Posted by Tom McClellan on Feb 23, 2018
Pilgrims, a grandpuppy, and an answer and explanation on “What Rotary International Board Directors Do”...who knew!!
Meeting Notes for the February 21, 2018 meeting
of the Rotary Club of Clover Park
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting was called to order by President Bryan precisely at 12:30 pm.
Invocation – Tom McClellan.
Pledge of Allegiance – Jim Hairston.
Visiting Rotarians:
Eric Warren – Lakewood Rotary.   
Marc Brackett – President Elect for Chemainus, BC Rotary Club, Canada. 
Sue Potter – Tacoma Passport Club.
John Matthews – Rotary International Director of Zones 26 & 26, a member of from Mercer Island Rotary Club, and today’s Guest Speaker.
Today’s Guests:
Two our youngest future Rotarians – members of the Carr Family.
Future Programs:
Feb. 28: Leanne Noren - Pierce County Project Access
Mar. 7: Georgia Lomax - Pierce County Library’s Strategic Plan
Mar. 14: Clark Mather, Tacoma Public Utilities
Sunshine Report – Nothing significant to report today.
Heidi Wachter – has begun to work on the Rose Sale.  For those interested, meetings will be held on Tuesday mornings at Carr’s 7:00 am for those interested in helping.  All are welcome to attend.
Ellie Carr – Tyee Park Elementary School will hold a Reading Night and Spaghetti Feed, March 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The food is being donated by restaurant supply company Sysco.  Everyone plan to be there to help.  Ellie asks that volunteer servers arrive at 5 PM.
Dr. Dave Cotant – displayed the various styles of Rotary Apron available for purchase from the Club Rotary Store. See Dr. Dave to purchase your very own apron...$10.00 each.
President Bryan – provided a synopsis of the February Board Meeting.  Lots of items on the agenda.  Please consult the club website to read the minutes.  [ed. note: the board minutes are posted at, but January's minutes are not yet posted there.  You must be logged into Clubrunner to access that link.]
President Bryan – Presented a $1,000 check to Sue Potter (Egg Banker), of Nourish Pierce County for use in their Food Bank operations.
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed:
(assisted by our newest Blue Badger...Riley Wyatt).
Heidi Wachter – acknowledged the gifted singing voice that her daughter continues to share with the public through her performances at the Lakewood Playhouse, while also maintaining a 3.9 GPA in school.  Heidi pledged a $10 Wachter.
John Munn – shared that Lakewood Playhouse has received a grant of $60K for installing new energy-efficient LED lighting at the playhouse.
Jim Hairston – recently returned from a 14-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land and contributed $50 towards his Paul Harris and $50 toward Polio Plus..   
Ellie Carr – is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her restaurant and contributed $100 toward her Paul Harris. 
Joyce Loveday – was drawn into a confession (on a “Rat” from the Fine Master) about a recent collaboration between Clover Park Technical College and the Lakewood Playhouse. This has turned out to be a great educational opportunity for CPSD students.  Joyce pledged $10...John Munn and Gen Ed pledged $2 each.
Tom McClellan – Noted for a $5 confession that while he and Shelley do not yet have any grandchildren, and he is reportedly not in charge of setting the schedule for that, he was proud to announce that he has a Grandpuppy named "Huck".  He hopes that this new addition will eventually lead his daughter and her boyfriend to the eventual step of bringing forth a grandchild or grandchildren.  Tom pledged $5 with the caveat that a puppy picture will appear in the meeting notes, just because he knows how much General Ed appreciates getting to see dog pictures.
Today’s Program:
Today's speaker was John Matthews, currently a member of the Rotary International Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors establishes policy for Rotary International and provides guidance that helps our clubs thrive. Clubs elect the members of the board every year at the international convention with each director serving for two years. 
John is a very active member from the Rotary Club of Mercer Island. He is Past District Governor of District 5030.  He served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years and retired as a commander in the supply corps. After leaving the Navy, he worked his way to the position of senior vice president of Costco Wholesale over a span of 25 years. A Rotarian since 1988, Matthews has served Rotary as RI president’s representative, committee member, RI training leader, Rotary institute convener, and district governor.
As a current Rotary Director, John’s Area of Responsibility includes Rotary Zones 25 and 26.  These two zones encompass 22 of the 538 districts in the Rotary world, and span the far western regions of the United States and Canada. The territory includes parts of British Columbia and the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and a portion of Idaho, and has a combined membership of approximately 60,000 members in 1,300 clubs.
Boiling John’s message to a key point during today’s discussion results in the concept of sustainability.  We must become more involved in our clubs if we want them to survive.  To do this, he encouraged us to look 10 years into the future and ask ourselves where we want our club to be...then work toward diligently toward achieving that goal.  He also stressed that we are really getting close to licking polio forever, with only 2 cases in the wild so far this year.  But we cannot allow this effort to lapse now, or the world is likely to see a huge and very costly setback.  We can get it done.
Raffle Drawing:
With a pot well north of $700, Jim Hairston held the winning ticket, but did not draw an Ace.... $5.00 collected.
And Finally…
Some in our club are users of Windows software products, and others are Apple types.  Occasionally, that can create a conflict, but here is an example of a Mac which supports Windows. 
And we like this church’s viewpoint about Apple.