A Club Assembly on short notice!
Meeting Notes recorded by Dee Ebsen, edited by Tom McClellan
The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Joyce Loveday.
The Invocation was given by Alice Peeples, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Don Sosnowski.  All members joined in the Rotary 4-Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians were introduced and welcomed by Bryan ChristensenDave Harkness from Tacoma South Rotary, Greg Horn from Lakewood Rotary, and Ralph Lockhardt from East Grays Harbor Rotary.
Visitors of Rotarians were introduced:  Today we were blessed with the presence of Hazel Billingsley as honored guest of her grandfather, Alan Billingsley.
Future Programs:
Oct. 14  Councilman Doug Richardson, Pierce County Council
Oct. 21  Our own Bryan Christensen, talking about car technology
Oct. 28  Our own Judi Maier, talking about WA state's new Limited License Legal Technician Program
Other Announcements:
Jeannie Hill is now in charge of the Greeters Committee.  She will be putting together a schedule for future meetings, so if there is anyone interested in assisting with the tasking of “Greeting” please contact Jeannie at nwfc95@gmail.com.
Karen Fengler Nichols had nothing to report for Sunshine.
Jim Hairston presented a summary of last Thursday’s Lakewood PlayHouse Performance, “A Few Good Men”.  Performance was outstanding.  Approximately $11,800 was earned.  So far $2,650 had been collected and $9,150 in pledged commitments is still to come in.  Jim wanted to thank everyone involved, especially the great sponsors, those who set up and cleaned up, those who attended and especially Ellie Carr and Alan Billingsley who not only served food and attended the bar, but who also stayed in the lobby area during the performance to make sure everything was ok.  Great Job everyone and a Great Success.
Dave Harkness from Tacoma South Rotary announced details about his Club’s one and only “once a year” fund raiser.  The widely popular PuttPutt Golf Tournament held inside the Harkness Furniture Store.   Inasmuch as the support our events as much as possible, they are once again asking for us to participate in at least one (more if possible) foursome.  The cost is $50 which includes the buffet, $10 in script for bar purchases, entertainment by a great Jazz Band, and great fellowship.   The date is Friday October 23…doors open at 5:30 p.m. with dinner served shortly thereafter.  Golf starts at 7:00 p.m. and the event ends by 8:30 p.m.  Tacoma South Rotary would love to see us there….for anyone ever participating, this is one great event (no experience necessary).  Dave graciously presented the Club with a $100 gift certificate for Harkness Furniture Store, to be used at one of our Fund Raisers.
Joyce Loveday reminded everyone about the Clothing Exchange at Tyee Elementary School this Saturday, October 10, 2015.  Please come and spend an hour or two assisting in this worthwhile project.
President Joyce also invited everyone to the Fall Open House at Clover Park Technical College Wednesday, October 28, 2015 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.   Come and see what is going on at this great campus.
Joyce Oubre announced that we have just 9 Wednesday Club meetings before Christmas Shopping Time.  Just like in the past when we shopped for and with our Southgate students, we will now do this again only for the Tyee Elementary School students.  The need is just as great.  We will be partnering with West Pierce Fire Dept again….dates are not yet set, however, it’s not too early to start collecting funds for this event.  This is not a budgeted club project, however, it would be appreciated if every club member consider a $100 contribution to this worthwhile cause.  Final dates will be shared once they are available.
Switching Joyces back again to President Loveday, the club was presented with three questions for the “Test of Knowledge”  How well did you do?
1. What is the largest annual public relations event in US and Canada that promotes Rotary?  Answer: The Tournament of Roses Parade Float in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day.
2. What is the name of the Foundation Program established in 1985 and set up to fight Polio?  Answer: Polio Plus
3. Which Clover Park Rotarian moved everything he owned 23 times over a 32-year period of time?  Answer: Ed Trobaugh.
FUN & FINES – General Ed Trobaugh was assisted by Red Badgers Joy Taylor and Clarke Thomson
$2 + $100 was charged to Clarke for publicity in the paper about Mountain View’s 100th Anniversary Celebration and how their success would not have been possible without support from all their community of customers (good for a chuckle, as club members contemplated how many repeat customers that Mountain View might have had).
Wachters from last week's fines were collected from Tom McClellan and Dee Ebsen.
$20 charged to Joyce Oubre for the McDonalds advertisements regarding “breakfast served all day” beginning October 6.  First day alone her stores sold over 1200 breakfast sandwiches.
$5 charged to Joyce Loveday for promoting CPTC during a club meeting
$100 ($50 for Paul Harris and $50 for Club) charged to Paul Webb for a vacation trip with his wife and her sister to Washington DC, landing at the airport simultaneously with the Pope.  Then on to New York City for a few days where they took in an Off-Broadway Play.  12 days and 11 nights.  The trip culminated in a rear end accident while taking Paul’s sister-in-Law home to Olympia after the trip.
No Fine – Karl Roth was applauded for West Pierce’s finest going above the call of duty.  Apparently one day last week they responded to an auto-medical alarm (elderly person pushing a Life Link button) only to find a 91 year old lady working hard in her yard raking leaves.  Since there was no other urgent activity, the “West Pierce Finest” lent a helping hand by raking up and clearing the leaves for this wonderful senior citizen.  Made Local news Tuesday and is to appear on National news tonight.  Way to Go!   Perhaps more of us should push the “push the help button” for some fall cleanup assistance.
$2 charged to Bonnie Boyle for ratting on a Rotarian.  Ralph Lockhardt will be heading south next week and will also be celebrating his 20th birthday for the 60th time in a row.
$5 was then charged to Ralph for “the birthday”, “Is it the truth?” and “for all the women at the Senior Center inquiring about his age and his youthful appearance”.  Ralph reports that women outnumber men by a substantial ratio at that senior center.  It must be tough, Ralph, being such a hot commodity. 
$2 charged to all other visiting Rotarians.
Our guest speaker was supposed to have been District Governor Rose Bowman, but Rose had to cancel at almost the last minute due to her husband having a pretty significant fall down a 40 foot cliff, and being hospitalized.  So President Joyce took the opportunity for a quick shift to a Club Assembly, and a review of the following categories of club goals.
Engaging New Generations in Service
Sponsoring a Rotaract Club (involving ages 18-30).  We still have time..possibility of involving both colleges in Lakewood or possibly even a community Rotaract Club.  Judi Maier suggested we contact those who work with Rotaract at the University of Washington Downtown and Tacoma 8 their sponsoring club.  [ed. note: such a visit is in the works for November]
Organizing family-friendly service projects and activities: Rainier Games, Service Projects which engage youth.  Positive feedback from Bellarmine regarding the service of their Robotic Club student members by partnering with Clover Park Rotary on Community Service Projects.
Achieve a minimum of net gain of 2 new members.  So far we have gained two new official members, Joy and Clarke, although we have also added Chris, Jeannie, and Jenny.  Chris, Jeannie, and Jenny do not count in the goal since they are a part of a family or corporation classification.  We have also lost 2 members (Bob Edington and Marilee Johnson).  Result is therefore net -0-
Service to the Community
Sponsor a District Grant – Yes, we have a Grant approved.  EFN Break Bag Project.  Volunteers needed 11-21-15 @ 12:00 to 2:30 pm & 12-12-15 @ 9:00 to 11:30 am for EFN Repacks.  Grant requires 100% Club participation and this helps fulfill that requirement and is a lot of fun as well.
Complete 10 Literacy projects (for a zone literacy award).  We have completed six qualified projects so far.  Suggestions to complete this area would be appreciated.  Bonnie Boyle suggested looking into a Food Bank and challenging other neighboring clubs to work with us.  Benefit EFN.
Service to the World
Foundation Giving – equal or exceed 2014-15 giving.   Don Sosnowski updated us regarding our current status.   Goal $7,000 for 2014-15  Achieved $9,200
Goal $7,000 for 2015-16.  Received To Date: $1406
Current achievement consists of 7 Sustaining Members ($100 each) and 16 (“Every Rotarian, Every Year” campaign.  We have 41 members so if everyone keeps the goal in mind and works toward even a little contribution monthly, we should be able to meet goal.  Greg Horn mentioned that there is a way to set up an automatic payment of small increments plan.  Remember that contributions to Polio Plus and contributions to Foundation both count towards your Paul Harris.
[ed. note: Greg Horn supplied the following information]
Log onto rotary.org.  Then go to My Rotary (first time users will have to set it up.)  Click on The Rotary Foundation.  Click on Give.  Click on Ways to Give.  Or you may search rotary.org for form 123en in the upper right box on the rotary.org homepage.  With that form a person may set up recurring giving for several areas of Rotary including Polio Plus.  Contributions may be made one time, monthly, quarterly or annually.  If anybody has problems logging on, please have them call me and I can walk them through it.

Greg  Horn, cell: 253-228-0134

The remaining topics could not be discussed at the meeting due to time running out.
Participate in an International Project
Service to One Another
Support and care for one another
Expand members’ network
Bryan Christensen conducted the weekly raffle drawing.   $166 Pot - Joyce Oubre held the lucky raffle ticket but did not draw the lucky “Ace” so she won just $5
Meeting Adjourned at 1:30