Posted by Tom McClellan on May 10, 2018
Adoption, foster care, and dog trivia
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Clover Park May 9, 2018
Note taker: Becky Newton
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order: Heidi Wachter, 12:29 PM.  Invocation led by David Cotant.  Pledge: John Unfred
Special Guests: Caroline Brandau, Amara; Ingrid Willis (Fred’s wife); visiting from Lakewood Rotary, Jim Sharp.
Sunshine report: Gwen Young (wife of Lakewood Rotarian Bill Young) had heat stroke while in Eastern Washington and was hospitalized but is now doing better.
Presidents Report:
District Leadership Conference in Tacoma event had record attendance.  The District Governor was installed. Clover Park Rotary was awarded 2nd highest membership retention for clubs its size.
There were several inspiring speakers, including Scott Smiley, who was blinded by an explosion in Iraq but went on to remain on active duty in the Army, and completed an Iron Man triathlon; Susan Ershler, who married a “Mountain Man” and proceeded to accomplish the seven summits (highest mountain on all 7 continents), including Mt. Everest which took two attempts; and Paul Kingsman, a 1988 Olympic medalist in swimming who spoke about keeping oneself focused on the objective, not getting distracted.
District service day on Thursday, May 3, included 50,000 meals prepared that were all kept in Pierce County. 15,000 meals were pounded out in two hours. Barb and Tank Hairston were even seen in hair nets.
And Dave Hall was manning the ShelterBox booth.
The board would like to step up committee participation. They would like to know who is interested in what committees. Heidi asked for all Board members to raise their hands. Please identify yourself to the board member who is in charge of your area of greatest committee interest.  Here is a cheat sheet of next year’s officers and directors to help with your effort:
Heidi Wachter - President
Ellie Carr – President Elect
John Munn – Vice President
Jim Hairston – Immediate Past President
Judi Maier – Treasurer
Tom McClellan –Secretary
Dave Cotant – Sergeant at Arms
Joy Taylor – Foundation (to serve through June 2019)
Paul Webb– Membership/Leadership (2019)
Clarke Thomson – Service Projects (2020)
Karl Roth – Club Administration (2020)
Dave Hall – Public Relations (2021)
Teresa Nye – Fundraising (2021)
Future Programs
May 16 – Randy Black, Lakewood Water District
May 23 – Michael McGavock, Water Wells in Uganda
May 30 – Sue Potter, Nourish Pierce County (formerly Fish Food Banks).
Golf Tournament
Jim Hairston gave update #2 for the August 4 event. We’ve partnered with American Lake Golf Course. The committee’s goal is to get 100 players and raise $10-11,000. Each member should get 2 sponsors and one foursome. The registration form and sponsor letter may be found on the website or obtained from Jim. You may either pay online or print the form out and pay in person to Jim. He will be in charge of making sure everyone is registered so please go through him. The price is $125 per player. There will be a signup sheet passed around for volunteers. Plan to sign up and be there on August 4th. The date was secured in November and all members should be aware of this. The Club has committed to sponsor hole 14 at the cost of $5,000/year for 5 years.
Rose Sale Wrap-up
Join the “Rose Buds” next Tuesday, May 15, at 7:30 a.m., Carr’s Restaurant. If you come at 8:00, that’s fine. It should be wrapped up by 8:30 a.m. This meeting is for anyone who would like to know how the sale went, and to gather input. 
A couple of other announcements: June 5th is Nourish Pierce County and June 30th is Wheels to Meals food connection, a bike ride to raise funds.
A thank you letter was submitted and read by Heidi from Rebuilding America South Sound for community support and funds given. We are now part of that group. Clover Park Technical College also sent a letter of thanks from the foundation.
Heidi read a funny joke about Lawyers, If you don’t think lawyers have a heart. A story about United Way asking for money.
Fun & Fines with Marie Barth
General Ed Trobaugh sent an email message to Marie ahead of this meeting, stating that he would be in Michigan March 9th, that’s worth $2.
Stephanie Walsh had a birthday. She was not present.
Randy and Tina Black had an anniversary, 37 blissful years. He spoke about the upcoming birth of his granddaughter and how his den has already been converted to a baby room. He offered to take his wife out to a nice dinner at Stanley & Seafort’s or somewhere else nice, she opted for Applebee’s. Paul Webb interjected that Randy should pay the difference in fines between the cost of the Applebee’s dinner and the nice dinner. Randy offered $50, accepted.
Heidi Wachter was asked to pay the $52 owed. Deferred to next week when she will have her check book.
Alan Billingsley ratted on his daughter Ellie Carr, but it was deferred to next week as Ellie was not present.
Karen George was asked to pay $2 for getting the winning ticket and a joker in last week’s raffle, and $5 for defacing Marie’s notes. She challenged but ultimately paid the price.
Charlie Maxwell said that he was known for selling roses. His customers say, “Here comes the panhandler”. Now he is worried about the anti-panhandler signs that Marie and the City Council are having put up around the City. Charlie said that Marie should be fined for that. That’s another $2.
Lacking other material, Maria engaged the club in a Dog Trivia game:
  • How many teeth does a dog have? 24
  • Where does a dog sweat? Through its paws
  • What is the most common training command? Sit
  • What is a dog’s most highly developed sense? Smell
  • True or False? A dog can only see in black and white? False
A dollar for each incorrect answer from each club member.
Teresa Nye – Curtis Boys lacrosse raised $33,000, worthy of a $10 fine.
Marie Barth – Who helped Anne Winters buy the perfect house? Marie Barth, $25.  [ed. note: she held onto that tidbit until she could offer it as a confession under her own supervision, rather than having General Ed weigh in on an amount.]
Georgene Mellom – Had a very nice trip, cruising from New Orleans to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and back to Seattle.  $100, half to Paul Harris and half to the general fund.
This Week's Guest Speaker:
Caroline Brandau, Amara spoke about their foster care and adoption services, misconceptions, programs, and how you can get involved.
Jim Hairston drew a 2 of hearts for $5. 
And Finally… Some signs that may need some work.
So what are we supposed to do here?
What are we to conclude about the quality of the education these graduates received?
And in this place, they apparently do not want to see any wildly talented animals.
And this is probably good advice.  Do not exceed 20 children.