Posted by Tom McClellan on Dec 03, 2017
"Disaster Mitigation" does not only consist of weaseling out of Fun And Fines.  And come to the Christmas gift wrapping party Dec. 5th, 5:00 PM, at Carr's.
President-Elect Heidi Wachter started out the meeting with her Rotary tiara and playing “Let’s get this party started.
Invocation: Jeannie Hill.  And Charlie Maxwell led us in the salute to the flag.
There were no visiting Rotarians today.
Visitors – Judi Maier introduced her husband Tom Wie, John Munn introduced the newly engaged and recently promoted Debra Armstrong (the new Director of Education for the Lakewood Playhouse), Joyce Oubre introduced her adorable granddaughter Jaelyn, Fred Willis introduced his wife Ingrid, and Tom McClellan briefly introduced our speaker Tim Cook.
General Bill called a point of order and explained his son Charlie and daughter-in-law had planned on attending our meeting last week but because of travel they were slightly delayed. Charlie had a gift of the Roseville, CA Rotary Club banner which General Bill presented to Heidi.
Sunshine report:  Thoughts and prayers are needed for Bonnie Boyle’s partner Paulina Adams who has been in the hospital for almost a month and has been recently transferred to UW. They are still trying to diagnosis and treat her. (Charlie Maxwell requested we find out a room number) General Bill is recovering nicely from some laparoscopy hip surgery that was performed after a fallAccording to Karen he was very fortunate it was able to be handled in 45 minutes and recovery has been rapid. Lastly continue to keep Karen Fengler Nichols and her husband Joe in your prayers as his continue to receive treatment for the cancer in his throat. Treatment should be complete by December 19th.
[ed note: I spoke with Bonnie by phone on Dec. 3.  Paulina's diagnosis has changed for the better.  The doctors thought she was having lung failure, but now they are calling it cryptogenic organizing pneumonia, is a form of non-infectious pneumonia.  Bonnie was going to be taking Paulina home to Seabeck this day, aided by Paulina's daughter and son-in-law.  She will be on supplemental oxygen and high-dose steroids for a few months, but she will get to be home.  That IS good news.  So Bonnie sends her thanks those who offered up prayers for such a solution.]
Club Announcements:   
Future Programs
December 6- Doug Richardson, Pierce County Council President on Chambers Creek Master Site Plan.   
December 13- John Caufield, State of the City Update. 
December 20thYou are the program on December 20th. Each person in attendance will be given 2 minutes (strictly enforced) to share a favorite Christmas story. What a great way to get to know each other a little better.
No meeting December 27th.
Thank you letter read from the Friends of VA Golf Course for our contribution of $5,000 for our sponsorship of a hole for next year’s golf tournament.
Joy Taylor and Heidi Wachter presented Teresa Nye with her first recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow. Thank you, Teresa, for your generous support of Rotary and the Foundation.
Joyce Oubre – If you still have your Christmas money to turn in- Judi Maier needs it by Saturday, Dec. 2, so she can give West Pierce a check Sunday morning when we go shopping.
Shoppers – Be at the Lakewood Target at 8:30 AM Sunday to start shopping with fellow Rotarians and many firefighters and their families.
Our Christmas wrapping party will be Tuesday, December 5th at 5:00 at Carrs. There will be appetizers and a cash bar.  There is a $10 charge per person to cover the cost of the delicious food. We will be wrapping and enjoying each other’s fellowship.  Guests are welcome and encouraged.  If you have an extra pair of scissors or tape bring it along.   This is always a well-attended, enjoyable evening. Hope to see you there!!!
Presidents’ Minute-  “What not to miss in the community?”
Heidi shared Fallen Officers Food Drive was on Wednesday. This was started in honor of the four fallen officers 8 years ago.
Becky Newton added a reminder not to miss the Christmas Tree Lighting at 5:00 on Friday, December 1st at City Hall and the Christmas parade at 5:45 PM.
Fun and Fines:  General Ed assisted by Riley Wyatt.
Karen George said she will have to carryover her Wachter.
Jeannie Hill was called out by Charlie Maxwell and Tom Faubion on her crime against Rotary. She politely returned Marie’s raffle tickets that Marie had left at the check in counter. General Ed said he could have raffled them off for about $25. Marie Barth said she would pay the $25 if no fine was levied against Jeannie.
Heidi Wachter was pleased to announce her twin girls, Elle and Kate have made it to double digits!! They are 10. She did have praise for her husband’s role in reaching this milestone.  $25.
Joyce Oubre spent a few days in Texas. $30
Becky Newton went to Palm Desert with her family and her son’s future in-laws. All went well and on the way back home they got to check out the venue for the wedding. $50  
Joy Taylor announced a Robotics competition at Bellarmine Preparatory this Saturday 3:30-6:00. One of her teams is ranked first and her other team is ranked last.
General Ed commented on Tom Wie’s frequent attendance at our meetings. He wanted to know if it was because of the food and if it was his only good meal of the day.
On Teresa’s special day of honor as a Paul Harris Fellow, she arrived late so she was fined $2. She tried to explain but she did not get much sympathy from General Ed or Charlie Maxwell. (It was the end of the month and she had escrow signings. She needed cash for Christmas shopping and had to find an ATM so she could fulfill her donation……………)
Dave Hall wanted to donate $40 in addition to the 80 pounds of peanut butter he dropped off at the Fallen Officers Food Drive in honor of his friends and fellow officers.
Tom McClellan’s rat came with a photo slide show of Alan Billingsley’s new treehouse for his grandchildren. He and Debbie spend every Friday night in it with their 6 grandkids. It is suspended by 5 oak trees, can withstand 120 mph winds, and is approximately 165 square feet.  It was beautiful. It has 13 steps so Alan paid $13.
Today’s speaker: Tim Cook with Washington State Hazard Mitigation – Emergency Management Department
What is hazard mitigation? Any action that reduces or eliminates the risks we face from future events.
Their department looks at risk from the following - Long term implications, break the cycle, increase community resilience, based on root cause analysis.
They have a $45 million budget and projects in 70 counties. Their goal is to reduce loss of life and property.
Some projects are:
  • Buyout properties in flood areas and demolish them and deed as open space forever. 
  • Localized flood control improvements.
  • Seismic retrofitting especially for areas that need to be at higher code standard – Fire Stations, Police Departments, Hospitals, Utilities. They need to have immediate occupancy.  Locally Lakewood Water has a project in retrofitting one of their water towers.
  • Wildfires have gotten a lot of attention and how to mitigate the losses. In areas of common fires they have looked at fuel reduction and defensible space work.
  • Underground power lines is also a frequent area of review.
When Presidential Disaster Declaration happens, the money is disbursed a few ways – Individual Assistance, Public Assistance, and Hazard Mitigation Grant (so it doesn’t’ happen the same way again)
Reason for a declaration can be for wildfires (e.g. 2014, 2015), earthquake, floods, landslides/erosions, severe storms, volcano, drought, tsunami.
Raffle Drawing - Joyce Oubre had the lucky ticket and she had her granddaughter Jaelyn pull the card.  She pulled the nine of clubs.
And Finally...
Scientific advancements are bringing us some amazing technologies, including robotics combining with prosthetics.  Here is a Science Magazine cover story on that topic:
It would be nice, however, if the scientists who are bringing us these advancements, and the reporters covering them, were able to tell the difference between a bunny and a duck.