A rare joint meeting was held with Lakewood Rotary, to hear from our District Governor.
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Clover Park and Lakewood, __October 14, 2016
Tacoma Country and Golf Club
This rare joint meeting was led by Lakewood Rotary (LWR) President Rose Stevens and Clover Park Rotary (CPR) President Jim Hairston.
Invocation: LW Rotarian Bob Peterson.
Flag Salute:  Star Spangled Banner and O Canada with background music and snare drum accompaniment by LWR Chris Kimball.
CPR Tom McClellan led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Visiting Rotarians – Terry Taylor- Hawks Prairie, Keith Galbraith – Parkland, DG Joanne Croghan and Donald Mannino – Bainbridge Island, ADG Curtis Thiel – South Hill.
Visitors: Mary Horn – guest of LWR Greg Horn
Club Announcements:   A veterans appreciation program being put together by LWR for Friday November 11. 
DG Joanne and LW president Rose presented 3 additional Paul Harris to Lakewood Rotarians. Those contributions had pushed Lakewood over $990,000 in Paul Harris contributions during the history of LWR. Rose believes they have now already surpassed the $1,000,000 mark.
Upcoming meetings for CPR: 
October 19 - Becky Newton – Economic Development in Lakewood
October 26 – Alan Billingsley, et al -- Guatemala Stove Project
November 2- Stephanie Dunkel - Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps
Fun and Fines:   No fines levied against Clover Park Rotarians. There were a few Lakewood Rotarians who were fined.
ADG Curtis Thiel first thanked Presidents Jim and Rose for the incredible job they are both doing for their Clubs and Rotary before introducing the speaker.
Today’s speaker
DG Joanne Croghan shared much of her Rotary journey and an update on Rotary.
Her journey started about 20 years ago at the Bainbridge Island Club. Her passion was international work almost right away. Her first project was a Literacy Project in Uganda for 5 schools. When she was there she saw the need for clean water. The people could have the muddy water at the shore, or go in deeper for clean water but risk meeting a crocodile.
When she returned she wanted to get water for the one village at a cost of $6000 for a deep water bore hole. As you can imagine, that one village grew to many more and over the next few years with the help of grant writing and leveraging the funds she helped take care of getting water to 191 villages!!! She stressed the importance of attending the Grant Writing classes so we can also take advantage of the matching funds.  The training is held in the fall – one in US and 1 in Canada, and then again at DTLA. The club must have someone attend if we the ability to apply for the grants.
This year the District conference and formerly the DLTA is being combined into one event. So all can attend and take advantage of the wonderful training. This year “The Spirit of Rotary” District Training Assembly is being held May 4-6, 2017 at the Clearwater Casino Resort in Suquamish, WA.  You can register after Dec. 1, 2016 at www.rotary5020.org
This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation, established with the leftover money from the first Rotary Convention in 1916.  What is your club doing for this special event?  It started with a donation of $26.50…………can we all donate that to the Foundation or move the decimal point or $100 for the 100th anniversary?
Polio Plus started with one person wanting to help out another village in the Philippines. We all know how this one person has changed the outlook for the world and Polio.  You never know what one person and one idea can start.  We need to wait 3 years for the last reported case to declare polio is eradicated.
Other notes:  Rotary International’s Council on Legislation has made several big changes, most dealing with membership requirements and expectations. No longer expected perfect attendance. Clubs have great flexibility now in scheduling meetings, and perhaps starting satellite clubs that meet at a different time, and don’t have to establish themselves as outright clubs.  The workplace has changed. Do good work in your community and the world. Ask your friends and neighbors if they want to give back.  Membership and growing Rotary is essential as Rotarians keep aging [ed. note: Please keep on doing that, versus the alternative]. 
A marketing research firm was engaged to help RI with its image.  They found that 80% of the world does not know what Rotary is and what we do. Some have seen the Rotary gear emblem, but don’t know what it is associated with.  She left us each a gift of a Rotary pin with the word Rotary and the wheel. Let’s make it easy for people to recognize us.
June 10 -14, 2017 is Rotary International conference in Atlanta, GA. All are welcome. There are over 10,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of the convention center.
Don’t sit on the sidelines, get out there and dance. 
What is Rotary? – Service, friendship, leverage to do good in the world.
Closing remark from a Lakewood Rotarian- We all helped created a new life!!  There is a young couple, two drummers who met at a past Woodstick event.  Both clubs used to sponsor that fundraiser, made up of several hundred drummers all playing together, in support of the Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration group. They got married about 2 years ago, and have now given birth to a child. Rotary works in mysterious ways!!!
Raffle Drawing:  CPR John Munn had the winning ticket but was unable to pull the “winning chip”.
Final note: If you'd like to read the Lakewood Rotary version of events, visit http://www.lakewoodrotary.com/Stories/a-gathering-of-all-sorts