No photo this time.  Must be present to win.


President Sheri Hodson called the meeting to order by successfully ringing the bell, although once upon a time she could ring it more authoritatively.  Someone get Sheri a coffee ahead of the meeting next time!  Ellie Carr successfully invocated, and despite the opportunity offered by her dual position as invocateur and as a new mother, she did not pray for more sleep, although everyone would have understood if she had.  Former member and visiting Rotarian Ralph Lockhart presented the "Toast To The Flag", originally written in 1917, and then led us in the Pledge to the Flag

Ken Sharp introduced Visiting Rotarians:  Ralph Lockhart and Leon Titus. 

Rotary GuestsEllie Carr then snatched the mic back again and introduced Master Gavin, back from a sleepless night due to inoculations, but already grown to almosts 220 pounds and attracting attention from college football recruiters.  Marie Barth welcomed her husband, Bruce, back from the badlands of North Dakota, and escaping recruiters' attentions.

Bonnie Boyle reported that there have been lots of make ups, thanks in part to all of the Theater Benefit Committee's meetings. 

Marilee Johnson's Sunshine Report included a welcome back to Kara Faubion, Tom McClellan’s voice is back from pneumonia, and Marilee’s grandson is recuperating in Cheney.


Alan Billingsley again asked for volunteers at Southgate for 15 minutes as buses arrive and again when they depart.  You can imagine the chaos when you have 650 students at the school!  The program is known as Operation Watch Dog, and Alan will offer more details about it at the Oct. 1 meeting.  A great opportunity for Rotarians to engage in some direct involvement with our sponsored school, Southgate Elementary.

Sheri reported that this year’s holiday party will take on a new look.  She thanked David and Judy Cotant for hosting the past few years. The board suggested combining the social with the gift wrapping (for the student gifts at Southgate that we purchased with the West Pierce Fire.  Save Thursday, December 11, to meet at Carr’s Restaurant.  There will be food, drink and wrapping!

Sheri read a resignation note from Grace Clark (honorary member).  Grace donated $100 toward her birthday to be used for the Southgate dictionaries given in honor of her husband and former president of CP Rotary, William (Bill) Clark.

The Theater Benefit is this Sunday.  Event starts at 6:15pm -- under the tent in front of Lakewood Playhouse – with drinks and appetizers.  The production of  “And Then There Were None” will begin at 7pm.  At intermission there will be coffee and cookies.  For those with hearing difficulties, headsets will be available.  It is officially a sold out event!  Thanks to all the sponsors and CP Rotary members who have worked on this committee.

Sheri read two thank you letters:  Scholarship recipient, Gia, from Clover Park Technical College who has served in the military and is now pursuing a career as an aircraft mechanic.  The second letter is from Pierce College Foundation thanking CP Rotary for the donation to help students at Pierce College.  Sheri reminded the club that this year, monies were donated to the two colleges in hopes of making a greater impact on student’s lives.

Helen McGovern reported that on October 25 Emergency Food Network will be holding its auction.  A couple of the items include dinner at the Dahlia Lounge in Seattle or cooking classes with Chef, Tom Douglas, OR 48 hours' use of a Lamborghini!  Who wants to go 4-wheelin?!!

Two Truths and a Lie

Bryan Christiansen asserted (1) that he once performed on stage with a 1970s TV star, (2) that he is also an Eagle Scout, and (3) that he is a published poet.  Indeed, he was selected to be on stage with the mutt dog Benji during a visit to Universal Studios, and in high school he wrote a Haiku that was published in his school newspaper.  But he fell short of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Alan Billingsley refrained from mentioning that neither Benji nor Bryan had ever entered a dock-jumping dog contest, unlike Alan's dog. 

Fun and Fines

Choi Halladay and Jim Hairston were this week’s helpers

Choi was reminded by finemaster General Ed Trobaugh that a couple of weeks ago he volunteered to do 2 Truths And A Lie, but then neglected to actually attend the meeting.  Thank goodness Karl Roth filled in, fooling many of us about his non-existent accordion skills, and this cost Choi $25.

No mention was made of Tom McClellan's 3-month old puppy, despite elaborate coverage in last week's eBulletin, nor of Tom's need for a new bedroom carpet, the two items being somehow related in ways unspoken. 

AnniversariesKara and Andy Faubion celebrated 7 years.  As both are Rotary members, General Ed was looking for $14, but Kara reminded him that they now hold a Family Membership so she paid the $7!  Marilee and Wally celebrated 20 wonderful years.  She donated $130 to her Paul Harris.

BirthdayBob Lawrence admitted to 67 orbits of the sun!  Jim Hairston lead the members in Happy Birthday in the key of D minus!

Tom Faubion said that he had a trip to Michigan for 5 nights and wanted to spare the members any sordid details -- $50!

Rotary Guest Leon Titus was wearing a blue badge from his home club -- $5.

Fred Willis was late, but nevertheless happy to be a Rotarian -- $2.

Alice Peeples and Jeannie Hill were missed last week.  General Ed wanted to know what was going on.  Jeannie reported that they had a vacation to Olympia for 7 hours.  Jeannie’s father had died on July 5 without a will.  "Don't do that!" Jeannie advises.  Alice and Jeannie were getting his house ready to be sold – replacing floors and sprucing up the landscaping.  General Ed asked if they had a realtor.  After a glance to Jeannie’s left, her table partner, Marie Barth admitted to helping them out.  At this point General Ed related a story of a daughter of a friend of his at West Point who had just listed her father’s house in Thurston County.  Funny coincidence, Marie Barth was handling her real estate needs also.  Marie finally got to her feet and began by saying, “Whatever you want . . .” then corrected herself, “I am proud to contribute to the general fund $50.”  General Ed accepted her donation, but wants to revisit this after Jeannie’s house sells! 

Bonnie Kern announced that she sold her home in Thurston County – got tired of doing 5 acres of yard work all by herself!  She bought another home in Lakewood, but didn’t realize that Marie Barth worked in Thurston County.  So Bonnie had used another realtor.  Bonnie donated $100 to the general fund and $100 to her Paul Harris.


Don Sosnowski, Director of Foundation explained some new information of Paul Harris donations.  Committee members include:  David Cotant, Brian Christainsen, Heidi Wachter, Fred Willis and Georgene Mellom.

Brian shared with the club information that he obtained when he attended the May 2014 District Conference.  The Foundation's works in Humanitarian Projects and Scholarships have far reaching implications:

Bryan related the story of Steven Solomon graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Zoology and Biological Aspects of Conservation with a concentration in African Studies.  He served as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar where he became involved with Dr. Jane Goodall, with whom Steven volunteered in Tanzania.  She selected him to attend a United Nations World Summit that year.  Steven went on to work at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  He continued his education with a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, concentrating in fundraising management.  The Rotary Foundation then recruited him as an Annual Giving Officer.  He assists with training seminars, district conferences, club presentations and was responsible for getting Dr. Jane Goodall as a participant in Rotary’s 100th International Convention.  He also served as primary contact for Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s appearance at Rotary World Peace Symposium in England. 

Jean Irwin spoke at the District Conference.  She is a retired teacher of the deaf from Reno, Nevada.  Twenty-two years ago the Ambassadorial Scholarship Jean received allowed her to do research into reading and deafness earning her a Master’s Degree in England.  Jean has spoken at over 300 conferences to both Rotarians and teachers of deaf about what she learned as an Ambassadorial Scholar.  She has a link to Clover Park Rotary.  She was a board member of the Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration.  She is involved in the Rotary Action Group for Hearing and continues her work for those with hearing disabilities.

David Cotant’s Q & A portion of the program –

  1.  When was the Rotary Endowment program started and with how much money?  1917 and with $26.50
  2. In 1929 what program was granted the first gift from the Foundation?  Society for Crippled Children which is now known as the March of Dimes
  3.  Are you, as a Clover Park Rotary member, a member of RI?  No, only the club is a member of RI
  4. Are you a member of the Foundation?  No, but you can be a member of the Paul Harris Society by giving $1,000 each year, or the Sustaining Member Society with $100 each year.
  5. How much has Rotary (along with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) given to Fight to Eradicate Polio?  More than $1.355 Billion

There were two right answers from the audience.  David contributed $10 to the theater benefit!

Don explained the 3 x 5 card everyone received.  The top number is your ID#.  If you contact RI with a question on your contribution, use this number.  Don has found their customer service very helpful.

There are four ways to give to the foundation:

  1. Write a check and send to RI
  2. Check the membership dues form each year indicating you would like to give your sustaining amount - $100
  3. Fines.  If you wish to contribute any fine money, please specify either on check or letting finemaster know it is for the foundation.
  4. Give check to either Judi Maier or Don

Don commented that #2 thru #4 keeps Don in the loop so he can maintain your individual records.  He would prefer that to happen.

Your money goes into the club’s Foundation Account and then Don (as Chair) moves it to the Rotary International.

Point System explained.  On the 3 x 5 card there are two remaining numbers. 

The first number is the RECOGNITION AMOUNT.  This amount represents the money given since the start of you being a member.  It represents money you have donated and points the club has given in your name.  It happens in recognition of $100 increments.


The second number on everyone's 3x5 card is the FOUNDATION RECOGNITION POINTS.  Foundation recognition points are awarded to donors who contribute to The Rotary Foundation through the Annual Programs Fund or PolioPlus, or as a sponsor portion to a Foundation Grant.  Donors receive one Foundation recognition point for every U.S. dollar contributed to these funds.  You can give these points away to members or non-club members, to help them become or to name them as a Paul Harris Fellow or Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  These points started in 2011.

If you, as a member, would like to “give” your Recognition Points to the club to be used for new members to begin their Paul Harris, there is a form that you can complete and give to Don.

For those not present, please contact Don Sosnowski for a detailed explanation of your current donation and recognition points amounts. 

RaffleDavid Cotant's ticket was drawn, and despite his insistence that the card deck should be reshuffled to re-randomize, he neglected to draw an ace.  David won $5, and the pot grows.