Building a Wall Of Hope
Meeting notes recorded by Bonnie Kern
Edited by Tom McClellan
President Joyce was out fighting crime, and keeping the world safe for freedom and democracy, so President-Elect James Hairston called the meeting to order at 12:30
Pledge of Allegiance –  General Ed
Invocation –  Alan Billingsley
Visiting Rotarians –introduced by Joy Taylor
Tom McClellan introduced two guests – our speaker and a former Japanese exchange student, Alan Billingsley introduced his wife Debbie, and Marie Barth introduced her best friend who was in attendance to help celebrate Marie’s birthday.
Joy Taylor extended an invitation for everyone to Bellarmine’s 2nd Annual Robot Reveal and Ice Cream Social from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26th.
Karen George reported everyone in the club is happy and healthy.
President Elect James Hairston reminded everyone of  the upcoming EFN repack and the district conference.
Dave Cotant announced a playground clean-up project at Tyee Park Elementary on Saturday, April 16.  Watch for more details.
Fun and Fines
General Ed, with help from Ann Winters and Joy Taylor recognized the following Rotarians and their activities:
James Hairston helped his daughter move home from Colorado after she completed her stint in the Army and begins looking for a job in civilian life.  He paid $20.00 for the trip.
Bob Lawrence spent 11 days in Mexico for which he paid $75.00, less a $2.00 discount for ratting on himself.
Jeannie Hill reported on her musical performances in Peter and the Wolf
Alan Billingsley and Marie Barth paid for their birthdays – both are past the magic number.  Marie’s friend Annie brought Marie a Costco-sized bag of peanut M&M’s, which Marie declined to share.
Judge Grant Blinn left his name badge at the office, a serious security breech, which he covered with $5.00.
Joy Taylor reported that her students have completed their robot and will begin competing soon.
Today's Program 
Tom McClellan introduced Brenda Wall who was a local Rotary Club president and discussed the “Wall of Hope” project.
Brenda shared the details of  her visit to Ethiopia and Uganda to help vaccinate children for polio.  While there, she developed a relationship with, Addis,  a young girl who couldn’t attend school full time because she had to sell gum to the tourists to help the family make ends meet.  With Brenda’s help she now attends a private school full time.
Through Addis, Brenda met another young person, Dessie, who lived in very modest circumstances. In spite of that, he looked out for children who live on the street.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2013 as a result of leukemia.
Brenda decided to develop a program to look out for children who live on the streets to honor Dessie. She connected with a local program that provided a number of services for street children.   Brenda’s goal is to build a community center to meet the needs of these children.  The building will have a craft area, a medical clinic, a bakery, and a store front so the children can sell items they make.
Brenda is hoping to raise $70,000 which is enough to build the building and is looking for Rotary help in raising the money.
Raffle  - The Japanese exchange student guest of our speaker won $5.00 in the drawing.