Posted by Tom McClellan on May 22, 2017
The one where we found out what TBD means.  Its meaning up until now was still to be determined.
Meeting called to order by President Jim Hairston, once again another on-time start.  Tom McClellan provided the invocation.  Charlie Maxwell led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Bryon Christiansen introduced visiting Rotarian Charlie from Gig Harbor North – a 37 year member.
Joyce Loveday introduced Chris Goodman and Michele Barre - today’s speakers,  Rick Ring introduced Sean Schoenfeldt, the principal of Tyee Park Elementary and Ellie Carr introduced her son Gavin.
No sunshine report today.
Tom McClellan announced future programs. 
May 24 – Stephanie Walsh – Historical Landmark Commission
May 31 – Gen Simmons, Washington Military Resource Media
June 7 – Stephen Tibbitts, Maker Spaces, Prototyping, and Invention
President Jim reminded us of the board meeting on Friday, May 19 at 7:30 at Carr’s.
Sheri Hodson announced the upcoming Installation Banquet on Wednesday, June 21 at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club. Cocktails begin at 6:00 and dinner is served at 7:00.  This is a chance for us to thank the outgoing officers and welcome the incoming officers for our club.  Please plan to attend this all-club event.  We will be taking reservations beginning with next Wednesday’s meeting.  You can bring your payments ($50 cash or check, or $53 for credit card) to Sheri at the May 24 meeting.  [ed. note: Past-President Ray Fraley liked to refer to the Installation Banquet as the only meeting of the year at which attendance is mandatory.]
President Jim read a letter from Debra Armstrong of the Lakewood Theater, thanking us for including her in our meeting.
Dave Cotant reported on our clean-up project at Tyee Elementary on Saturday, May 13.  8 Rotarians, 10 teachers, and the principal cleaned portions of the building and the building’s sign, trimmed up trees and shrubs, and barked several areas to improve the school’s appearance.  The teachers prepared a board with thank you notes for the club. Principal Sean Schoenfeldt described the needs of students of Tyee – generally students who come from needy families.  He thanked us for the back packs, the Spaghetti Feed and the recent cleanup of the school.
Ellie Carr reminded us that Saturday, May 20 is the EFN Hunger Walk from 8:00 – Noon at Ft. Steilacoom Park.  We will be running two of the water stations.
Alan Billingsley reported that the Park Board is meeting to discuss how service club signs are displayed and how they might better be displayed and maintained in the future.  ed. note: this is for service club signs, and not about signs like this one:
Fun and Fines with General Ed
assisted by newest red badger Judge Susan Adams
General Ed called on club members John Unfred and Judge Adams to take care of any sign problems.
Randy Black celebrated his 36th anniversary – all happy years.  He reported on the projects that have kept him busy and contributed $50.00 toward his Paul Harris.
Paul Webb paid $6.00 to redeem his Wachter.
Marie Barth was grilled concerning the city's new vehicle registration tax, using the initials “TBD”, which apparently doesn’t mean “to be determined” but rather Transportation Benefit District.  Marie and Charlie Maxwell each contributed $20.00 to cover this and Tom McClellan, who started all of this in last week’s newsletter, paid Marie’s fine as a goodwill gesture.
Sydna Koontz returned from 4 months on Maui and contributed $200.00 for missing the Rose Sale and other fund raisers.
Visiting Rotarian Charlie from Gig Harbor North was offered a chance to make a contribution to the club with a $2.00 fine.
General Ed reported some ink on Clover Park Technical College that appeared in the Suburban Times.  The report described students with military backgrounds who completed classes and degrees – no fine to Joyce Loveday.
General Ed’s granddaughter graduated from Oklahoma City University and is enrolled in the law program at the University of Oklahoma, en route to hopefully becoming a JAG officer in the (sigh) US Air Force.  General Ed paid $50.00 to celebrate.
This Week's Program
Joyce Loveday introduced Chris Goodman (instructor) and Michele Barre (program developer) who reported on the Brownfield Remediation Instruction Program at Clover Park Technical College. 
The EPA has provided grant money for this program for several years.  Students learn to assess and remediate brown fields.  Brownfield and superfund sites are similar – each describes hazardous sites that need remediation.   The skills students learn lead to a hazmat and other certifications that make them very employable.  Instructor Chris Goodman described several of the specific classes that are offered.  Michele shared a number of training photos – showing students in various real life simulations. 
Drawing:  Raffle is $1080.  John Unfred had the winning number and pulled a 7 and won $5.00.  So now we are down to 19 cards in the deck, of which 3 are aces.
And Finally...  Maybe someone who has studied architecture can explain how this is possible:
Perhaps the sign guy who did that one also did this sign: