Get Rotary emblem shirts, pins, and other gear!



The Rotary Store will provide members with the opportunity to purchase any and all Rotary branded ear.  To be a proud Rotarian, prepared for all Rotary events or projects with a Rotary shirt, vest, coat, apron, pin, etc., a source is needed. 

For Rotarians who go to the District meetings and International Conferences, the vendors are available.  But for those whose exposure to Rotary is the weekly meetings, the store is needed as a source of gear.  Anything you can think of probably has one available with the Rotary emblem. 

Each month, usually the 1st Wednesday, Sergeant At Arms David Cotant will have the store open.  Rotary pins, aprons, and a few other items are in the store, but all items are available by order.  The catalog and online access will be present.  Please take time to visit, see if you need a new shirt, or a replacement pin.  Or let David know by email if you need something. 

New items: Aprons, and Rotary name badges with magnet backing.