Posted by Tom McClellan on Jul 11, 2017
Giving first generation college students a boost
Rotary Notes for Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Recorded by Joyce Loveday, edited by Tom McClellan
Greeter and Invocateur: Jeannie Hill. Pledge of Allegiance: Visiting Rotarian Ralph Lockhart recited the Tribute To The Flag, penned in 1917 (Ralph assured us he’s not the author), the President Bryan Christensen led the club in the pledge of allegiance.
Visiting Rotarians: Ralph Lockhart – East Grays Harbor County
Guests: Skyler Jensen-Hampton (guest speaker for the day)
Sunshine Report: Bryan provided an update about his son who is battling addiction. Continued prayers are invited.
Future Programs – Tom McClellan
  • July 12 – Kathleen Beaumont – Lean 6 sigma
  • July 19 – Mary Dodsworth – Lakewood Parks and Recreation
  • July 26 – Club Assembly
Other announcements
  • PP James “Tank” Hairston invited club Rotarians to volunteer at Saturday’s Summer Fest by staffing the police officers’ dunk tank
  • Rotary at the Rainiers next Thursday – 11+ Clover Park Rotarians, family, and friends are already signed up to attend. Contact Tank if you’d like tickets
  • Bryan gave an update about the Theater Benefit scheduled for October 5. We’re now working to establish sponsors for the event.
President’s moment – Bryan read a letter from Gateway Rotary thanking our club for the $500 contribution to the Rose Bowman memorial fund.  Rose was a past District Governor who recently passed away.  The money will go toward a $25,000 diesel engine for a bus (full of wheelchairs) that will be delivered to El Tuito Village in Mexico.  This project replicates the story form Rose and Leon’s past when she became a “true Rotarian.” 
Bryan also shared the club’s budget for the year, highlighting areas of interest and plans for the coming year.  A copy of the budget will be made available on the website in the near future. 
Fun and Fines
Bob Lawrence – married to Judy for 13 unbelievable years. Bob’s fine was extended because his lovely wife Judy beat him at golf (after only 2 years in the sport). Bob evened up with a $50 check to the club and to his Paul Harris.
A Wachter was collected from Becky Newton for past crimes not mentioned.
Karl Roth was asked to update the club about the honor our assistant Fire Chief received when she was elected to a national committee. Karl graciously contributed $20 for the positive reflection this provides the department.
The club got a taste of why Tom Faubion is rarely allowed to stand to speak when he provided a long account of his drive to last Wednesday’s Rotary meeting (to which he never made it).  Long story short, Tom made an impromptu stop at a fire department fearing the sudden pain in his side might be a heart attack.  He was quickly transported to Good Samaritan where he was treated for a kidney stone (and learned he has 3 or 4 more stones yet to be liberated).  As a result of this painful experience, the weekend trip he had scheduled was cancelled. Tom didn’t need to pay, but Ralph Lockhart contributed $5 and General Ed contributed $10 out of relief that it didn’t happen to them.
Dave Cotant recounted a story from the Steilacoom 4th of July parade in Steilacoom. He also noted that the firefighter memorial in front of West Pierce Fire and Rescue headquarters was modeled after an actual WPFD firefighter.  At the parade, the very firefighter whose likeness is cast in a bronze statue was the very person who came to the aid of a parade participant, pushing a stalled antique parade vehicle out of the road.  David noted how heroes tend to be heroes in all aspects of life.
Ed Trobaugh clarified that the antique car was not his, and that his Mercedes sedan has over 500k original miles on it, and is still running strong.
Guest Speaker
Skyler Jensen-Hampton spoke about the Trio program at Pierce College, designed to help first-generation college students.  
Skyler recounted the impact the Trio program had on helping her navigate college life and succeed in college. Her goal now is to transfer to Washington State University in January 2018 where she will be in the Edward R. Murrow school of Communication.    General Ed took the opportunity to inform Skyler about the ROTC program and how that can open leadership and career opportunities for her future.
In a late move, Becky Newton passed out a new brochure about the economic development activity occurring in Lakewood.
Raffle - $266.  15 cards, 2 aces left. Joyce Oubre had the winning ticket, but no ace, $5.
And Finally...
Have you ever seen a better example of truth in advertising?