Posted by Tom McClellan on Jun 03, 2018
...And Men Do Not Compete Well in Silence Contests
Notes from Rotary meeting May 30th, 2018
Recorded by Jim Hairston, edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order: by President Elect Heidi precisely at 12:30 pm.
Greeters: Dave Cotant & Jeanne Hill.  Invocation: Fred Willis.  Pledge of Allegiance: Charlie Maxwell
Visiting Rotarians:
Sue Potter - from Tacoma Passport Rotary Club (Today’s Speaker).
Today’s Guests:
Norma Hansen – guest of Charlie Maxwell; Renee Hannah last time being introduced as a guest; Ingrid Willis – guest of Fred Willis; Werner Scharmach – Founding Member and Past President #2 of Clover Park Rotary
Future Programs:
June 06: Hillary Franz - State Commissioner of Public Lands
June 13: John Munn – Lakewood Playhouse's New Season of Shows
June 20: No Noon Meeting (Installation Banquet)
Sunshine Report – No one reported sick today.
Paul Webb – Asked Renee Hannah to come forward.  Paul introduced Renee and PE Heidi inducted Renee into our club and presented her as our newest member.  She currently works as an IT professional.  Renee is no stranger to Rotary, having been a Rotarian in Gig Harbor years ago, and is happy to join the Clover Park Club.  She looks forward to raising her children in the community and is pleased to now be in a position where she can volunteer and give back to the community.  Paul thanked Renee for becoming a member of our club and praised Sydna Koontz for sponsoring Renee. 
But because Sydna was not able to attend, General Ed Trobaugh stood in as proxy for sponsor purposes.  There may be a discussion about that at some point. 
Tom Faubion – Was very quick to inform Gen Ed that he was “talking while standing”, at the direction of PE Heidi.  He reminded everyone about the upcoming Installation Banquet and clarified the forms of attire, i.e. tuxedo not required (although Tom likes to wear one). 
PE Heidi – reminded all of the Summer Social at the McClellan House on 21 July.  Lake Louise beckons.  Bring a swimsuit and go jump in the lake.  Guest showers available afterward.  No cameras allowed after bathing suits are donned.  Tom McClellan will be grilling various meats, so plan to bring a side dish.  Further details forthcoming.
Jim Hairston – provided a quick update on the Golf Scramble status.  All are asked to provide updates on their progress in getting teams to participate.  The importance of Sponsors is key to our success.  Please get out and help us kick off this new venture for our club.  Entry forms are on the home page at
Bob Lawrence – Announced the sale of tickets for the Lakewood Playhouse production of “The Little Shop of Horrors”.  This event is being sponsored by Crime Stoppers as a fundraising event on June 6th.  Cost is $25.00 per ticket.
President's Time
PE Heidi - provided a joke on a battle between spouses.  It seems a disagreement resulted in a situation where one would not talk to the other verbally except through notes.  This carried on to bedtime.  
The husband wrote a note and said he wanted to be awakened at 5:00 AM, because he had an early flight to catch.  When he awakened, he discovered that it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight.
The wife was gone, but had left a note on her pillow next to him, which read it’s 5:00 AM, get up!  PE Heidi surmised that men do not do well in silence competitions!
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (assisted by new red badger Renee Hannah).
General Ed - announced that there were no birthdays, anniversaries or wachters to draw upon today, again denying Dave Hall the opportunity to save his singing voice or use his kazoo.
Tom McClellan – traveled with wife Shelley to Chicago to attend their son’s graduation from medical school.  His son will begin his new job in Westlake, Ohio.  Tom told a short story on how his son decided to become a doctor.  It seems Tom asked PE Heidi a few years ago if his son could get a summer internship with a Law Office, to help him prepare for a future as a lawyer.  His son was accepted and completed the internship that summer. He was so affected by his experience hanging around with lawyers and seeing what they do that he decided he wanted to become a physician instead. Tom paid $20 for 2 nights in Chicago and gave $200 to Polio Plus.
Joyce Loveday – Thanked all for their support of the recent Clover Park Technical College 75th Anniversary Gala.  The event exceeded the goal of raising $75,000 and raised a total of $88,000.  Joyce pledged $100 to Polio Plus.  She announced that next week CPTC will break ground on its Center for Advanced Manufacturing.
Karen Fengler Nichols – went on an all ladies trip to Vancouver, BC where she participated with a group of Breast Cancer survivors in a Dragon Boat Team Racing event.  Their team finished in 11th place at the end of the races.  Karen paid a $20 fine for her trip.
Jim Hairston – paid for his trip to Crescent Bar, WA last weekend and his tithe for having the winning ticket and drawing an Ace during the 16 June club meeting. $50 fine for the trip and tithing.
Tom Faubion and David Cotant - both paid $2.00 fines for not signing in Werner Scharmach for today’s meeting. Werner was not fined but gave $20.
Today’s Program:
Sue Potter is a long standing member of Rotary. She is currently a member of the Passport Rotary Club in Tacoma. Her resume reflects extensive experience in fundraising and working with people in need.  [ed. note: the pose for the photo was as Sue intended.]
Nourish Pierce County is a relatively new name. This organization was formerly known as The Fish Food Bank of Pierce County for more that 35 years.  Each year the organization receives 10-20 semi-truck loads of goods valued at $375,000 for distribution.
The mission of Nourish Pierce County is to provide nutritious food and support to people in need with compassion, dignity, and respect.  The goal is to provide enough food constituting three meals per day for three days to their clients. Nourish supports 7 food bank distributions in Pierce county along with 10 moblie sites.
Food for families and individuals is not the only service provided by Nourish.  They partner with other organizations to assist families in becoming financially literate, offer training for various job related skills, programs to promote health care access, and a healthy lifestyle. 
Nourish has several bilingual staff members who speak Cambodian, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Ukrainian.  They are seeking volunteers to help them complete their daily mission and goals.  If you are interested in assisting, contact their administrative staff at 253-383-3164 or by email:
Raffle Drawing:
Charlie Maxwell held the winning ticket, but did not draw an Ace.... $5.00 collected.
And Finally...
The cartoons we all watched in our youth were not necessarily great sources of logical thinking.  Some examples:
Donald Duck never wore pants.  So why is this a problem?
What are these things he is wearing on his head? 
The Flintstones lived in the stone age, and also in the time of the dinosaurs.  So what are they celebrating?
Minnie IS a mouse.
And this one pretty much speaks for itself.