Posted by Tom McClellan on May 14, 2017
Another Double Header of Meeting Notes
May 3 Meeting, Rotary Club of Clover Park
Notes recorded by Sheri Hodson
Edited by Tom McClellan
[ed. note: Submission of the notes for publication was delayed a week, which became a topic for Fun and Fines at the May 10 meeting, as discussed far below.]
Invocation:   Alice Peeples. Flag Salute:  Bryan Christensen.
Visiting Rotarians: No Visiting Rotarians today.
Visitors: Bonnie Boyle introduced Paulina Adams, Becky Newton introduced Tori Rositas, John Munn introduced Debbie Armstrong.
Sunshine report: None 
Club Announcements  
Jim shared it is Youth Services Month.
Upcoming speakers
May 10 – Judge Susan Adams on Lakewood Municipal Court,
May 17 – CPTC President Joyce Loveday on Clover Park Technical,
May 24 – Stephanie Walsh – Historical Landmark Commission
Bryan Christensen gave the Rose Sale Update – We sold the 800 roses we ordered and we had another 90 in donations. He will have final profit in the next few weeks. Please be sure all money gets turned in. Remember you are responsible for collecting the money from the people you sold roses to.  Several dozen roses were delivered to schools throughout the Clover Park School District. 
Jim thanked our leading rose sellers Charlie Maxwell 187 dozen, David Cotant 79 dozen, Randy Black 71 dozen, and Bonnie Boyle 51 dozen.
May 4-6 – District 5020 Training and Conference at the Clearwater Casino
May 12th – Lakewood Rotary, special celebration for reaching the $1 million in donations to Rotary. Tickets are $100 per person.
Saturday, May 13th- David Cotant shared it is time to do our community service. From 9:00 – 1:00 (or any part of it) come help spruce up Tyee Elementary. We will be spreading gravel, trimming trees, edging, power washing, etc. Please bring your favorite tools to do the work. Last year we made a huge transformation to the grounds. Come out and make a difference Saturday!!
June 10th from 2:00 – 4:00 there will be a dedication of the new shed at Springbrook from the donations of several Rotary clubs including Clover Park, Passport Club, Lakewood, and Tacoma.
We received notification that Past District Governor Rose Bowman lost her battle with cancer this week.
Fun and Fines
General Ed was assisted by Jeannie Hill
No birthdays, anniversaries, or Wachters to collect on this week.
Becky Newton – shared about the recent Lakewood newsletter that describes all the upcoming changes in Lakewood. Permits and construction on the rise. She paid $20 for all the good news.
General Ed and Tom Faubion had a blue light special on raffle tickets. No deal just a bunch of us kicked in another $5 to get extra raffle tickets. Tom tried to do some math since we were getting close to $1,000 but it still only got to $936.
Joyce Loveday thanked all Rotarians who joined her and Joyce Oubre at their tables for the Clover Park Technical College Scholarship luncheon. They raised $28,000. She also talked about her business trip to New Orleans for the American Association of Community Colleges. She paid $50.
Bryan Christensen suffered a heart-breaking loss in a recent tennis tournament. He had an easy set point and he tripped into the net. Since you can’t touch the net, they lost the point. He paid $10.
Teresa Nye – ratted on herself because she was sure someone had seen the article on her husband, Chris Nye in the local University Place paper. He talked about the City Council and it included his picture. She paid $25.
John Munn and his production manager, Debbie Armstrong, talked about summer camp sponsorship. Instead of individual scholarships you can support a camp. Pamphlets were on the tables. $25 for the announcement.
Jim read a resignation letter from Ken Sharp. At this time Ken is now working full time and the new office is opening in Puyallup. In addition he is a busy father and his own father is ill.  When his life changes, he hopes to return to the club.
This Week's Speakers:  Clover Park High School DECA advisor Kitti Wheeler and 3 students involved in DECA, Madison Dow, CP President, Briana Renay – CP Treasurer, and Johnathan Wilson – WA state President and Lakes High school DECA member.
DECA has been around for 70 years. 215,000 participants, 3500 chapters. WA has 12,000 participants, 3rd largest in the nation.
There are several parts to DECA, which helps develop high school students for future business opportunities.  There are competitive events for the Individual, Written, Sales, Community Service, Team Event, Online stock Market and Online Personal Finances.
They can compete locally, state conference, and regional conferences.
They also run a Student Based Enterprise (SBE). At Clover Park High School, they have a new mobile store which will have a permanent location next year. They do all the ordering, sales, marketing and expense reports, etc.  Lakes already has a store and earns about $500 a day. They sell retail, food, and apparel. They have their own heat press to do apparel. 
Clover Park High School has started designing plaques and other gifts that can be ordered for anyone or business. Handouts were distributed.
Several Rotarians offered ideas and even a cash register.  We can volunteer to work with them or donate to the program.  Kitti’s contact information is or phone number 253-583-5500 ext. 6107.
Raffle Drawing:  Marie Barth got a shot at winning the $936 but no luck. She pulled the 5 of diamonds.
Ed. Note: There was no photograph of Marie Barth drawing a non-winning card.  But speaking of Marie, your editor recently had the opportunity to renew his vehicle registration on the State's web site, and he was surprised to see an unknown tax added to the total.  It is literally an unknown tax, listed only as "T.B.D. Lakewood".  Is this like a baseball player being traded for a "player to be named later". 
And what does T.B.D. stand for in this case?  To Be Determined?  Taxes Be Difficult?  Taking Big Deduction?  Twenty Bucks Dude?
And now, for the notes from the
May 10 Meeting, Rotary Club of Clover Park
Notes recorded by Bonnie Kern
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order by President Jim Hairston. Alice Peeples provided the invocation. Rick Ring led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
There were no visiting Rotarians or guests.
Tom McClellan announced future programs. 
May 17 – CPTC President Joyce Loveday on Clover Park Technical,
May 24 – Stephanie Walsh – Historical Landmark Commission
May 31 – Gen Simmons, Washington Military Resource Media
Dave Cotant reminded us that on Saturday, May 12 is our clean-up project at Tyee Elementary.  The work will begin at 9:00 a.m. and should be finished by noon.  Please bring gardening gloves, gardening tools, and raingear.
The Lakewood Rotary is celebrating reaching $1M in donations to the Foundation with a dinner at Tacoma Country Club on Friday evening, May 12.  The cost for the dinner is $100 and attire is formal.  If you are interested in attending, contact a Lakewood Rotarian.
Bryan Christensen reported on the recent training for incoming officers.
Judge Susan Adams  is our newest member – she transferred to the Clover Park Rotary from Tacoma 8.  Susan is the Lakewood Municipal Judge and was also our speaker for the day.
President Jim read a letter from the Clover Park School district superintendent thanking us for the roses we presented to administrative professionals at 14 schools on Administrative Professional’s day.
Fun and Fines
with General Ed, assisted by newest red badger Judge Susan Adams
Clarke Thompson will check with his banker to make arrangements to pay off his outstanding Wachter.
Tom McClellan returned from a 7-night trip to New York City and West Point for his 35th reunion.  Tom paid $50.00 for the trip and the West Point lacrosse team’s win over Notre Dame.
Tom Faubion stood in honor of being in the presence of a Judge.   He described his recently acquired, $700.00 used car.  He paid $50.00 to the club for the purchase of the car.
Rick Ring and his wife returned from a Viking River Cruise on the Rhein River in Germany, and contributed $250.00 – and $2.00 for not signing in.
Heidi Wachter was recognized for recruiting judges to our club.  Heidi confessed to having been thrust into the role of courtroom prosecutor, due to a staffing shortage in the office she supervises.  She elaborated that this episode revealed her as being out of practice in courtroom demeanor, which Judge Adams gently guided her through, and Heidi paid $5.00.
Georgene Mellom returned from a Grand Circle Lines cruise on the Rhine river at the same time as Rick Ring.  Georgene donated $100.00 to the Foundation and $100.00 to the club.
Alice Peeples’ granddaughter graduated from high school and won the Louis Armstrong jazz award for her saxophone play, plus 5 additional academic scholarships.   Alice covered the fine with a Wachter.
Sheri Hodson did not get the notes for last week’s meeting to Tom in a timely manner, and paid $5.00 for the oversight.  She also paid $2.00 for ratting on the board for not having a quorum at the last scheduled meeting.  But General Ed was strangely disinclined to take the absent board members to task for their absences. 
This Week’s Program   
Newest member Judge Susan Adams spoke to us about the Lakewood municipal court which serves Lakewood, University Place, Steilacoom and DuPont.  Judge Adams succeeded Grant Blinn, another Clover Park Rotarian, in this position.   One of her past positions was with the domestic violence unit and later became involved in the creation of the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center (CJFJC).  Susan was the director of that center from 2005 until her recent appointment to the Lakewood Municipal Court. [ed. note: Nadia Van Atter from the CJFJC will be our guest speaker on June 28.]
The municipal court handles misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors and civil infractions.  In 2016 there were a total of 26,394 case filings.
Projects in the hopper for 2017 -
  • Implementation of O Court, which is an electronic documents system to more efficiently manage the court’s work.  The documents are available in many languages and only the items that pertain to a specific case are printed to make compliance more manageable.
  • Opportunities for community service work crew expansion is the result of revising the code of who can be included in a work crew.
  • Veterans Court was established in 2016 and is unique to most courts.  It draws on a specialized team to assist veterans who can benefit from a different array of services than the typical criminal justice system.
Drawing:  Raffle is for $1,002 - .  Georgene Mellom had the winning ticket and drew a 3.  So the pot grows. 
And Finally...
Judge Adams made no mention of the specific types of cases she has heard.  No war stories about imaginative defense strategies, etc..  So we wonder how she would grapple with this gentleman if he made it into her courtroom: