Posted by Tom McClellan on Mar 30, 2018
Some Assembly Required
Notes from Rotary meeting March 28th, 2018
Recorded by Dave Hall, edited by Tom McClellan
Invocation: Alan Billingsley delivered an Irish Prayer. Pledge of Allegiance: Tank Hairston
Visitors/Guests: Ingrid Willis, wife of Fred; Tom Wie, husband of Judi Maier.
Future Programs:
April 4 - Congressman Denny Heck
April 11 - Mary Forbes, Washington State Dept. of Veterans Affairs
April 18 - Teresa Nye, Wire Fraud Prevention
Heidi’s Rose Trivia: Dave Hall won today’s contest, with a question about Pete Rose’s worst year as a player.
President Bryan read letter of appreciation from Tacoma Youth Chorus for the grant we gave them to cover scholarships. 
Alan Billingsley accepted the club’s donation of $500 for Young Life Camp scholarship.
Fun & Fines: 
Assisted by longest Red Badge holder in history of RI, Judge Susan Adams!
Rick Ring celebrated his 29th wedding anniversary, plus travel: $200
Wachters collected from Pres Bryan, Heidi, Riley, Joy.
Charlie Maxwell attempted to rat out Susan Adams for gathering member signatures during the meeting: $2.  Susan evaded, noting that she had NOT passed around her member roster during the meeting.
Sydna Koontz: Wachter for Maui
Tank Hairston: Oahu, 20 nights.
Tom McClellan: Weekend trip to Alaska for skiing/skeet shooting with a West Point classmate: $20
Sheri Hodson: Crime Against Rotary: late meeting notes for last week's meeting. $5
Teresa Nye: Late=$2 
Tom Faubion: Disclosed an award, but suggested no fine was appropriate. Tom won the Diamond Award from the Back Country Horseman’s Association of WA; negotiation ensued to allow Tom to stand and speak.  Marie Barth paid $35 to enable this; Tom did speak eloquently, overriding Gen Ed’s proposed levy of a $2 fine for ratting upon himself, contributing $100.
Gen Ed launched into a soliloquy regarding PE Heidi’s most recent club email, interpreting it to mean that Heidi was hosting/paying for everyone’s lunch.  Heidi adroitly parried Gen Ed’s assertion, pointing out that a meal payment to Carr’s Restaurant wouldn’t go into the General Fund, and thus was outside of his purview as finemaster. Gen Ed acquiesced graciously.  [ed. note: That’ll learn him for picking at a point of semantics or rhetoric with an attorney.]
This Week’s Program: Club Assembly 
Heidi shared some insights from the recent President Elect Training Seminar (PETS), including a video from a past president of the Bellevue Rotary Club about what attracted him to join, and how we can try to work that magic for others.  He noted that if he had not been brought into Rotary, if he had instead decided not to give it a try, his life would not be as rich as it has been.  So when we don’t reach out to people who really ought to become members, we are depriving them. 
Heidi passed out some preference forms, asking members to let her know areas of preference for committee service, and also other suggestions for how we can be a better club.  During Heidi’s year as president, which is going to get a bit of an early start thanks to President Bryan’s job change, committees will be strengthened and expected to function in a more organized way.  Time will be devoted to committee meetings during club meetings.
Joy Taylor shared briefly about our club’s progress toward its Rotary Foundation fundraising goal.  Members and others who wish to inquire about their own giving status can talk to Joy, and she will get you the answers.
Ed Trobaugh briefly discussed our club’s new fundraiser, the Aug. 4 golf tournament at the American Lake Veterans Golf Course.  Our club has already made a commitment to “sponsor” a hole, and in return we get publicity at that hole’s sign board, and the right to hold fundraiser golf tournaments for several years into the future.  As that Aug. 4 date gets closer, it will be important for members to help book foursomes or individuals so that we fill up all 144 positions.
Raffle: With $979 in the pot, we had a winner: Chef Scott Coles of Carr’s drew an Ace
And Finally...
Bike lanes can be important traffic control features.  But sometimes you have to wonder about the municipal workers who design, label, and otherwise organize them.  Perhaps it would help if they actually rode bikes themselves. 
But then again, the bike lane marker dudes have nothing on the hand rail installers: