Posted by Tom McClellan on Mar 09, 2018
Bonnie's back!  And Bryan gets schooled about time management.
Notes from Rotary meeting March 7th, 2018
Recorded by Teresa Nye, edited by Tom McClellan
Visitors: Pauline Adams (Bonnie Boyle’s friend), Bruce Barth, and speaker Georgene Lomax
Visiting Rotarians:  Jim Sharp, Lakewood Club
InvocationAlice Peeples     
Sunshine ReportKaren George reported that Bill Harrison is back with us after suffering from the flu, which led to pneumonia.  And Tom McClellan shared a note from Ben Sclair about his mother, Mary Lou Sclair (wife of our late past president Dave Sclair).  Mary Lou had had spinal surgery which went well, but the recovery was not going well and so she remained in the hospital, hoping to move to transitional care soon. 
Future Programs:
March 14 - Clark Mather, Tacoma Public Utilities
March 21 - Tim Puryear, Asset Manager of Northwest Building (Lakewood's Industrial Park)
March 28 - Club Assembly
Heidi Wachter confessed her transgression of forgetting to hand Gen. Ed his rose sale packet last week.  She apologized and handed it to him with fanfare. 
For every person that handed in a rose order, they received a raffle ticket.  Randy Black drew the ticket and ended up drawing his own! He chose the Pete Rose category:  Question – In what year did ABC World Wide of Sports name him athlete of the year?  Someone was fast with their google app and told him 1985.  The answer was correct and he won a Starbucks card. 
Sheri Hodson announced that thanks to Anne Winters, the rose order forms and the sample letter requesting orders are on the website for all to download and print or email to prospects.  You can find them under documents on the right side of the website.  Randy was asking about some forms and General Ed tells Randy, “If he wasn’t in AZ last week, he’d know all of this.”
Fun & Fines:  Gen. Ed started out about time management problem last week, resulting from Bryan being long-winded and Heidi talking too much about the rose sale.  He said “Bryan really went down the tube.”  He gave Bryan the option of choosing his own penalty and he’ll wait on Heidi because “he’s going to hammer her.”    
Birthdays- Bryan Christensen, Teresa Nye, Marie Barth   
Randy Black – 7days/6 nights in Arizona watching Mariners spring training & went to a professional hockey game. Fine $40   
Dave Hall -  Gen Ed asked him about that bottle of wine he brought in last week – where he got it, where did the proceeds go and why didn’t any profits come to Rotary?  Fined $5 as Rotary’s commission.
Joyce Loveday ratted Joy Taylor out about her Robotic Ice Cream Social.  [ed. note: neither the social nor the ice cream were “robotic”, but it was for her team of students who work on such things.]  130 attended and fun was had by all.  Joyce was impressed by all the kids and parents helping other kids with the robots.  Joy went on to share her past weekend was the 1st official outing with the robotic team to the District Competition in which they took away 6th place, even after the elevator fell off their robot.  Fine $35.
To which we come to Heidi Wachter’s big snafu with the General.  Tom Faubion was awarded the Maryland Paulson Humanitarian award out of over a thousand other attorneys in front of dignitaries at a “big deal event” as Heidi put it.  A couple of supreme court justices and legislators were in attendance.  Clover Park Rotary was never told that this event had even happened.  Heidi took the mic to explain herself and said she had heard “rumblings” that the General was gunning for her.  She didn’t know why.  Gen Ed said Tom didn’t even confess to the award on Heidi’s $5 confession day a couple weeks ago when she was in charge of fun and fines.  Tom spoke on his behalf and said it was a great honor – To receive such an honor was very humbling and he did not want to commit a crime against Rotary by depriving the club of a worthy fine.
In other news, Bonnie Boyle announced this would be her last participating year in the rose sale.  So she auctioned off her account w/Georgia Lomax, our speaker, who regularly buys 16 dozen roses for her staff 16 doz.  Dave Hall purchased that account for $50.  Bonnie told Randy Black of an account he’d always wanted, selling roses to Korsmo Construction, and so Randy matched Dave’s offer of $50 also.
This Week’s Program – Georgia Lomax is the Executive Director of the Pierce County Library System, overseeing a staff of 400 and a multimillion dollar budget.  She had previously been the assistant director, but got promoted to the top job in 2014. 
She spoke of the challenges that libraries face in a digital age, but noted that there is still something special about holding an actual book made of paper.
Raffle – over $800 in the pot and Pam from Carr’s won the ticket, but walked away winning only $5.

And Finally...
In this space, we often feature dogs, but cats should get their due.  So, have you ever noticed that the map of all the continents looks like a cat, who is just playing with Australia?
And any cat owning couple will recognize the truth of this picture: