Parking for Rotary Wednesdays


My apologies for the parking overload last Wednesday at Rotary.  A cascade of events produced an overflow situation in our parking lot.  A group in the back room at Carrs was to be out by 11:30 and was not, an unscheduled delivery to the back kept employee cars in customer parking and a busy day at Rotary.  We will work with Carrs Staff to try and keep from having this problem again.

There is extra parking we can use next door on the North side if you ever can’t find a spot.  Please see the map below.  We cannot use Pizza Hut parking on the South side.  They have been less than helpful and have even told us they will tow the fire trucks parked there in the past.  (Good luck with that).


 The back of the restaurant has a lot of parking and we can always block in any car parked in the back.  They are all staff and no way are they leaving during Rotary.