The Rose Sale is complete.  It was an exciting and beneficial week.
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order by President Joyce Loveday.
Invocation given by Jeannie Hill.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Karl Roth.
Visiting Rotarians:
Duke Paulson – Tacoma 8, and one of our Guest Speaker
Today’s Guests: Cornelia Thomas from Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Co-Speaker for today’s program
Future Programs:
05/11/2016 – Jordan Rash, Conservation Director for Forterra
05 18/2016 – LPD Investigator Sean Conlin, Lakewood Police Gang Unit
05/25/2016 – John Caulfield, State of the City of Lakewood
Sunshine Report – Please keep Charlie Maxwell's wife Kathy in our thoughts and prayers.
President Joyce – thanked all who participated in the Rose Sale and for their hard work to make this year’s sale a success. 
Jim Hairston – gave a report on the Rose Sale.  This year we sold 968 dozen roses which exceeded last year’s numbers by close to 100 dozen.   A huge thanks to President Joyce for all her hard work collecting and tracking the sales orders.  We sold all remaining red roses back to the vendor.  Thanks also to the Rose Sale committee for the great job in helping plan the event.
Jim Hairston - also mentioned a Save-the Date Event.  Richard D. King, past world president of Rotary International has accepted our invitation to speak here in the Lakewood on Saturday, September 10, 2016. More information on time and location will follow soon.
Helen McGovern-Pilant – informed us of the upcoming commitment to support a Courage Classic rest stop in August.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.  Our club participates jointly with Lakewood and Tacoma South Rotary Clubs, and is usually voted by riders as the best rest stop.
[ed. note: if you are going to be a rider this year, beware of the rest stop where they serve the hot salsa.]
Joy Taylor – reported the results of the Robotics Team 360 trip and participation in the National completion in St Louis. The team's battery powered robot did not win the national event, but secured 19th place out of 60 participating teams.  In order to get to national level, they finished in first place in the Pacific Northwest championships in April. Way to go Team 360!
[ed. note: I bought a battery once, and found it was dead.  When I complained to the manager, they gave me another one free of charge.]
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Anne Winters assisting)
Joy Taylor - paid for her trip to St Louis with a $25 fine.  Ed Trobaugh, President Joyce and Bob Lawrence also added $25 each in recognition of the great job done by Team 360.
Paul Webb – was cited for his absence and confessed to a trip to Maui.  As Ed was doing the math concerning how many nights, Paul overrode the standard fine imposed by Gen Ed and announced the engagement of his 40 year old son.  For the occasion Paul was happy to provide $100 to the general fund and another $100 toward his Paul Harris. 
[ed. note: Honorary Rotarians Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin famously traveled to the moon in 1969, but discovered that someone had already been there.  It was Alice Kramden.]
John Munn – was in the local news for his interview publicizing the 50th anniversary of the Lakewood Playhouse.  They are conducting a fundraiser to benefit the Playhouse. All are invited.  He paid a $5.00 for his announcement and promised more to come.
Today’s Program:
Duke Paulson and Cornelia Thomas presented a program on behalf of the Courage Classic and the contributions that the Puget Sound Rotary Clubs have made as the initiator of this event over the years.  Cornelia has worked at the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Department, first as a forensic interviewer, and now as a pediatric medical social worker.  She thanked the club on behalf of the work she is able to do in support of abused children.  This years goal is for each rider to raise at least $500.
Raffle Drawing:
Alan Billingsley presented the winning ticket but did not pull an Ace...for a $5 win.