President Sheri successfully led us in the 15th meeting of her year as club President (not that anyone is counting).


Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)

George Lin from Taipei

Sunshine report:

No sunshine report – be sure to let Marilee know if anyone needs special thoughts and prayers.


Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:

Jim Hairston was thanked for refinishing the president’s lectern and updating the microphone arm.  [ed. note: A lectern is what a speaker stands behind when giving a lecture, and what holds his papers, etc.  A podium is what a speaker stands on, from the Latin root ped, meaning foot.] 

Alan Billingsley reported that 9 volunteers -members and spouses – signed up to give a day to the Heroes of the Hallway program at Southgate.   Thank you for your generous time commitment.

Blue badges presented to Teresa Nye and Jim Hairston, now that they have completed all of the introductory requirements to become full-fledged Rotarians.  Jim ascended to bluebadgedness in record time. 


Two Truths And A LieKen Sharp who owns and once lived in the home where J. Z Knight first communicated with 35,000 year old warrior god Ramtha (true, or at least the home ownership part is true; Ramtha, maybe not so much); and he claimed that he once gave a ride to Bellingham, WA to young students and future Seahawks John Kitna and ­­­­Lawyer Milloy  (true).  But Ken's assertion that two of his children, Chloe and Sam  were both born in Hillsboro, OR was a lie.

Ken has followed the path used by other presenters of offering outlandish and unbelievable truths and a believable lie.  Sue Potter has volunteered to be next week's contestant, and we'll all get to see what she comes up with. 

Memorable fines and stories: 

IOU’s – 2 eponymous ones from Heidi Wachter - $40.00 – still doesn’t have checkbook , so it will carry forward.  Sue Potter - $5.00 – redeemed.

New member, Judge Grant Blinn turned 46 - $1.00/year, since he hasn’t reached the magic age of 50.

Jim Hairston - $2.00 for not having Randy Black’s signature on his roster of club members.  And for failing to sign Jim's roster, Randy will get to pay $5 at some future meeting. 

Teresa Nye - $2.00 for not having Tim Plante's or Daidre West’s signature.  Tim and Daidre came up with $5.00 for not signing her form.

Sheri – missed last week because she was on an out-of-state business trip.  3 nights in Las Vegas - $30.00

Ed Trobaugh related that his wife Pam had received a speeding ticket, which she planned to appeal to our Lakewood judge.  But when Ed pointed out to her that Ed has fined Judge Grant Blinn for several club infractions, Pam wisely decided to just pay the ticket.

George Lin donated $200.00 to Paul Harris and invited all the club members to his club when he is inaugurated as his club’s president.

Don Sosnowski has a new position as the executive director of an organization that represents Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College and Tacoma Community College.  In honor of that new job, $50 to the club, and $50 to the Rotary Foundation. 

Marie Barth was not at the meeting on Oct. 8, but as a reader of the past several eBulletins, she knows about the fines that Ed assessed against your scribe for having repeatedly mentioning his new puppy, Libby.


So Marie wanted to make sure everyone knows that she is really proud of her new Rottweiler puppy, whose name is "Sherman Tank of Granite Falls", as well as her two Dobermans, Beauregard and Ice.


Marie also wonders if there are any other Rotarians who may be proud of their animals and who want to show them off for the now-established price of $5. 

Today’s speaker:  Phil Peterson is the CEO of West Fork Environmental, a consulting firm in Olympia dealing with timber, land use, and water body impacts. 


He explained to us the difficulties that a lot of landowners face in attempting to comply with state mandates for ensuring fish passage through their roads and other projects.  He also highlighted how sometimes the costs of projects to improve fish passage far outweigh the value of the incremental amount of fish habitat which is gained by such efforts.