If there are any corrections to this newsletter, please let them be Community Corrections.
Meeting notes recorded by Bonnie Kern
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order [at precisely 1230 Verizon-time] by President Jim Hairston
Alice Peeples provided the invocation.  General Ed Trobaugh led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were no visiting Rotarians.
Special guests:   John Unfred introduced his wife, Randi Unfred, who was our speaker; Alice Peeples introduced her friend Janice, and Joyce Loveday introduced Patti from St. Clare.
Sunshine Report:  Charlie Maxwell took Kathie out for a day trip to Eastern Washington for a bit of a relaxing get-away; however she still needs our prayers, as the chemo is tough to take.  Dave Cotant’s father-in-law is in the hospital in Everett.
Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:
Bryan Christiansen reminded us that Thursday, September 29 is the next Theater benefit.  The event begins at 6:15 with a social hour – snacks and wine – and the play begins at 7:00.  Tickets are $50.00 and are available on our website.  Mark your calendar and invite your friends.  Please bring a bottle of wine to next week’s meeting. The wine will be served to our guests, which will help keep down the costs.
Joyce Loveday reported that the Rick King event was a success.  She thanked the members of our club who attended.
[ed. note: it was more than a success.  It was a really inspiring talk that helped attendees feel proud to be Rotarians.  Rick’s key point was that by being active and contributing Rotarians, we actually get back more than we put in, no matter how much we put in.  It is WE who profit.]
Tom McClellan is looking for volunteers to take meeting notes for the next quarter.  Only the most astute and intellectually gifted Rotarians are suited to the job.  [ed. note: What’s more, whitewashing a fence is a great pleasure, a task that only some boys are capable of doing.  If you give us something in exchange, then maybe we’ll let you take notes.]  Please email Tom if you could fill one of the upcoming openings for these meetings for note-takers:
Oct. 5
Oct. 14 (Joint meeting with the Lakewood club)
Nov. 9
Dec. 28
Karen Fengler-Nichols reported that some members have dues which are still outstanding.   If you haven’t paid your dues, please do so before we have to send Guido to talk to you!
Bob Lawrence reported on his experience with flat Paul. 
Bob reported on some of his excursions in Peru and showed the pictures he took for Hyram Bingen, a Rotarian, historian, Governor of Connecticut, and [most importantly] an Army aviator who discovered Machu Pichu. 
John Unfred was presented with his blue badge after 9 months with a red badge.
Fun and Fines
with General Ed, assisted by newest blue badger John Unfred
Fred Willis celebrated his umptileventh birthday, with the appropriately enormous donation.
Sheri Hodson redeemed her Wachter over a daughter’s wedding and her son’s college entrance.
John Unfred redeemed a $35.00 Wachter for the trip he and family took in his new trailer.
Ellie Carr reported on a Billingsley family challenge to see who can visit the most start parks this year.  Ellie and Chris have visited 83 parks so far and they are hoping to get to 100 by year-end.  There are approximately 150 parks.  Ellie and Chris tried to visit 3 more over the past weekend, only to find that the “listed” parks to which they had shown up were recently demoted to sub-park status.  Father Allen Billingsley was quite silent about how many parks he’s visited thus far this year.
Joy Taylor reported on the success of her students in a robot competition over the weekend.  She paid $20.00 for the 20 students she recruited during the event.
Marie Barth made a 10-day trip to Montana.  She surprised Bruce who treated Marie to dinner and a place to stay.  She contributed $50.00 to Paul Harris and $25.00 to the club.
Alan Billingsley spent 12 days in Guatemala on a service project in July.  He shared a bit of information about the medical supplies they took to the local hospital, where the shelves were bare.  He will provide more details at a future program on Oct. 26. 
Today’s speaker:   
John Unfred introduced his wife Randi Unfred, who has worked for the Department of Corrections for 14 years.  Community Corrections is a small segment of the state corrections budget. 
Randi discussed the Dept. of Corrections structure, and how Community Corrections fits into the law enforcement structure.  Community corrections officers must have a 4-year degree.  They are agents of the court and must pass a criminal history background check.  The Community Corrections program monitors offenders in the community with a plan from the court, as well as additional conditions the officers might impose, based on the participant’s actions.  The goal of Community Corrections is to help offenders become productive members of society after their release from jail.  The challenge is that they also must monitor for violations of the terms of release.
Drawing: Joyce Oubre had the winning ticket and won $5.00 (no Ace).
And finally...