Guests:  Visiting Rotarians Ralph LockhartImage, Michael Cavitt, and Fred Moisio, who was briefly misidentified as "Michael".  A corrective effort was undertaken successfully, resulting in incrementally amped-up huzzahs from all present on the reattempt.

Visitors included Wendy Lockhart (wife of former CP Rotarian Ralph), Gavin Carr (enjoying the delicious fare at his parents' restaurant)Image, Hazel Billingsley (above), Barrett Olsen, Ingrid Willis (wife of proud CP Rotarian Fred), and Carr’s General Manager Jennifer.

Ralph did his special salute to the flagMichael Cavitt presented the club with his club’s banner brought all the way from MinnesotaImage.

Sunshine report:  Kara Faubion has recovered from her eye injury, Marilee Johnson’s grandson still needs are prayers, and we are concerned about Bob Edington and will try to get in touch with him.

Other:  Club secretary and all-around get-er-doner Bonnie Boyle is looking for additional Rotarians to serve occasionally as club meeting recorders.  There is a template to capture the highlights and then Tom McClellan edits, and adds alleged humor plus pictures.  Please let Bonnie know if you are willing to notate at some meetings.

Southgate Elementary School:  Alan Billingsley reported that about 150 pounds of school supplies were delivered to Southgate thanks to member donations as well as from customers at Carr’s.  There were about 600 high fives at the Tunnel of Hope last Friday.  John Munn reported that Lakewood Playhouse has already made contact with the school to start its theater education program, and preparation for the school play.  There WILL be a play again this year, more details to follow.  Tom McClellan's wife Shelley is now teaching 3rd grade at Southgate, and she reports that the plays performed in past years still really are a big deal among the students in her class, so it is great that we are continuing to give this support.  .

Rotary Store:  First meeting of each month, Dave Cotant will have the store “open” for lots of Rotary “stuff.”  Shirts, aprons, license plate frames, submarine launched cruise missiles, window stickers, and MORE!  You can order from Dave's catalog as well.

Theater Benefit:  ImageJudi Maier gave a report that the Theater Benefit committee has added sponsors Heidi Wachter and Ed Selden’s Carpet One.  See the full list to date of committed sponsors, but know that there is still room for more.  September 15th is the last day for sponsors.  Rotarians are encouraged to do business with these generous sponsors.  Tickets are available at $50 each from committee members.  32 sold to date.  Date is September 28 at 6:15. Ed and other members note: Next week, please bring a bottle of wine to club as a donation for the theater event.

2014 Theater Benefit Sponsors
Director ($1,000)
Carr's Restaurant
Joyce & Ron Oubré
West Pierce CARES
St. Clare Hospital
Cast ($250)
KMS Financial Services
OmnitekSystem Solutions
Marie Barth, Realtor
RTS Auto Service
Seri Hodson Insurance Agency
WIN Home Inspections
OneDurr Painting
Korsmo Construction
Wachter Family
Ed Selden Carpet One
Lead ($500)
Clover Park Tech College Foundation
Harborstone Credit Union
West Pierce Fire Fighters Local 1488
Cameo ($150)
Allen Realtors
Georgene Mellom
Oral Surgery of Lakewood
New Tacoma Cemeteries
Lakewood Hardware


Um, What? A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks him, "Hey, why the long face?"

A man walks into a bar with a segment of asphalt under his arm. "What would you like?" asks the barman. The man replies, "A pint of beer for me, and one for the road."

President’s news:  The District Governor, Michael Procter, will visit our club on October 22.  Each year, the DG visits each club in the district, both to recognize the accomplishments of the club, and to convey important information about the future direction of Rotary and the district.  Please make an extra effort to be at this meeting, and board members should plan to arrive an hour early at 11:00 to meet with the DG, and to report on the accomplishments of your committees.  In other news, Tacoma Narrows Rotary has moved its meeting location to Tower Lanes on 6th Ave.

Randy Black performed Two Truths and a Lie, with tales of impressive high school basketball exploits as well as a true story about serving the Lakewood Water District as a machine operator for either 3 months or 4 , depending on what point of the story he was relating.  But it is NOT true that former Husky coach Don James once fixed Randy's dislocated finger.  There was no report of which finger.  Next week Alan Billingsley.

More Um, What: A neutron goes into a bar, and asks, "How much for a beer?"  The bartender replies, "For you, no charge."

On September 10 we will be inducting 3 new members.  All Rotarians are encouraged to attend and bring prospective Rotarians to experience the occasion.  A visitor who sees 3 people all at once being "induced" (as PP Don Paradise used to say) will see that joining our Rotary Club is something that real people actually do, and may thus be inspired to join the herd.  And to make time in the schedule, Fun and Fines will be suspended for that meeting.  Note to all Red Badgers: We need you to get your requirements done and become a full fledged blue badge member, so that we can recycle the red badges.  There's a crowd comin'. 

Which reminds me: 3 new Rotarians walk into a bar, at which point the Carr's Restaurant staff courteously notifies them that the Rotary meeting is on the other side, in the dining room. 

Memorable fines and storiesImage

  • Alice Peeples has given up driving after backing into and broadsiding a friend’s new car.  She decided she cannot see well enough to drive.  She got both cars fixed and sold hers to guest Barrett.  Since Sheri was her insurance agent, and will lose business by virtue of the car being sold and now insured elsewhere, it was decided she would pay the fine.  $10
  • Karen Fengler-Nichols took a trip to Port Gamble with family and for a wedding, 5 days.  $30
  • Marilee Johnson traveled to Cheney, WA for a family wedding for which she had to do the flowers as well. $20
  • John Munn ratted out Bob Lawrence for his retirement from the Playhouse Board.  Bob paid $20
  • John Munn also achieved noteworthy status because his eldest son turns 13 this week, so he is officially the parent of a (sigh) teenager.  And so it begins.  Cue the melodramatic organ music.  $13

Guest Speaker: ImageMichael Cavitt is an Air Force veteran, 20-year Rotarian, and an expert on business networking.  He emphasized that it takes a potential customer 5 to 12 "touches" before he is willing to pull the trigger.  So staying in contact is key, even though it is hard and we risk failure when a contact does not work out to make a sale.  It is the same for all business professionals as it is for Rotary trying to attract the next generation of new members.  Cavitt's new book is due out in October, and he offers a free e-Book version to Rotarians who contact him at 

Um, whatcetera: A bear walks into a bar and says to the bartender, ‘I’ll have a whisky and ……… soda.’ The bartender says, ‘Why the big pause?’ ‘Dunno,’ says the bear. ‘I’ve always had them.’

Raffle:  Tom McClellan had the winning ticket, but drew a 5 of clubs and got $5 back on his $10 investment.  At that rate, it sounds like government work.  Next week the pot grows to about $750, with 24 cards still in the deck of which 3 are aces, so your odds are getting really good.  But as with life, the raffle is a participation sport, and so you must be present to win.