Posted by Tom McClellan on Sep 10, 2017
Appreciating all who serve, especially those who serve the ones who have served.
Meeting Notes
September 6, 2017
Recorded by Bob Lawrence
Edited by Tom McClellan
Invocation: Alice Peeples.  Pledge to the flag led by Lt Gen Bill Harrison.
Visiting Rotarians: Fred Moiseo, Tacoma 8.
Guests: Fred Willis' wife Ingrid, and future junior Rotarians Aaron Weems and Gavin Carr.
Clarke Thomson reminded us still taking school supplies for Tyee Park Elementary.
Sunshine Report: Keep Charlie Maxwell in our prayers as he deals with medical issues related to a bladder tumor.  He is to have surgery on Friday, Sep. 15.
Future Programs:
Sep 13 – Diane Formoso, Caring For Kids
Sep 20 – No Noon meeting
Sep 22 – Joint meeting with Lakewood Rotary at Tacoma Golf & Country Club, DG Tom Carroll
Sep 27 – Betsy Peabody, Puget Sound Restoration Fund
Upcoming events:
Wait Until Dark – Command Performance
Oct 5th, 6:15 Social, 7:00 Play Starts.  This is a major fundraiser, so that we can help and support the youth of our community as well as our international and relief efforts. So, sell tickets for a Rotary event that is for pure enjoyment and fellowship. (also a great way to introduce out club to new individuals).
That evening Carr’s Restaurant will set up a Bistro in the patio area (left of the main entrance) which will provide cover and privacy.  Looking for volunteers to help prepare the patio for our Playhouse Bistro on  September 30, 9 AM.  Contact Dave Cotant if you would like to help.
About the play:  Written by Frederick Knott, and first performed on Broadway in 1966.  The plot: A recently blinded woman is terrorized by a trio of thugs while they search for a heroin-stuffed doll they believe is in her apartment.
Before the staff of the Lakewood Playhouse decided to produce this play, they considered and rejected some other similar titles:
Wait Until Dick – The scary story of President Nixon’s rise and fall.
Wait Until Duke – John Wayne’s long struggle to give up his birth name, Marion Morrison, and adopt a more manly nickname.
Wait Until Duck – The killer wore webbed feet.
Wait Until Dunk – A coffee and donut whodunit.
Wait Until Park – A dog riding in the car wonders when it will finally stop so that he can go relieve himself.
Wait Until Deck gets down to 2 aces out of 7 cards – See Raffle below. 
Rotary Board meeting, Sep. 15, 0730 at Carr’s.
Tree planting around Waughop Lake in Fort Steilacoom Park, October 28, 0900-Noon.
Fun and Fines with General Ed Trobaugh
Fred Willis celebrated his 86th Birthday, and donated $86.
John Munn redeemed his Wachter.
Dave Cotant for his Guemes Island vacation, and the 15 Dungeoness crabs he brought home. 
Sheri Hodson’s trip to Michigan for her Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary which included all the original wedding party members.
Heidi Wachter tried to auction off Gen Ed Trobaugh’s badge to no avail proving that sometimes losing a battle is a good way not to lose a war.
Guest Speaker
Chuck Warden AMVETS
Amvets is open to all veteran which makes it the leading full service veteran organization.  Some others are limited to combat veterans, etc. but AMVETS is open to all who have served. 250,000 members nationwide.  Formed in 1946 by returning WWII veterans to help other vets receive earned benefits, originally called the College Vet Club.
If curious, their web site will provide location and details for all AMVET locations nationwide.
Fully engaged in charitable causes a few examples below
  • Provided ½ of the funds for the original Pearl Harbor Memorial
  • Provides over 200 volunteers to American Lake VA facility, which saves them millions a year.
  • Conducts a Freedom Foundation Essay contest for youngsters where the winners take a private behind the scene tour of Washington DC’s memorials.
Paul Webb was given a chance to win $870 prize by picking one of two aces within 8 cards, he chose poorly but did win $5.
And finally...
This cat seems to have embellished his qualifications on his job application, but he is making a go of it anyway.