President Sheri welcomes honored guest Gavin Carr.



President Sheri called the meeting to order.  David Cotant was successful as invocateur.  Tom McClellan led us in the flag salute.  Marilee Johnson introduced our visiting Rotarians: Bill Young from Lakewood and Bob Anderson from Gig Harbor Midday.  Ellie Carr introduced her guest and progeny, Gavin Carr, and Karen Fengler-Nichols introduced her guest and husband, Joe Nichols.


Bonnie Boyle was not present, but President Sheri reminded members to send makeups to Bonnie.

With the Sunshine Report, Marilee Johnson indicated that Alice Peeples had fallen and hit her head, was attended to my medics.  Sheri received a email from Alice saying she is recuperating!   Marilee also reported seeing Maria Johnson (former CP Rotary member) who said hello to everyone.

Foundation Report:  Foundation director Don Sosnowski reminded members that November is Foundation Month.  Please give!

Sheri circulated the Christmas Shopping envelope.  We are once again partnering with West Pierce Fire in shopping for Southgate students, asking members to contribute whatever they wish.  This is the only "pass the hat" event of the year.  $1600 has been collected thus far.  On December 6, members can help to shop at Target (before store hours, exact time will be announced soon).  Between $100-$125 will be spent on each child for clothing and a toy.  Judi Maier reminded members this money is deposited in the Rotary Club of Clover Park Charities Account, so 100% is tax deductible.  December 11 we will meet here at Carr's to wrap the gifts.

Ellie Carr reported on the Thanksgiving Baskets.  Monday, November 24 at 3pm, she needs help bagging the dry goods items here at Carr's.  Tuesday, November 25, at 6:00 AM, she needs people with large vehicles to help transport items from Saar's Marketplace to Carrs.  Then it is all hands on deck starting at 7:00 AM to back and gather, and then help with delivering to 35 families.  Sign up was circulated.  If you missed the clipboard, please email Ellie at to help out with either pickup, assembly, or delivery.  This is our club's big service project every year, so please help out.  It's a certifiable hoot. 

Slate of Club Officers for 2015-16:

Our club's By-Laws require that at the 3rd meeting of the month of November, the recommendations of the Nominating Committee be presented to the membership, thereupon to vote the slate of new officers up or down.  Sheri announced that Joyce Oubre has had to step down from becoming President next year.  Work obligations have multiplied, and she has taken on new responsibilities.  Joyce will continue her membership in Rotary and hopes everyone will understand.

Sheri presented the following proposed slate of officers and directors for the 2015-16 Rotary Year:

President - Joyce Loveday

President elect - Jim Hairston

Vice President - Bryan Christensen

Secretary - Karen Fengler-Nichols

Treasurer - Judi Maier

Sergeant at Arms - David Cotant


Three-year Directors staying on

Tom McClellan- Club Administration

John Munn - Public Relations

Don Sosnowski - Foundation


New Directors

Ellie Carr -  Service Projects

Teresa Nye - Fund Raising

TBA - Membership

Bob Lawrence moved that the slate of officers be approved.  Marie Barth seconded it.  The motion passed as proposed.



Teresa Nye offered three statements as follows:

  1.  Through the years the quilts she has made for auctions have raised over $10,000 for Saint Francis Cabrini and Saint Patrick Middle School.
  2. At the age of 20 she had a 1965 Thunderbird and was clocked going 120 m.p.h. by an Albuquerque policeman.  She turned into her apartment complex and after much confusion and a bit of good luck was only fined $75.
  3. After three attempts and four years, Teresa finally completed a marathon. 

It turned out that #1 was the lie.  She has not quite exceeded $10,000 in quilt sales.  But she really was clocked at a high rate of speed by the local gendarmes.   And she became pregnant just ahead of a marathon (run) one year, and pulled a hamstring doing splits another year!  As General Ed would say about jumping out of airplanes, keep your feed and knees together and you won't get hurt, plus you won't get... well, you know. 


Judge Grant Blinn and Brian Christensen (after a whining session that he actually wasn't the latest red badger) aided General Ed in the following fines:

Happy Birthday to Tim Plante (37 years) and to General Ed for an unspecified amount over 50! 

Karen Fengler-Nichols traveled on a Rhein River cruise for with husband Joe for 12 nights.  General Ed asked about the wines sample along the way, to which Karen opined that 2012 was a great year but this year's Rieslings were not that good!  She gladly handed over $75.

Bob Lawrence was gone for 20 days -- not all was planned.  Bob started to offer a lengthy explanation, evidently not realizing that the finemaster's question to Teresa was about "wines", not Bob's version of "whines".  Bob continued to relate that three days before their departure, the cruise was canceled.  They were offered another, but encountered a hurricane in the Northern Atlantic.  They did receive VIP treatment in Tampa.  After much sniveling, Bob offered up $100 to club and $100 to Paul Harris.

Before the recent election, Tom Faubion had been taken to task for getting ink via a letter written to the TNT, supporting the East Pierce Fire and Rescue Levy.  He had wagered General Ed that if the measure was not supported by the voters, he'd pay $5, but if it passed he'd pay $50.  Ed may not be adept at cyphering, but he does understand the principle of leverage.  With the measure having carried by a whopping 69 votes, it passed, and Tom wrote the check for $50!

Guest Speaker - Bob Anderson spoke about the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program

Seven years ago Bob retired to move from his home state of Iowa to the mountains and the seaside, AND be near his three grandchildren.  Moved from Iowa to Washington.  Bob's important word -- Gratitude.  Sixteen years ago, his son committed suicide.  No one is prepared to this kind of event.  He became involved with Gig Harbor Key Peninsula Suicide Prevention program and CASA, a 501c3, which provides a way to publicize the communities need to address child safety issues).

Key facts

  1.  White men over 50 are at greater risk for suicide.
  2. Gig Harbor Key Peninsula has higher rate of suicides than other Piece County areas, for reasons that are not clear.
  3. National CASA began in King County after a judge felt there needed to be advocacy for the child going through foster care.

There is a big need for more CASA volunteers to mentor young people.  To become a CASA volunteer, a person needs to undergo:

  1. 30 hours of professional training
  2. Criminal background check
  3. Be in a child's life

Many foster kids under age six have no father around, and mom is often involved with drugs/alcohol.  Teens in Foster Care know that after age 18 they are out on the street, often homeless.  A Permanency Pact identifies an adult for the 15/16 year old so that when he turns 18 an established relationship with a caring adult can help him beyond Foster Care.

January 10 is the next CASA training.  Contact Bob Anderson if you are interested.  Learn more about the national program at or the Washington State program at



Daidre West won the Jackpot with an Ace!