A meeting full of Halloween Fun!


Special guests:

There were no visiting Rotarians today, perhaps scared away by the prospect of ghouls and goblins running about.  Ellie Carr introduced her niece Hazel Billingsley and son Gavin Carr as guests.  Teresa Nye brought her son Patrick to lunch, since he had a half day at school, and Patrick got to find out what happens when Mom arrives late for a Rotary meeting (see Fun and Fines below).


Sunshine report:  Pam Trobaugh is getting better after foot surgery.  Marilee Johnson’s grandson had a setback with his chemotherapy, and continues to need everyone's prayers. 

Rotary Store: Sergeant at Arms David Cotant had the Rotary Store open on Oct. 29, full of Rotary emblem emblazoned items.  If there is something you think you might want with the Rotary logo, it probably exists, and David can get it for you.



Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club: 

  1. The Theater Fun-Raiser Committee met Wednesday morning. President Sheri will change dates to ensure there is no other meeting on the same day as our club meeting.
  2. Future Programs: Next week (Nov. 5) there is NO MEETING at Carr's Restaurant, and instead our club will be doing a Repack Day at the Emergency Food Network warehouse.  Location will be provided via email by Ellie along with a map. If you have not signed up yet, and especially if you want a great Carr's box lunch, please email Ellie Carr to let her know.  And since it is an unheated warehouse in November, remember to dress accordingly. 
  3. We will partner with the West Pierce FD for the Christmas gift giving. A pledge sheet was passed among members.  The Christmas gift program for Southgate youth/families is the only expenditure for which we "pass the hat".  Others are budgeted for in the annual budget. 
    1. Shopping will be done on Dec 6th.
    2. We will hold a club gift wrapping /Christmas Party at Carr’s on Dec 11th (so no Wednesday lunch meeting on Dec. 10th). 
  4. Charlie Maxwell was presented with a $500.00 check from CP Rotary towards the purchase of the “bicycles for kids” Christmas project in conjunction with LeMay.
  5. Judy Maier reported that the Theater Fun-Raiser project provided a net profit of $11,300.00.  Many thanks to our club members for making the event a success.
  6. The club received a very informative thank-you letter from Collette Moss (scholarship recipient for the last 3 years), thanking the club for its generous contribution and described the profession she is pursuing at the University of WA.


Service above self: That's Rotary's motto, and it is important for us all to remember that there are many types of service, and many different varieties of individuals who are engaged in service.




Memorable fines and stories: 

  1. Tom McClellan fined for Anniversary #29, plus a trip to San Francisco with Shelley last weekend.
  2. Teresa Nye fined for having her 2 dog pictures in the club eBulletin.  Also fined for being late
  3. Karl Roth find for being late.
  4. Grant Blinn was fined for not wearing his Red Badge
  5. All who could not solve their character ID before fine-time, were fined $1 each.


Today’s Program: 

Today’s club program was presented with a Halloween theme.  We played an “Icebreaker” where the names of Halloween costumes or characters were taped to each member’s back.  The member was then required to mingle and engage everyone in conversation attempting to determine which character they were portraying…receiving only one word (yes or no) answers to their questions.  For example, Ed Trobaugh was a "pirate"; Alice Peeples was "Wonder Woman".  Your scribe was a "Zombie".  And Sheri insisted that the assignments were all random [ed. note: "yeah right"].  Members paid a $1 fine if they could not determine their character before “fun and fines”.

President Sheri

Additionally there was a Halloween trivia quiz, as shown in the picture above.  President Sheri confessed that her household is one of those that engages in the ghastly practice of putting costumes on pets [ed. note: that's just wrong].  Sheri also hosted a guessing game involving jars containing some number of M&Ms and Candy Corn, and a Mummy Wrap competition between three teams.  Rick Ring guessed within one candy corn of the exact number in the jar.  Charlie Maxwell won the M&Ms, and the pair of Georgene Mellom and Jim Hairston won the Mummy Wrap contest.





  1. 2 Truths and a lie was expertly presented by Marilee.  We found out that she really did once sleep in the Tacoma Dome parking lot in order to secure tickets to a Neil Diamond concert.  And she once ran a fundraiser for muscular dystrophy and the Boy Scouts, garnering $2000 for each.  But she never really bowled a 245 score.