President Sheri only has 29 meetings left to go after this one!!


Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)   

Sunshine report:  Ingrid Willis is having a problem with her back, Alice Peeples continues to recover from her fall.  And Tom McClellan missed the meeting with a hip injury.  [ed. note: there is no truth to the rumor that the hip injury was related to past episodes of doing The Twist].


[ed. note part II: I have no comment about the relationship of this hip injury to past instances of trying to dance "The Bump".  No comment at all.]


Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:

Ellie Carr reminded us that this coming Monday, Nov. 24, at 3:00 PM we will be assembling the dry products for the Thanksgiving Food baskets.  We need another pair of deliverers at 7:30 on Tuesday morning, so if you can volunteer for that, please email Ellie. Alan Billingsley reported that Southgate has lost about 80 food baskets due to a change in the way Little Church on the Prairie handles their baskets, so the baskets we provide will be even more important.

Christmas shopping will occur on Sunday, December 7, 8:00 AM, at the Lakewood Target store.  This project is in conjunction with the West Pierce Fire Department.  Georgene Mellom reported that this year our Christmas party will be gift wrapping at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 11 at Carr’s.  This meeting will be in lieu of a regular Wednesday lunch meeting, so don't come to Carr's for lunch on Dec. 10th.  Instead bring your significant other to Carr's at 5 PM on Dec. 11, and bring $12.00 each to cover the dinner/snacks.  You might also bring a roll of wrapping paper.  Please watch for more details. 

John Munn announced that the 4th annual theater project has begun.  Lakewood Playhouse staff and volunteers will visit all the classrooms to talk about theater, as well as work with the students to put on the annual performance.  The Lorax will be the show for this year. 

Fred Willis shared a few stories about a couple of family members in the military.

Two Truths and a Lie, by Don Sosnowski                     

Don related how he lasted only one day at McDonalds (truth), and has officiated at a number of weddings and inadvertently gave the groom to the bride (truth).  But it is not true that he once introduced and partied with weird Don Yankovick while visiting Italy.  Congrats to Don for the imaginative lie. 

Memorable fines and stories with General Ed 

Ed auctioned off the signature roster of Judge Grant Blinn – there was spirited bidding that resulted in the Judge buying it back for $15.00. 

Karl Roth paid for 16 glorious years of wedded bliss with Stephanie, which they celebrated with a trip to Vegas, and $100.00 donated to the Foundation.

Heidi Wachter paid for her birthday with a $100.00 check (not a Wachter!!) to the Foundation.

John Munn at age 49 is one year short of the magic year but rounded his check up to $50.00 – he did pay with a Wachter.

Daidre West Wachtered her tithe from winning the big pot at the prior meeting.

Fred Willis went to Hawaii and soaked up the warm sun and followed that with a trip to the cold sun of Wenatchee.   The total damage was $60.00

Joyce and Ron Oubre went on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their wedding anniversary.   Joyce contributed $100.00 to the general fund to cover the trip.

Georgene Mellom took a trip around the state of Washington during the month of November and covered it with checks to the food baskets and to the Foundation.

Dave Cotant paid a second time for an earlier trip to Africa.

Ellie Carr – General Ed recommended Ellie consider opening the bar to increase participation in the food basket assembly.  No fine, but a worthy suggestion!


Today’s speakers:  Dave Cotant introduced the speakers, Fredda Smith and Ben Vendelin, who discussed Medical Teams International and the local mobile dental clinic.