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President-elect not available...
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Helloooo past-past-President Sheri!!!!
Meeting Notes recorded by Joyce Loveday, edited by Tom McClellan
Past-Past president Sheri Hodson led the meeting, due to a sudden emergency for President James Hairston, and the unavailability of the rest of the chain of command.  Get well soon, Tank.
Invocation Tom McClellan, who reminded us of all that we have to be thankful for.  Flag salute – Joy Taylor.  Visiting Rotarians – Joyce Loveday (there were none).
Guests – Angela Seraceno, our guest speaker, from the Children's Therapy Center;  Judi Maier’s husband Tom Wie.
Sunshine reportTeresa Nye’s father passed away, and funeral plans are forthcoming.  General Bill Harrison is doing fine.  Charlie Maxwell was present, and the club surrounded him with love.
Future Programs:
Nov. 30 - Linda Nguyen, CEO of WorkForce Central
Dec. 7 - No Noon Meeting, come to the Dec. 6 wrapping party
Dec. 14 - Paige Stringer, Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss
Joyce Oubre – Sign up for Christmas wrapping party Dec. 6, 5 PM, at Carr’s.  $10 per person; guests are welcome.  There will be food, and a cash bar.
President pro tem Sheri Hodson provided (on short notice) a Thanksgiving quiz to prepare us all for the upcoming holiday.  One point of interest is that the average male consumes 4500 calories during thanksgiving dinner.  General Ed Trobaugh estimated his own meal at 5000 calories.  No word on his post-holiday workout routine.
Fun and fines:
Wachters – Charlie Maxwell and Marie Barth, for crimes unrecorded.  Early leaver, Tom McClellan, who cut and ran to go see the hip replacement surgeon whose work cutting on Tom is still to this day interfering with Tom's running.  {ed. note: irony alert}
Joyce Loveday reported on CPTC’s new Tecnam P2006T twin-engine plane recently acquired by Clover Park Technical College. $65
Joy Taylor reported on the 2nd, 5th, and 12th places her students garnered in robotics competition. - $20 to polio plus.
Judi Maier reported on her travels east for her new job.  Gone two days, 7 hours each way, for 1.5 hour meeting, and a short runway in a prop-plane to induce fear. $20.
This week's speaker:
Angela Saraceno – From Children’s Therapy Center, an organization located in Kent, that has been in WA for 37 years (started in 1979).  They serve 3200 children ages 0-18. 
Angela shared a video of Carter’s story, to provide a glimpse of the experience of having a special needs child that needs therapy.
74% of the children they serve are in south king county; the rest are in Pierce County.  Office located in Kent.  16% of all children in WA have some level of need for therapy services.  The number is climbing due to better awareness.
Challenges they face: Rising cost of health care combined with lower reimbursements.  Fewer providers that can afford the cost of care; More children in need of services; More families in crisis.
Ways to get involved:
Volunteer as a group
Attend an event
Weekly Raffle:
Alice had the lucky number, and she drew the winning card!   $368
And Finally:
Your editor is all in favor of dual-purpose equipment.  But a "Koi Pond/Hot Tub" sounds like a bit much.  Anyone for a dip?