Posted by Tom McClellan on Feb 13, 2018
The club gets another lawyer.
Meeting Notes from the Feb. 7 meeting
Of the Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Teresa Nye, edited by Tom McClellan
There were no visiting Rotarians.  One guest: Lisa Blevins a friend of Marie Barth.  And Tom McClellan introduced Susanne Bacon, our speaker.
Sunshine report:  Jeannie Hill asked if anyone had heard from George Lin since the earthquake in Taiwan?  No one had, so please keep him and his family in our prayers.
Tom announced upcoming speakers
Feb. 14: Kathy Saunders, World Vision
Feb. 21: John C. Matthews, Rotary International Dir, zones 25-26
Feb. 28: Leanne Noren, Pierce County Project Access
Tom then also announced a recent change to Canada’s national anthem, which we in Rotary District 5020 frequently sing.  The amended anthem would change the second line from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”  The change is still subject to the Queen’s approval, but has already passed through the Canadian parliament. 
Alan Billingsley announced School Interests Meeting at the McGavick Center.
Dave Hall took the lectern, and called Tom McClellan up to present him with an honorary Juris Doctorate degree from the Barracks School of Law, acknowledging the exchanges Tom carries on with Tom Faubion before each meeting on the nuances of the U.S. Constitution.  [ed. note: in military jargon, calling a soldier a “barracks lawyer” is somewhat of a pejorative, but in this case it was an honor.]
President Bryan read the thank you letter from Break Bread w/Catholic Community Services.
Judi Maier read a birth announcement all in French for our enjoyment.  It was from Morgan, a past Rotary Youth Exchange student affiliated with our club.
Riley Wyatt announced the Friends of Scouting Breakfast on March 7th, 7-9 AM at the Foss Waterway Seaport.  See
Fun and Fines, led by Marie Barth
We celebrated the birthdays of Becky Newton and Sheri Hodson with song and leadership of Dave Hall on the kazoo.
John Munn announced the Season Preview Gala Party for Lakewood Play House, noting several tasty and sun-filled vacation trips as auction items that you could bid on.  You’ll get to hear announcements of next year’s lineup of shows, and hear 2 musical performances from next season’s musicals.  Please go to for tickets.  He paid $10 for his unabashed advertisement.
Heidi Watcher divulged her daughter will be preforming in said Gala and is $10 proud.
There being no more confessions, so Marie had prepared a trivia game.  Each person that did not answer a question correctly, would be fined at the end of the game.  Such questions as:
What year did the Super Bowl begin?
How many schools are in the Clover Park School District?
What is the largest fish in the ocean? 
What is the most popular drink in the world? [ed. note: Marie did not accept “water”, which is just wrong.]
Does sound travel faster in steel or water? 
What is largest planet in the solar system?
What is the most spoken language in the world? 
Which planet has the most moons?
What kind of tree does the acorn come from? 
What does “ZIP” stand for in zip code?
What does humus come from?  [ed. note: Whole Foods Market, right?]
This week’s speaker
Author Susanne Bacon grew up in Germany, and came to the U.S. by way of her U.S. Air Force veteran husband.  She has always had a love of stories.  As young as 4, she was grabbing neighborhood kids and playing school.  She started writing and publishing a magazine when she was 6.  Okay, her family was her readership, but still.... 
She went on to earn a double masters degree in literature and linguistics from the University of Stuttgart.  She wrote for her local paper in Stuttgart, and served as editor of a trade magazine for 15 years.  She spoke about the difficulties, satisfaction, challenges, and humor involved with being a writer.  She was a very engaging speaker.
Susanne is the author of a series of novels about the fictional Puget Sound area town of Wycliff.  You can find out more about her at, and see her books for sale on Amazon at
Weekly Raffle:
The pot is now at a vast but sadly unrecorded sum.  John Munn's ticket was drawn, but no ace was found.
And Finally…
In honor of Susanne’s affiliation with the U.S. Air Force, and in honor of our own Bob Lawrence’s years of service, here is a brief insight about the differences among the various armed services: