Finally, at long last!!
Meeting notes recorded by Sheri Hodson
Edited and posted, after a significant delay, by Tom McClellan
Invocation: Jeannie Hill.  Flag Salute:  John Munn
Choi Halliday welcomed our Visiting Rotarians, which on this day included Helen McGovern Pilant
Visitors: David Cotant introduced his grandson, Dillon, who is also a Paul Harris fellow that he contributed to. Karl Roth introduced Matt Wagner, training captain of the entire West Pierce Fire and Rescue Department.  Dee Ebsen introduced Sally Martinez, our guest speaker, and Teresa Nye introduced her husband, Chris Nye.
Sunshine Report:  Please continue to keep Kathy and Charlie Maxwell in your prayers – no update this week. Sheri Hodson gave an update on her daughter Melanie who broke her wrist at the beginning of the Kenny Chesney concert, stayed for the concert, then went to the emergency room. She is healing well after her surgery.
Club Announcements
Tom McClellan announced our upcoming speakers
August 10 Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State
August 17 - Carolyn Cyr and Officer Ralph Rocco, Lakewood Police Behavioral Health Team
August 24 - Randy Black, Lakewood Water District
Courage Classic- Heidi Wachter is ready to pedal over the mountain passes all for a good cause with the Rotarians and friends group. Heidi will be matching part of our club’s pledges to this worthy cause. Our rest stop will be the happening place. Thanks for all the volunteers.
Theater Benefit – No announcement but it is quickly approaching. We will need to be getting the sponsors and the ticket sales started real soon. Watch your email for more details!!!
Grant Blinn announced his success in the primary election so it is on to the General election. Yes you can keep your signs up until then. Bob Lawrence suggested you take a look at his website for additional information on how to help with the campaign.
Dee Ebsen updated us that the Rotary Rose Parade Dragon Float, the more whimsical suggestion, has been approved for this year. Hopefully it will be an award-winning one like the last whimsical one we submitted. This is a follow up from our speakers a couple weeks ago. We will be recommending a donation.  Here is a picture of the design:
Jenny Goodin is doing well after the birth of her son. Congratulations Jenny!
Tickets for the Rick King motivational event are still on sale and can be purchased multiple ways, at our club's web site, on line, and with credit card at the club (small service fee does apply to credit card purchases). Our goal was to sell 400 tickets between us and the Lakewood Club. All Rotarians and friends of Rotarians are welcome. Rick is a former Rotary International President and a fabulous speaker. Ticket price is $25 and include lunch.
Jim Hairston presented Helen McGovern Pilant with a check for the district’s newest club, The Passport Club. It has one regular meeting a month, one social meeting, and then they are to pair up with other clubs to do service work. All Clubs are asked to donate $100 for each new club startup in the District (as is the Rotary tradition).
David Cotant and Bryan Christensen did part of a Flat Paul presentation. David shared a picture of Bryan doing his current work at Carr's during set up with Flat Paul. Remember to share a current service item with Paul, share a past service experience, and bring someone new to the meeting. If you do not have all 3, let’s still do at least one or two of the items.
EFN is always collecting food. Jim Hairston thought our speaker’s gift to us was to be filled with food and returned for EFN. Oops! Helen says they are always looking for the proteins, peanut butter, tuna, etc. No Top Ramen or Mac 'n Cheese please.
Fun and Fines: Heidi Wachter and Clarke Thomson on microphone and money today.
General Ed only shared a couple items with Heidi: Don Sosnowski’s birthday and 2 wachters for John Unfred and Charlie Maxwell. All 3 were missing today so she had to start from scratch.
Grant Blinn contributed $50 for his 41% share of the vote (among 3 total candidates) in the primaries.
Heidi asked Tom Faubion about his advertisement in the Local Bar publication………..same firm, new name: Alliance Group with a picture of Tom from what appeared to be from the 70’s. $5 fine
Jim Hairston – trip to Chelan $5 a night
Alice Peeples contributed $5 for ratting on the General for an old picture of him on a ship.
Teresa Nye was in Bend, Oregon for a lacrosse tournament – 5 nights x 5 $25
Choi Halliday celebrated his first anniversary. He needs to update Clubrunner. $20
Karl Roth and Stephanie went to Cooperstown with 50,000 other Griffey fans, 4 nights but keeping with the Griffey theme he went for $24, Griffey’s number.
Today’s speaker Sally Martinez, City of Lakewood
Sally stared in her role last year and has done some amazing work in two areas she shared with us. She coordinated the 5th year of the Farmers’ Market. On Tuesdays from 10-3 for a few more weeks. It more than just the local vegetables, there are crafts, flowers, food trucks, caramel corn and much more. There is a stage with live music. There are also cooking lessons and a master gardener series. St Clare Hospital is the largest sponsor. WSECU is also a major sponsor.
This year they added Healthy Bucks for all kids who attend – they get a $2 voucher to get buy produce. Sponsored by St Clare.
A brand new logo and marketing materials. She gave us all a reusable shopping bag with the logo.
Kids’ day – they were able to set up their booth and sell their wares.
Also new is the Master Gardener series and a liquor license so people can relax and enjoy. Also additional food trucks. It is at full capacity which means the Market can be selective about their vendors. About 13,000 people are expected for the season.
Summerfest celebrated their 20th year, also with a new logo and branding done by a Steilacoom artist.
Kicked off with the triathlon, which Heidi was part of a team competing. 270 people competed in ½ mile swim, 14 mile bike ride and 3.1 run.  15,000 people. Lots of help from Partners for Parks. There were 2 stages with live entertainments, big screen movie.  There were 27 new elements including 1 mile kids run and a 5k and 10k run. 25 new partners, Passport for sports and Passport for arts. It gave peopek a chance to try sports that they might not normally get to try. The arts passport was done in collaboration with Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Glass, and the Children’s Museum.
Raffle Drawing
Finally a winner!!! John Munn drew the Ace of Clubs. It earned him $3026, our largest raffle winner ever!
And Finally:
What if you were to take a movie title, change it just a little bit, and make "lazy"?  Here are some examples:
1.  While You Were Sleeping In
2.  A Streetcar Named Mild Interest
3.  Laid Back To The Future
4.  The Devil Wears Nada
5.  Back to the Futon
6.  Asleep In Seattle
7.  Saving Private Ryan For After My Nap
8.  I'll Totally Figure Out At Some Point What You Did Last Summer
9.  The Force Awakens, and Then Hits Snooze
10.  Sleeping Beauty (didn't even have to change that one)
11.  Home Alone, On The Couch, With a Pint of Ice Cream
12.  Some Like It Hot But Will Eat It Cold Because The Microwave Is All The Way In The Other Room