Posted by Tom McClellan on May 18, 2018
Water, water everywhere, which Randy hopes you'll drink.
Notes from Rotary meeting May 16th, 2018
Recorded by Dave Hall, edited by Tom McClellan
Guests: Randy Black brought Lakewood Water District staffers Bobby Gaskin and Sandy Rae; Karl Roth brought Mike Voltz (new WPFD Operations Chief); Fred Willis brought his wife, Ingrid.  And Riley Wyatt brought his baby daughter Annie Joy, and he even let Teresa Nye hold the baby for a while (babies are pretty fun, most of the time).
Visiting Rotarians: Jim Sharp and Dave Coleman, Lakewood Rotary
Invocation: Randy Black.  Pledge of Allegiance: Karl Roth
Sunshine Report: None (If you know of any, please get word to Jeannie Hill or Alice Peeples.
President-Elect Heidi requested a moment of silence in honor of Dr. Claudia Thomas, former Mayor of Lakewood, and much respected civic leader, who passed away recently.  See this News Tribune story about her. 
Heidi provided a Rose Sale Wrap Up:
  • Total Sales: 663 dozen
  • Approximate profit: $11K
  • Lessons Learned: Need to forecast order in January to assure quantity and variety needed; Not everyone is able/willing to participate, due to lengthy time commitment required; NW Floral is still willing to be our supplier, but needs an earlier order (January). They are looking at a temporary cooler to support our sale logistics, since their main cooler is at max capacity with retailer orders.
Heidi solicited member feedback about whether we should keep or jettison the Rose Sale as a major fundraiser. General Ed Trobaugh opined that a former event, CPRI (the acronym originally stood for Clover Park Rotary Invitational), was easy to set up, and all of the equipment used is still on hand in his and Dave Cotant’s garages. Ed recalled the profits as approximately $14K, the event tickets “sold themselves”, and it was a lot of fun.
Other announcements:
  • Installation Dinner: June 20, Tacoma Golf and Country Club; President Bryan will be there to officially hand over the gavel to President-Elect Heidi.  Further details coming soon.
  • Golf Tournament: Tank reported “No Big News” on this front.
  • President’s Moment: Heidi informed the Club that this was “National Sea Monkey Day”; this announcement provided a mixed response of puzzled looks and reminiscent grins, depending on the age of the member.
Future Programs:
  • 5/23: Michael McGavock: Rotary Project; Water Wells in Uganda
  • 5/30: Sue Potter; Nourish Pierce County
  • 6/6: Hilary Franz, State Commissioner of Public Lands
Fun & Fines: 
General Ed returned to his post with renewed vigor, handing out fines with the rapid-fire dexterity of a Vegas casino blackjack dealer:
  • Joy Taylor explained her recent 6-week absence, which involved a Homeric saga of demonic caution tape, a fractured elbow, influenza, and rhinovirus, all of which tried and failed to defeat the indomitable Bellarmine Robotics Team, who qualified for both State and National Championship Tournaments…and for good measure, she disclosed her 22 year wedding anniversary, all of which produced a volunteered $100 fine.
  • Heidi brought her checkbook, and it did have checks in it, to pay off her eponymous Wachter for her offspring’s various outstanding theatrical or sports performances: $52.
  • Randy Black coughed up $50 in honor of his recent anniversary.
  • Bob Lawrence was dinged $5 for being an “Early Leaver”.
  • Gen. Ed used a complex formula related to his recent travels to fine himself $75.
  • Karl Roth and Jim Sharp experienced a furious onslaught of commentary regarding Jim’s business-casual fire chief’s attire, and their collective duty to commemorate the promotion of a new Operations Chief (Mike Voltz), resulting in a 50/50 fine of $40.
  • Alan Billingsley ratted out his absent daughter Ellie Carr for her recent trip to San Diego, since he “got stuck with the grandkids…again”. $2
  • Teresa Nye prepared Gen Ed for a future fine-fest, as her son’s lacrosse team vaulted into the district championships, thanks to a default victory over another high school, which forfeited their scheduled match because it was the night of their prom.
  • In the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” category, Dave Hall came under fire for a typographical error in a Suburban Times article promoting our club's upcoming Golf Tournament. Despite a spirited defense, Dave was eventually forced to surrender his sword, and $10.
This Week’s Program 
Randy Black, General Manager of Lakewood Water District.  See Randy's presentation slides here.
Amount in pot: $287         Winner: Tank Hairston                Card drawn: Ace of Spades!
And Finally...
This is how they do signs in Ireland.
And you have to admire the wit of the sign master at the Indian Hills Community Center.