
And Finally...
Signs are important.  But sometimes, the sign makers need to do a little bit more thinking.  For instance, I don't know who this dog is; he(?) seems like a fun dude.  But somebody wants him to be excluded.
We especially have to wonder about the signs which get put up by "educators".
How do these gears turn?
And, ummm...
Last, somebody should really fix this sign: