A visit from our new friends at Tyee Park Elementary School.
Meeting Notes by Sydna Koontz, creatively edited by Tom McClellan.
President Joyce Loveday called the meeting to order at exactly 5 seconds after 12:30 pm!
Invocation given by Ellie Carr. Flag salute was led by Jennifer Goodin.  President Joyce then led the members through the Rotary Four-Way Test.
There being no Visiting Rotarians, David Cotant had little to say.
Tom McClellan introduced Jenniffer Lopez and Ruth Rosas from Tyee Park Elementary, our guest speakers.
Future program by Tom McClellan
September 30 - Craig Kenworthy, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
October 7 -- Rose Bowman, District Governor.  (Board members: Please arrive at 11 AM)
October 14: Pierce County Councilman Doug Richardson
Karen Fengler Nichols offered a pleasant message of no sunshine report.  PLEASE, PLEASE turn in your dues payment -- Clover Park Rotary NEEDS you!
Teresa Nye reported on this year's fundraiser on October 1 --the play A Few Good Men -- Lakewood Playhouse. Teresa needs help in set up (tables, lighting) and take down -- AND please donate a bottle of wine for the event.  Joyce also asked if someone has a truck without a canopy for hauling items earlier that day.  Still time to purchase tickets!
Joyce handed out flyers for this Saturday's Barnes & Noble Book Fair benefiting Tyee Park Elementary -- 10:00 am to 3:00pm.  A Wish List of books that Tyee Park needs will be posted at Barnes & Noble.  Stop by and purchase a book for their library.  A signup roster was circulated for readers during story time on Saturday -- kids love when adults read to them -- just one hour of your time -- LOTS of ways to support this event for Tyee Park.  If you missed the meeting and would be willing to be a reader, contact Joyce Loveday.
A Clothing Exchange will be held on Saturday, October 10 in the Tyee Park gym.  Families will be able to bring clothing their children have outgrown and exchange for other articles of clothing that will fit their children, or buy an item for a dollar. Items should be clean and in good repair -- no underwear, socks, or shoes please.  Rotarians if you have children's clothing: you can drop items off at the school prior to the event.  Next week there will be a sign up to help at the Clothing Exchange. 
President Joyce reminded members of the board meeting here at Carr's on Friday between 7:30-8:30am.  Red badgers -- it is your opportunity to check off one more item on your list.
Saturday, October 24 EFN will hold their Abundance Dinner & Auction between 6-10pm at the McGavick Conference Center.  Let's put a Clover Park Rotary table together!
Sydna Koontz thanked members for their generous pledges made last week for Partners For Parks’ Walk The Waughop event being held on Sunday, October 25 between 11am - 1pm.  She and Charlie Maxwell will be walking and welcomed members to join in the fun.  This fundraiser will help renovate the trail around Waughop Lake at Fort Steilacoom Park.  The envelope was passed for those not present last week.
1.  In 1978, the Rotary Club of Duarte, California invited 3 women to membership.  That club's charter was terminated by Rotary International, and the Duarte club brought a suit which eventually it ended up before the U.S. Supreme Court.  How many justices voted in favor of women being admitted?  How many opposed it? 
Answer:  7 favored, 0 opposed (Justices Blackmon and O'Connor abstained, for unspecified reasons)
The reasoning was that Rotary had a business purpose, making them "public accommodations", and thus under California law Rotary could not prohibit women from joining.  The Duarte Club was reinstated in 1986, although RI did not change its constitution to reflect allowing women until 1989. 
2.  Who were the first two women admitted into Clover Park Rotary and when?
Answer:  Bonnie Kern (sponsored by Jack Asby) and Georgene Mellom (sponsored by Bruce Piland) became members in 1989.  Bonnie Kern was elected club president in 1994, and Georgene served as president in 2010.
3.  Which Clover Park Rotarian has two children that were born outside the United States?
Answer:  Tom McClellan.  Both kids were born in Frankfurt, West Germany [ed. note: it was West Germany before the October 3, 1990 unification].  Tom was an Army helicopter pilot and his wife was the head nurse of the pediatric ward at the Army's 97th General Hospital, which has now been razed to become a new U.S. consulate. 
Joy Taylor did double duty -- collected the money and dealt with the microphone!  She started with an IOU (is that a Wachter?)  from Grant Blinn - $15
Ellie Carr was to be leaving early - $5
Bob Lawrence was serenaded with "Happy Birthday, Bobby" and together with his tithe of winning the raffle two weeks ago, Bob donated $50 + $13!  [ed. note: The 80 year old copyright for the song "Happy Birthday" was just invalidated by a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the decision ruling that the song is in the "public domain".  So the club members no longer need to worry about embroiling the club in a royalties lawsuit over improper use of that song, and thus should be expected to vocalize even more loudly next time.  Or in tune, whatever.] 
Joyce Loveday caught some ink in the Suburban Times with CPTC's school opening session on Friday - $25
Anniversary celebration for Grant and Katie Blinn -- 18 Very Good Years.  Judge Blinn wrapped the IOU, anniversary and early leaving for $100.
General Ed apologized for forgetting Sydna's 49th wedding anniversary last week -- he was distracted by her announcement that she wanted to be "buff" like Judi Maier in her remarks about Walk The Waughop.  Sydna accepted Ed's apology, but pointed out that "no offense Judi", but it really was Heidi Wachter whose buffitude she aspired to.  Which is not to say that either Heidi nor Judi were appearing in the buff.  This really got Sydna into hot water -- $50
Heidi Wachter, who the record should reflect was indeed fully clothed, was then called on to report what was happening at the city.  She explained the city is always trying to be more efficient so at the City Council meeting on Monday they adopted two contracts for a Public Defender and an extra Public Defender for Municipal Court.  Citing conflict of interest issues, Heidi could not be involved with the contracting decision, and she has no idea what sort of quality of lawyers will ensue for the City's public defender needs.  Here's looking for some wild, feral lawyers!
Helen McGovern-Pilant “addressed” the busy local housing market.  She's only been married for 2 1/2 years, but she never sees husband George.  He and his associate have closed on 61 homes so far this year, so in honor of our own Marie Barth (who ranks right up there with George) Helen donated $20, $20 for George and $10 for Helen!  [ed. note: Why is it that realtors who want to close a house sale choose to hold an open house?]
Sheri Hodson refreshed everyone's memory on her son's accident.  Well, Sheri’s son now has a new car.  Ed asked who appraised it?  Sheri answer, "State Farm."  And who financed it?  State Farm bank!  Sounds like collusion instead of collision!  $20  [ed. note: That was Sydna's joke, not mine.]
Fred Willis was in cognito again this week with dark glasses, but with his new right eye, Fred can see again!
Randy Black explained that there have been a couple things going on in his life which made him absent from Rotary meetings.  He recently married off his youngest daughter at Lake Lawrence near Yelm.  His daughter had given Randy a hanky that read "no ugly tears" so he was gearing up for that walk down the aisle, braving that emotional moment, when he heard some sniffles which were coming from his daughter -- really tugs at your heartstrings -- what a blessed day.  The other event is that JBLM is moving toward privatization of utility services.  The Lakewood Water District has been working on a 300 page proposal to the DOD to provide water to the third largest base in the United States.  $30. Welcome back, Randy.  [ed. note: For a government job, 300 pages does not seem like nearly enough.]
President Joyce introduced Jenniffer Lopez and Ruth Rosas from Tyee Park Elementary.  Jenniffer is the Families Coordinator, and gave a brief overview of the school, explaining the enrollment this year is 450 students -- the highest it has been in four years.  Ruth runs the after-school program that meets from 2-4 PM and has 50 children.  97% of Tyee Park students last year qualified for free meals, and another 2.5% qualify for reduced price meals) -- leaving just 0.5% bringing their meals from home or purchasing full priced meals.  Jenniffer explained they are seeing more grandparents raising the grandchildren -- dad not around, mom in jail or unable to take care of children, etc.  Tyee Park has also seen families displaced by apartment fires recently.  When fires occur, the school has limited resources to supply students with clothing and supplies, so donations really help. 
Jenniffer is responsible for helping students/families with services of physical needs -- clothing, food, school supplies.  She also connects parents with resources for jobs, dental, and medical needs.
Ruth works with students with academic needs -- field trips, tutoring, mentoring, art, music.  She has brought in Clover Park High School students who come in to help elementary students with homework in the school's library.  Family nights are a big deal at Tyee Park.  Parents are encouraged to help their students with reading, math.  When a mentor is helping a child at school and he/she shows up at Family Night the parents get to meet this special person their child has been talking about.  A relationship develops and trust is built, not only between child and mentor, but family and mentor.
Enrichment Friday brings guest speakers to the school.  All staff members wear their alma mater sweatshirts to encourage students that they, too, could continue their education beyond high school.  Business people from the community speak to the students about their jobs and opportunities for work.
Great need for adults/volunteers to help teach organized sports.  When kids get to the sixth grade in junior high, many don't have the opportunity to learn organized sports through soccer, football, baseball leagues, where coaches want players who already have abilities.  Tyee Park is working with the City of Lakewood in the after school program, but that reaches just a few students.  If there are any men adults that could give 20 minutes a week to expose kids to organized sports, it will give them a chance to play in junior high.
Great need for mentors -- could possibly be arranged during school hours, but most definitely after school, Ruth would welcome you into her classroom.  The impact on a child's life is immeasurable.  If you have a skill (crafts) or enjoy playing games (chess, Uno, dominos, checkers), contact Ruth at rrosas@cloverpark.k12.wa.us.
The upcoming clothing exchange will help struggling families.  Clothing sizes for 4T through 10 are especially needed.  Drop clothes off at the school.  Here is the list of school supply needs, in case Rotary members wish to contribute additional materials. http://www.cloverpark.k12.wa.us/Dept/StudentServices/SchoolSupplyLists/2015_16/TyeePark_Supply_List_15-16.pdf
Marie Barth had the lucky number, AGAIN (second week in a row), but did not pick an ace -- $5.