Neil Wachter wants to know how his name became a verb.
Notes taken by David Cotant, edited by Tom McClellan
Call to Order: 12:30pm by Pres. Joyce Loveday
Invocation: David Cotant;   A Wolverine Tale
Pledge of Allegiance:  Sydna Koontz
4-Way Test: Pres. Joyce
Visiting Rotarians: Presented by Choi Halladay
  1. Neil Wachter, Auburn Rotary
  2. Don Anderson, Lakewood Rotary. Lakewood Mayor
  3. Elvin Bucu, Parkland-Spanaway, Boys and Girls Club
Visitors: Echo Curry, Boy and Girls Club of Lakewood.  Brought by Elvin Bucu.
Sydna Koontz: Thank you for participation at Walk the Waughop last Sunday.  Participants included at least Charlie, Sydna, Bonnie Boyle, David and Judy Cotant.
Karen Fengler-Nichols: Sunshine :  Tom McClellan is home, keeping his flu germs to himself.  Bruce Barth in in the hospital in Minot, ND.  Marie flew over to be with him.  Cause not known to this note taker.  [late note: Marie and Bruce flew home late Thursday night, and got additional checking at Tacoma General on Friday morning.]
Sheri Hodson:
Tyee Park Elementary School Christmas Shopping.
  1. December 6th, 8:00 am Target Store.  Please consider donating to buy clothing and a present for a student; usually about $100 - $125 per student.  Also, please be a shopper if you are available.
  2. Wrapping Party / Rotary Christmas Party at Carr’s Restaurant Dec. 10th, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
  3. West Pierce Fire & Rescue Wrapping Party, Dec. 16th at Fire Station #31.  Evening, time TBA.
  4. Delivery of gifts will be with West Pierce Fire, on the trucks either Dec 21st or 22nd.  The date will be verified later.  Go on the delivery if you can.
Charter President Lindsey Johnstone gives greetings to the club members, especially those who were in the club in those early years.
Bonnie Boyle: Food Drive.  Give canned food or money at either Carr’s or Sheri Hodson’s State Farm Office.  Helen McGovern Pilant has stated that EFN can get about $11.00 of food for every $1.00 given.  Food Drive continues until Nov. 11th.
President's Message:  Bill Gates delivered a short message by video to the International Convention regarding Polio Eradication: A Gift to the Future.  This is Rotary’s 30th Anniversary in the effort to rid the world of the polio virus, and with the joint efforts of many organizations, 2 of the 3 strains of virus have been eliminated.  India has been declared Polio Free (at least 3 years without a new case of wild polio), and the continent of Africa has been more than 1 year without a new case, and in 2 more years can be declared Polio Free.  However, until no new case has been reported (more importantly, no new case contracted) anywhere in the world for 3 years, the whole world is yet at risk of a new outbreak.  We must continue the fight.
Future Programs:
Nov.  4 - Tod Wolf, "Mama don't take my Kodachrome away."
Nov. 11 - Denny Wilford, Polio Eradication and Rehabilitation in Ethiopia
Nov. 18 - Larry & Diane Huffman, Chaplains for West Pierce Fire & Rescue
Fun and FinesGeneral Ed, assisted by red-badge holder Joy Taylor
Pres. Joyce Loveday’s Birthday, standard fine. 
Bonnie Boyle, early leaver.
Alice Peeples, last week’s raffle winner, a tithe offering.
Visiting Rotarians, $2.00. 
Karen George, failure to sign in, $2.00.  
Visiting Rotarian Neil Wachter: Signed in on the wrong sheet (Visitor instead of Visiting Rotarian), had to pay for Heidi’s lunch (she forgot her purse and Neil had to rescue her), and their 5th Grade daughter has been elected as Representative to Student Government.  Heidi says their daughter has a good start in both politics and theater: a threatening combination.  Neil wanted to know how their name became a verb at CPRC.  A $20.00 Wachter was fittingly submitted.
Today's Program
Speaker: Judi MaierLimited License Legal Technician, a new Para-Legal professional
The legal system is complex, large and unaffordable to many low or even medium income citizens.  Many who need it most have to try to negotiate the court system with self-representation, and have very little understanding of the requirements and consequences of the system.  A simple uncontested divorce can be handled by completion of the proper forms, but the stack of forms to be completed is about ½ inch thick, and can involve about 184 different forms.  Only a trained legal professional can even attempt to understand what it all means or where to get the information requested.
In an attempt to provide assistance to more people, many proposals have be suggested.
  1. Pro-Bono or “Low-Bono” cases could be required of and assigned to each and every attorney, but the case may not be in their area of work or expertise.
  2. An additional year of Law School or an Internship requirement has been suggested during which the new attorney would be assigned to these Pro or Low-Bono cases.
  3. A new legal professional has been proposed in the State of Washington: the Limited License Legal Technician (L3T).  This new technician would be currently limited to cases in Family Law, and only be able to assist clients with what forms are appropriate and needed, and how to complete said forms.  The L3T would be able to provide much aide and assistance to client in preparing the paper work for court, and preparing for court proceedings, procedures, and the types of questions to be expected.  They would not give legal advice or negotiate rights. 
Educational Requirements for the Limited License Legal Technician (L3T) would include:
  1. Completion of a Paralegal course
  2. Acceptance to the U of W Law School L3T course; 9 months program
  3. Pass the L3T Mini Bar Exam
  4. Have 3000 hours of experience with an attorney doing L3T work
  5. Have Malpractice Insurance  (not yet available in this state)
With these requirements, the L3T could be in private practice or work for a Law Firm. Last year, the U of W has accepted 16 students, graduated 9, and so far only 1 has a job working for a law firm.  An additional 16 have been accepted for this year.
There was significant opposition to this program from the WA State Bar Assoc. and the Family Law Bar.  It was approved with reservations regarding the possibility of faulty representation.  The State Supreme Court and appointed committees will carefully follow the cases and outcomes.
  • Will there be adequate income to support a practitioner as a L3T, and how will billing be done?  Answer: L3T will be paid similarly to an attorney, by hourly fee or case by case flat fee billing.
  • Would the L3T be able to assist in criminal cases?  Answer: No, only cases in Family Law.  If the L3T program goes very well, it may be expanded to include cases in other areas, but Criminal Law involves heavy penalties, and will continue to require a fully trained, experienced attorney.
  • Paralegals currently do much of this type of work.  Why do we need additional program with more training?  Why can’t a paralegal take a test to demonstrate understanding and competence?  Answer: The L3T will be able to be more independent, and we need to provide the additional assurance of training and capability to allow a new level of Legal Professional to be licensed.
Raffle:  Jim Hairston’s ticket was pulled, and his proxy Sheri didn’t draw the Ace: $5.00
Adjournment: 1:28 PM.