Posted by Tom McClellan on May 03, 2018
Important lesson: Don't send General Ed to the wrong address
Meeting Notes of the May 2 meeting
of the Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by David Cotant
Edited by Tom McClellan
Call to Order: Pres. Elect Heidi Wachter 12:27 
Invocation: Jeannie Hill
Flag Salute: Jim “Tank” Hairston
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians: None
Introduction of Visitors:
   Les Skelly: Former Charter Member
   Lisa Blevins, a guest of Marie Barth
   Ingrid Willis, wife of Fred Willis
   Melisa Moss, our guest speaker
Sunshine Report: Nothing known to Report
District Leadership Training Assembly:  A Food Packing event on Thursday, May 3, 2018 kicks off the conference, followed by classes on Friday and inspiring talks Saturday, along with Installation of District Governor Saturday Evening. Pres Elect Heidi and Dave Hall will be attending.
Golf Tournament: Jim Hairston.  Next week we will have a “rollout” of the upcoming tournament.  Tournament will be August 4th. Veteran’s Golf Course.
Rose Sale:  Please Email Karen Fengler Nichols at with your time and day of Rose Sale Volunteer hours for Packing, Delivering, or other efforts.  Secretary Karen needs to report these type efforts to the District Office.
Clover Park Tech College: Joyce Loveday. 75th Anniversary Gala. May 19, 2018, 5:00 pm.  Also a Fund Raiser for Student Emergency Fund:  Joyce invites all CPRC members to sit with her.  Register online at
Crime Stoppers: Bob Lawrence. Lakewood Playhouse: Little Shop of Horrors. June 6th, 6:00 pm  Fund   Raiser for money to pay Rewards for Information, Children at Need (packets for young children that police must take into custody because of adults poor decisions, Foster Children packages, and etc.  Bob will have tickets soon.
Summer-Fest Triathlon: Heidi Wachter.  Volunteers will be needed to help with the Triathlon July 2nd.   Heidi will have more information on this later.  Do we want to have a large group, to perhaps staff a water stop or registration table?
President’s Moment: Today’s Trivia (Not Trivial)  On this day, May 2, in 2011 Osama Bin Laden was located and killed by US Troops.
Installation Banquet is on the evening of June 20th.  Everyone be there.  Look for more details soon.
Fun and Fines: Gen Ed Trobaughwas assisted by Riley Wyatt.
Birthdays: Ann Winters.  She has avoided us for a month or so; she got a new house, and had a birthday.  $75.00.  Also Rick Ring. More than 50 = $50.00
Anniversary: Becky Newton.  33 years (she was evidently married at age 5) $ 33.00
Wachters:  John Munn.  His Anniversary and Son’s 10th birthday.  $ 40.00
Rotary Rat:  Karen George has enrolled and accepted into the Bachelor Degree Program at Pierce College in Homeland Security.  [ed. note: This actually does NOT mean that she will be learning to install alarm systems in your house and yard.]  Marie Barth paid $2.00
Bob Lawrence sold Roses to Rep. Dick Muri, which Ed was tasked to deliver.  Wrong address, so Ed delivered to wrong woman. Additional irony: Dick Muri was a navigator in the US Air Force, whose job it was to tell pilots like Bob where to go.  $20.00
Heidi Wachter had family crimes to report:  Daughter Kathryn is a figure skater who had her first competition.  The results:
Synchronized Team Skate: 1st Place (theirs was the only entry, but still…)
Required Strokes and Maneuvers: 1st Place
Individual Skate: 1st Place. 
And daughter Abby was picked to play Little Red Riding Hood in theatre production.  Total $ 50.00
Karen Fengler Nichols: Trip to Phoenix to visit Joe’s mother.  5 nights, $ 40.00
Marie Barth:  Guest Lisa Blevins is a longtime friend, “She’s like my daughter”.  $ 2.00 for not paying for her guest’s lunch, even though all parties asserted that Marie had “tried”. 
Riley Wyatt: Moving to Anacortes (his wife has a new job).  Today is his last Rotary Meeting with CPRC.  We will work to transfer his membership to an Anacortes club.  It has been great to have Riley as part this club, and we are sorry to see him leave.  Good Luck in all future endeavors. 
Tom McClellan found some ink on finemaster Ed Trobaugh, which you can read at  But Ed sniveled about it all being related to events of 15 years ago, when he was inducted into his hometown’s Hall Of Legends, and thus he declared himself immune from fines about new ink on it.  So now a precedent has been established, and the old principle of “ink is ink” no longer applies. 
This Week's Speaker:  Melissa Moss: Nativity House
Melisa was born and grew up in Tacoma (Wilson High School).  When her Coast Guard Spouse left the service he became a Washington State Patrol Officer, and they returned to Tacoma.
She works for Catholic Community Services, where she started in Family Behavioral Health, and now has been the Director of Nativity House for 2 years.  She shared personal family stories that made her work at Nativity House even more personal and important to her.
Nativity House is a Day Shelter at 702 South 14th Street, serving more than 4,000 meals per day.  It has many programs for the homeless which include Case Managers, Mental Health Professionals, Health Services thru SeaMare Health, Substance Abuse Programs, The Clothing Closet, Daily Meaningful Activities (such as Gardening, Paint Tacoma Beautiful, a running program, and race participation.  A Tacoma Police Officer runs with the group.), and a Bike Building Program.  No one under the age of 18 y/o without a responsible adult is allowed to be in the Nativity House because they would be at risk of abuse.  There are other programs available and the under 18 y/o are referred.
Nativity House also has night time beds for a limited number of guests.  Evening meals are mainly for the night time guests.  The Overnight Shelter is staffed at all times.
The Stability Center is the big white tent with 60 indoor privacy tents and some outdoor pallet tents to provide shelter on a more extended basis.  This is a program in contract with the City of Tacoma which provides the tents and other services.  All people are welcome as long as they don’t use drugs on premises, don’t physically abuse other guests, and are respectful of others in the shelter.
Nativity House, being part of Catholic Community Services, works with CCS to get people into more permanent housing and long term clean lifestyle programs.  There is regular co-ordination with Tacoma Police and other agencies.
Melissa shared some of the stories of people who come to Nativity House.  Stories that are hard to believe and some are horrible.  Not all homeless people are there by choice, and many cannot get up and out of their situation with the proper help and encouragement.  Many people, who have needed to use Nativity House, and have gotten themselves clean and into better living situations, often come back to the Nativity House to volunteer.  They know how important Nativity House was to them, that being with the staff and guests of Nativity House helps to keep them straight, and they enjoy “giving back”.
Nativity House helps to Give People Their Lives Back.
Raffle:  Karen George picked a Joker [from the deck, that is], and won $20.00. 
Adjournment: 1:30 pm
And Finally…  Some great headlines.
With this headline about a City Manager, it would have been really great if they had a picture.  Hopefully his head is okay.
And you know that the headline writers at this paper had to be patting themselves on the back for this headline:
Last, some headlines just seem to write themselves: