New members, aspiring new members, and emergency preparedness
November is Rotary Foundation Month
Meeting Notes recorded by Sheri Hodson
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting Highlights:
Invocation: Alice Peeples
Flag Salute:  Bryan Christensen
Visiting Rotarians: Tom Faubion introduced Lakewood Rotarian Gayle Selden. She was visiting so she could collect her badge from our badge box from our joint meeting with Lakewood. Thanks to Tom McClellan for letting her know where it was located.
Visitors: Becky Newton until she received her red badge, Emma Pierce from Lakewood Historical Society considering a corporate membership, Jillian Cling and Hailey from Heritage Bank. And way back at the kids’ table, affectionately referred to as "The Group W Bench" Alan Billingsley had his grandson, Ellie Carr and Jenny Goodin each had their sons.
Sunshine report:  Please continue to keep Kathie and Charlie Maxwell in your prayers as Kathie continues her battle.
Club Announcements: 
Upcoming speakers –
Nov. 9 - LTC Clayton Braun, Cascadia Rising & Emergency Preparedness     
Nov. 16 - David O'Keeffe – Communities in School
Nov. 23 - Angela Saraceno – Children’s Therapy Center
Upcoming Events -
Tyee Math night is November 17th.  Look for details soon about how to participate.
Sunday, December 4th – Christmas shopping for Tyee Elementary kids at Target at 8:00 AM.
Tuesday, December 6th at 5:00 PM at Carr’s – Christmas wrapping party and holiday gathering. Guests are welcome to attend. Cost is $10 for appetizers and there will be a no host bar. This is a wonderful service opportunity and a chance for fellowship during the holidays. We will start taking reservations next week. If you can transport the wrapped gifts to West Pierce Union Hall, please let Joyce Oubre know. Be sure to bring some wrapping supplies………your scissors, tape, paper, labels, boxes. This event will take the place of a Noon meeting on Dec. 7.
Joyce Oubre sent around the envelope again for the Christmas shopping. So far our generous Club has committed about $2500 for the Tyee children. Remember all money has to be turned in BEFORE the shopping so we know how many kids we are shopping for. Each child usually receives an outfit or two, shoes, coat, socks, underwear, and then a toy.
Ellie Carr shared that due to the changes at Tyee Park Elementary, and that Saar’s Market is no longer in business to help us with our Thanksgiving baskets, we will not be doing them this year but we will be taking care of more families at Christmas. She has calls into other grocery stores but is waiting for calls back. More info to follow.
We welcomed Becky Newton as our newest Rotarian. Marie Barth assisted with her ceremony. Becky is the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Lakewood.  Remember to introduce yourself to Becky and sign her sheet.
Fun and Fines:
Red badge members Sally Martinez assisted on microphone and Becky Newton collected money today.
Sally was first to be fined for forgetting her roster for signatures and leaving her “map” at the sign in table. We wished John Munn a happy birthday. He shared the Wizard of Oz is playing for a couple weeks. His rolled up his birthday fine to $60.
Judi Maier ratted on herself and shared her wonderful new opportunity. She is now working for Curis Consulting LLC.  This means she will be traveling a lot to the East coast to work with clients. This gives her a chance to be close to where she grew up. This wonderful opportunity has the possibility of leading to a partnership. We will be seeing her quite a bit less.
Teresa Nye shared about the success of her son Patrick. He is playing football again thanks to mom and dad’s pressure. This past week he scored 4 extra points and made a 25 yard field goal. His lacrosse coach also selected him to travel to Boston to show off his lacrosse skills in front of the college coaches. Teresa reminded us lacrosse players only get partial scholarships. She gave a $20 Wachter for all her son’s successes.
Lakewood Rotarian Gayle Selden gave $20 bucks for us holding her badge.  She had mistakenly(?) put it into our club’s box at the Oct. 14 joint meeting. [ed. note: it is likely that at some deep level, this was not a mistake, and she secretly aspires to be a member of the fun club.]  She shared the motto used at Lakewood Rotary, that “if it is worth sharing it is at least worth $20.” She shared that Ed Trobaugh had fined her once when she came to our club years ago, stating that she was too young to be a Lakewood Rotary Club member. She happily paid that fine. 
Marie Barth paid $2 for ratting on General Bill Harrison for coming in late, and through the back entrance so as to hopefully escape attention. She also shared Karen George finally had the opportunity to sit for her Occupational Therapist certificate exam last Friday. She will get the results this Friday.
Today’s speaker Stephanie Dunkel  - Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps
The Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps was formed in 2007. Nationally, several jurisdictions established their own Medical Reserve Corps units after 9/11 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005). When disasters hit they wanted to have a coordinated effort for medical people to help. It provides the public and the professional protection since they are part of this volunteer group and can be identified. Members can be called upon in several ways. Stephanie is the liaison and coordinator as a Department of Health employee.
They are part of the Incident Command systems. They have over 500 medical and non-medical volunteers to help here in Pierce County. They are broken up into 6 districts. In each of these districts, there are 2 pre-positioned trailers, each loaded with supplies and equipment to set up in the event they are needed.
In addition to disaster relief, they do many community events so the medical professionals can volunteer in the community. They will do triage and first aid booths. They also have a large immunization effort for both adults and seniors. The kids receive immunizations in schools – about 4000 students in different school districts have received flu shots. For the adults they go to Food banks and senior centers.  Engaging in these events exercises their communication and organization tasks, thereby enhancing readiness for mobilization in case of a more serious event.
Raffle Drawing:  
Jim Hairston drew the 2 of diamonds
And Finally: Aren't we fortunate to live in such a beautiful place? This photo taken Nov. 3, in Fort Steilacoom Park, and it wasn't raining!