Those who fail to learn the lessons of history...
Notes from the July 28 meeting of the
Rotary Club of Clover Park
President Teresa Nye kicked off the festivities on time, and called upon Jeannie Hill for some more great inspirational quotes.  Ed Trobaugh led us in the flag salute, and Becky Newton led us in reciting the 4-Way Test.
We welcomed our visitors Sue Scott and Phil Raschke, who were the day’s guest speakers.
There was thankfully no sunshine to report.
The annual “Rotary At The Rainiers Game” event this year is canceled.  But Rotary At The Rodeo is on, involving a $36 fee which includes admission to the Puyallup Fair, and a performance by the Oak Ridge Boys afterward.  Look for an email soon from Teresa with details.
Joyce Oubré noted that there are only 7 weeks remaining until the Golf Tournament.  We currently only have 35 golfers signed up and paid, and so we have 109 more to go in order to fill out the whole roster.  Now is the time to hit up all of your friends and acquaintances to get them signed up.  An entry form is available for download at
Future Programs
Aug. 4              Gretchen Allen            Classification Talk - Real Estate
Aug. 11            Erik Flint                      Fort Lewis Army Museum
Aug. 18            Chief Mike Zaro          New Police Reform Legislation
President’s Minute
Teresa got to have a track day at The Ridge Raceway in Shelton, driving several Porsches which was great fun.  She even got a model 911 up to 125 MPH.  She was running first in her group for lap times, until she took out two traffic cones.
Fun And Fines
Teresa Nye carried over her Wachter which previously stood at $30, not including any accumulating interest.  Ed Trobaugh contemplated renaming the Rotary IOUs to a “Nye” instead of a Wachter.
Ed then had to rat upon himself, as well as Marie Barth, for failing to sign in.
Gretchen Allen served duties as money collector, including her own $2 for being late to the meeting.
Ellie Carr confessed to taking a big trip to a family reunion at Cultus Lake which is near Bend, Oregon.  Realizing that her car was too small to haul the whole family and gear, she and husband Chris Carr decided just prior to the trip to purchase a new Yukon XL SUV.  Fine for all of the above was rounded up to $100.
Heidi Wachter (of the famously arrears-prone Wachters) actually brought a check to pay off her past debts, plus the whole family went to Sun Valley in Idaho last week, where her daughter Katherine competed in a skating competition and won 3rd place.  Also, husband Neil became a full partner at his law firm, which is a pretty big deal.  No dropoff, however, in workload.
Tom Faubion stood up (yes he really did), and noted that even though he is exempted from paying any further fines due to his purchase of a “Fraley” (year-long exemption), he did enjoy a 5-day trip to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, where he stayed in one of Alan Billingsley’s tents.  Tom then further clarified that even though he has agreed to the terms of purchasing a Fraley for this year, he has not actually paid yet, noting that he has “Wachtered the Fraley”. 
This Week’s Program
Phil Raschke and Sue Scott gave a talk about the mission and activities of the Lakewood Historical Society.  It was founded in 1998, originally occupying a small office space in the Colonial Center.  They recently moved into the former Terrace Restaurant space next to the theater, a move which involved doing $34,000 in renovations.
There are 9 volunteers, and no paid staff.  They are supported by membership dues, and the City of Lakewood’s hotel tax.  They also thankfully got some Covid money from the City and Pierce County.
The organization has placed 18 historical markers around town, including one in the Safeway store noting that it stands on the site of the original Lakewood Villa For Girls private schoolhouse.  
They are getting back to live presentations, including one on August 3 by author Erich Ebel, talking about the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854, and the subsequent Indian War.  The volunteers are keeping the Lakewood History Museum open on Fridays and Saturdays, 12 Noon to 4 PM.  Admission is free.
Ed Trobaugh had the winning ticket, but could not draw an ace, and thereby won $5.  No word about his plans for tithing any of those winnings.
And Finally…
Since the topic this week is Lakewood history, here is something to remember: