The rain was back, just to remind us that we live in the Pacific Northwet, but hearts were sunny as the Clover Park Rotarians gathered again Sep. 17 for another meeting of friendly fellowship.  David Cotant successfully invocated the meeting, acknowledging the presence of a higher power (besides General Ed).  Rick Ring helped us pledge allegiance to our nation's flag.  Sydna Koontz introduced the one and only visiting Rotarian, which is to say the one and only Ralph Lockhart.

And in very short order, Ralph's "one and only" Wendy Lockhart was also welcomed as a guest, along with other guests Karen (Bill Harrison's assistant) and Hazel, who is Alan Billingsley's granddaughter.  Contrary to appearances, Hazel is not actually the reincarnation of Shirley Temple, although we may soon have to have her sing "A Good Ship Lollipop" just to make sure. 

Sunshine Report

Marilee was not present to give a full report, however warm wishes were extended to Tom McClellan, who is quietly recovering from pneumonia.  The quietude is the result of Tom's voice being almost absent, although Tom seemed to state (as far as we could tell) that his voice would do a makeup at some other meeting. 

Upcoming Events and Announcements

President Sheri reminded members to get meeting make ups to secretary Bonnie Boyle.

Alan Billingsley announced that Southgate Elementary School is starting a new program called Watch Dog.  Adults are needed to help as buses arrive in the morning, and in other ways as auxiliary grown up supervision -- more information will become available shortly.

Tom McClellan struggled to report through an absent voice that the Bellarmine Robotics Team, which visited our Club on August 27, will be appearing at Southgate Elementary on October 3 to do a demonstration for the third, fourth and fifth grade classes.  The connections made through Rotary can have amazing reach.

Gen. Bill Harrison and Karen announced that on October 19 at 4 PM, the Lakewood Historical Society will present a "Salute Pierce County" event honoring military history.  It will be at American Lake Conference Center.  $50 per person ($400/table of 8), which includes program and dinner.  Special awards will go to Norm Dicks and Claudia Thomas.  RSVP to Bill at Let's get a Rotary table together!

Theater fundraiser update -- Joyce Oubre reported that only 34 tickets are left for the fun evening event (now down to 28, but still not gone).  Doors open at 6:15 with food and beverages served outside under a tent (thanks West Pierce Fire for setting this up) with the play, And Then There Were None, starting at 7pm.  New sponsors contributing this week include Lakewood Ford and LeMay.

President Sheri read a thank you letter from the organizers of the Asian Film Festival.  346 attended this three day event, thanks in part to our club's contribution. 

At this point in the meeting, General Ed wanted President Sheri to speed thing up as he had two weeks of Fun and Fines to get through!!!!

But not before Fred Willis presented Two Truths and a Lie, during which he made the following assertions:

            Born in Hammond, Louisiana, where he learned to speak Cajun.

            Bungee jumped at 60 years old

            Crashed three helicopters while serving in the Army, and walked away without injury.

The first was the lie!  Fred was actually born in Dallas, TX, and his efforts to speak Cajun are merely an affectation. 


Teresa Nye and Karen Fengler-Nichols helped General Ed.  Several members pointed out to Ed that we have 3 brand new Red Badge members who could be called upon to serve as needed with microphone schlepping and money grubbing.  But Ed replied that he had such a low estimation of their potential abilities for such service that they needed an experienced exemplar to show them how it is done. 


Paul Webb, Fred Willis, and Sydna Koontz.  Teresa led the other Red badgers in singing the appropriate song! (which won't be mentioned here due to copyright concerns).


Daidre West celebrated 39 years AND a first granddaughter born August 21.

David Cotant celebrated 3 years with Judy, AND ratted on Ed Trobaugh.  David found an old letter indicating that General Ed actually considered joining Lakewood Rotary.  Ed conceded that it had been an honorific offered to him when he was just a one-star general, but that once he had a choice in the matter he joined Clover Park Rotary.

Ralph Lockhart -- no numbers recorded.

Sydna Koontz and Corky celebrated 48 years, certified by Sydna as good ones, a point not challenged by anyone.

Alan Billingsley reported on some dog business.  He and Debbie spent the weekend at Connell, WA (population 4,209, Hee-Haw fans give us a SAAAAALUTE!) and at the Adams County Fair.  Yes, Adams County is in Washington. 

ImageAlan's dog, who once served as our Rotary Club's logo, did not actually do all that well in the retriever competition on Saturday.  But Alan and the dog got invited to participate in the dock-jumping competition at the county fair where his dog placed well.  Then Alan and the unnamed dog went back to the retriever competition on Sunday where it won an Orange ribbon!  Several Rotarians scratched their heads, wondering exactly what place is associated with an orange ribbon, for which no answer was forthcoming.  Alan volunteered $20, although Gen. Ed was only going to fine him $2 considering the multiple travails of the whole weekend!

ImageSurprisingly, no mention was made of Tom McClellan's brand new puppy dog, Libby, even though she has served as a substitute club logo and has been the subject of "News" items in each of the past 3 Clover Park Rotary Club newsletters, which no one seems to have noticed.  Libby's is no orange ribbon winner (yet), but she is now up to a duration of as much as 60 minutes without peeing in the house.  And she may not be jumping off any docks yet, but when her feed were introduced to the water, she ran away only whining a little bit. 

New member and Lakewood's judge Grant Blinn neglected to sign in --  was fined big time. $2.

At Monday night's Lakewood's Council meeting Heidi Wachter was filling in for City Manager John Caulfield (who is a member of that other club).  She was instructed by her boss that if the $20 vehicle license tab fee did not pass, she could leave her keys on his desk.  Fortunately (or unfortunately for those who will be paying more for their car tabs) she still has her job.  Heidi paid her $20 fine with a Wachter!

At last week's Rotary meeting John Munn spearheaded a collection to be given to the Ram Restaurant due to the fire they had.  The Ram Corp. thanked the club by issuing coupons which were auctioned off.  Sydna Koontz won the auction this week with a $40 bid.


Professor Joe Lawless from UW Tacoma's Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility, Milgard's School of Business.

ImageProgram for Students, Faculty and businesses

Students have access to

            Professional Week

            Case Competition (15 schools)

            Net Impact Chapter - first in the Pacific Northwest

            Nonprofit Governance Course (students sit on nonprofit boards)

            Student Integrity Code


            Curriculum Enhancement Grants

            Research support

            Academic Research Conference in July

            PRME Signatory (Principles for Responsible Management Education)


            Annual Business Conference - March 2015

            Consulting and Executive Education

            Opportunities to Engage

Raffle -- Hazel Billingsley's ticket was drawn, but an Ace was not.  Hazel won $5, and the pot starts to grow again.