Lots shaking in Lakewood area businesses!
Meeting notes recorded by Teresa Nye
Edited by Tom McClellan
Upcoming Events:  Joyce Oubre spoke about our Partnership w/West Pierce Fire – Shopping for kids from Tyee school will be on December 4th, Sunday at Target starting at 7:00 outside the doors.  There were some dates thrown around for wrapping the gifts.  I believe the 11th was one such date and it will be at the Union Hall on Steilacoom Blvd.  More details to follow.
Foundation director Joy Taylor presented an update on our fight against Polio.  The Global Eradication Initiative of the World Health Organization, with help from Bill & Linda Gates Foundation and Rotary, have made the world 99% free of Polio.  In 1988 there were more than 350,000 cases around the world, now 99% of the world is free from this horribly disabling disease.  Rotary has an Emergency Response Team that is getting deep into the remote areas of Nigeria where they have a few cases.
Ways you can help: 
(1) Post on your social media on World Polio Day next week what you are doing to help.
(2) Become an advocate
(3) Give to Polio Plus -  www.Endpolio.org  is a website with more information
Fun & Fines, with Ed Trobaugh, assisted by Karen George who did the collecting.
Dave Cotant – his granddaughter made the front page of TNT along with members of her team from Steilacoom HS film club.  They were selected to join a competition in a NY All American Film Festival.  They won!!  They received the subject “cyberbullying” and had three days to film, edit and have produced a short film.  Their film will be part of a nationwide school age awareness campaign against it.
Georgene Mellom's travels – Holland American cruise line, Montreal.
Marie Barth – is now a licensed agent for the state of Montana (although she assured us she is not planning to move there full time).
Tom McClellan introduced our speaker, Becky Newton – Economic Development for the City of Lakewood.  Becky works with people hands on, which she loves.  She’s a native of the NW, grew up in Puyallup, Graduated as a Huskie!
Lakewood has 3500 businesses, not all brick & mortar here, but do business in the city. 
Housing – They have a Developer Outreach program that is working well. They use tax incentives.  They have dangerous building abatement program.  They offer rental housing safety program
Central Business District – Motor Avenue has an Urban Design Project coming
They’ve done a retail market analysis.  We have several new businesses coming in.  Here are a few;  Maurice’s, Party City, Chipotle’ Grill, Mod Pizza, Marriott Town Place Suites, Comfort Inn & Suites, Welcher’s Gun Shop & Indoor Range.  Expanding businesses; Kenworth, DaVita.
Along Pacific Hwy they have a 3-5 year project to redo some of the retail along there and open a Premium Outlet mall.  There are also investors looking at Woodbrook Industrial Business Park.
Randy Black came forward with the winning ticket after bum luck with the first ticket pulled, but he couldn’t pull an ACE.