Meeting Notes, March 18, 2015
Notes taken by Sydna Koontz, with editing by Jim Hairston
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Meeting Notes, March 18, 2015
Notes taken by Sydna Koontz, with editing by Jim Hairston
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Meeting Notes, March 25, 2015

Notes taken by Sydna Koontz, with editing by Tom McClellan

Only 12 more meetings to go in Sheri's year as President!

President Sheri Hodson called the meeting to order precisely at 12:30 pm.  She reminded members that we currently have only one portable mike and to share it today.  The club will be purchasing a new PA system.  Joyce Oubre has donated $450 to cover half the expense.  A HUGE thanks to Joyce.
Jeannie Hill provided the invocation.  Rick Ring led us in the flag salute.  Joyce Oubre introduced the following visiting Rotarians:  Debbie Ranniger from Rotary 8, Debbie Lebeau and Kim Prentice from Lakewood Rotary.
Marie Barth introduced her guests Joethel Smith, retired teacher and chair of the Martin Luther King Celebration for the last 13 years, and Phil Raschke, retired military and on the Arts Fest Committee.  Karen Fengler-Nichols introduced her mother, Kay, as her guest.
April 1 - Our own Joyce Loveday will enlighten us on her experiences at the PETS Conference (President Elect Training Seminar), and also the DLTA (District Leadership Training Assembly).
April 8 - Psychologist Thomas Dowd will speak on Mindfulness Meditation.
April 15 - Neena Viel will share about what is happening at Big Brothers Big Sisters
Bonnie Boyle had no report, but Sheri thanked everyone who attended the Lorax production, the EFN Spring Break Bag packing (100 volunteers packed 1500 bags).
Karen Fengler-Nichols reported that Bob Lawrence's new knee is responding nicely.  Chris Carr's father died last week.  Alan Billingsley's mother-in-law fell and so he and Debbie were currently taking her to the hospital.  Choi Halladay's 89 year old mother fell and injured her spine.  She is in a long-term care facility.  Please keep all of these people in your prayers.
Joyce Loveday gave an update on the Rose Sale.  Sales are going well.  Friday is the last day  to choose pink and yellow roses.  Email Joyce by Friday if you desire these two colors.  Joyce thanked Georgene who has been collecting envelopes at the sign in table each week.  Joyce also announced that the District Leadership meeting will be in Centrailia this weekend, March 27 and 28.  Teresa, Jim, Karen and Joyce will be attending.
Sheri reported that there will be two Rotary booths (4th and 15th tees) at the U.S. Open in June.  She will be attending a meeting to get more information.  If you would like to work the booths, please let her know.  No cost to you if you volunteer to work.
Don Sosnowski congratulated the club for surpassing their Foundation goal by $300 and the year isn't over yet!  He reminded members the mission of the Foundation is to empower Rotarian Humanitarian needs around the world.  It was started in 1917 and was officially named the Rotary Foundation in 1928.  The first beneficiary was made to the International Society of Crippled Children later known as Easter Seals.  To become a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF),  a member must contribute $1,000.  After the first award a member can earn a PHF + 1.  Don then recognized Randy Black who received his PHF + 1 pin.  Don also recognized the following members who have received Honorary PHF + 8:
            Bonnie Kern
            Tom Faubion
            Georgene Mellom
Charlie Maxwell began by telling a story which was not part of TTAAL, but had particular meaning.  Charlie had lost a long time buyer of roses due to his law firm reorganizing, but one of his other "customers" increased his rose order by the same number that was lost to the attorney.  This second customer told Charlie he was so impressed with what Rotary was doing he wanted to give $15,000 to purchase one of the special vehicles for the Wounded  Warrior Program.  Charlie was going to make it happen!
  1.  Charlie began his recycling career in 1953.
  2.  In 1958 Charlie was the Washington State Rabbit judging Champion.
  3.  2005 Charlie was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame.
#1 was true.  Charlie and his buddies would collect beer bottles from behind the local tavern.  Frequently they would find money (bills) inside the bottles.
#2 was true.  Charlie was a member of the local 4-H club and he won the coveted title!
#3 was sort of a lie.  He was not inducted into the Hall of Fame until 2011.
Next week we will finally hear from Heidi Wachter.
Rick Ring helped General Ed by collecting the money.  General Ed confessed to an overnight in Portland.  He and Pam attending a concert by the West Point Glee Club at the Tiger Woods Event Center.  That Glee Club was once made up of only men (much like Rotary).  Now, however, there are 20 women and 60 men in the club, and Ed pointed out that the women more than held their own, despite their lesser number.  Ed contributed $20 for the event and $5 for overnight.
Tom Faubion ratted on Marie Barth.  Because Tom was at the registration table, selling raffle tickets, he was privy to two guests arriving.  Unfortunately, their Rotary host was late, and the guests ended up paying for their own lunches.  Bonnie Boyle, as greeter, also observed the debacle.  Tom was fined $2, as was Bonnie.  But before a fine could be levied on Marie, General Ed called on Sydna Koontz, who stated she and Corky were downsizing and they'd just bought a home.  When asked who her realtor was, she confessed it was Marie.  When asked where the new home was located, she confessed to being a neighbor of General Bill Harrison.  Marie lamented that she had no money and would take a Wachter.  General Ed will deal with General Harrison next week.
Choi Halladay reported on a trip to Nashville, but first offered up a quote, "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."  So first his flight was canceled to Nashville.  While lamenting his story to a guy in the bar, Choi discovered he was from Puyallup.  The next day his mother fell, and Choi had to arrange a quick return trip.  His flight on the Denver to Seattle leg was delayed, and he learned that the plane he was on was the same plane that flew from Washington DC to Denver where a passenger was arrested for being unruly.  And then yesterday while Choi was shopping, a car jumped the curb and crashed into the store!  The good news -- Choi was only fined $20 for his misfortune!
Karen Fengler-Nichols contributed some happy bucks because her granddaughter turned sweet sixteen.
Tom McClellan introduced Debbie LeBeau, Superintendent of Clover Park School District.  In 1996 she came to the district as a Special Education Coordinator.  She is an Air Force wife and a graduate of both Gonzaga and EWU.
Back to school for this academic year was on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2014
  • Started school early before Labor Day to provide more instructional time -- not related to US Open
  • Current K-12 enrollment 12,285
  • Two new schools on JBLM
  • 10 of the 56 administrators were new this year
  • 133 new teachers (out of 927 total certificated staff in district)
About CP School District
  • 68% free and reduced lunch
  • 927 certificated staff, 670 support
  • 24 schools
  • 43% federally connected students (due to JBLM)
School Board's Five Priorities
  • Improve student achievement in elementary and secondary schools
  • Engage parents and other community stakeholders
  • Communicate fiscal responsibilities and effective resource stewardship
  • Emphasize student conduct to create a supportive learning environment for students and employees
  • Improve staff retention, recruitment and performance
Highlights of success
  • Outstanding growth at Tillicum Elementary (where 91% students on free and reduced lunch and 19% are learning English as a second language -- 4th and 5th grade math and reading and 5th grade science up significantly)
  • Southgate, Oakwood and Lakeview Elementary significant improvement
  • On JBLM, Beachwood, Carter Lake, Clarkmoor, Evergreen rated TOP performing schools on MSP (Measures of Student Progress, the state's assessment for grades 3-8)
  • District 8th graders passing algebra was a 94+%
  • Hudtloff and Harrison Prep were TOP performing schools
  • CP high school, grade 10 (reading improved +12, biology improved +18)
  • Lakes high school, grade 9 (geometry improved +24), grade 10 (geometry improved +33)
What's New?
  • Two new elementary schools opened
  • Received new state funding
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment - all online
  • Harrison Prep - IB diploma approved, so now CPSD is the first district in the state to offer the IB curriculum in all grades K-12.  Others are working on it, but CPSD is first. 
  • Added career and technology education programs to both high schools -- certified nursing assistant (CNA) program at Clover Park High School, in partnership with Clover Park Technical College, and a Sports Medicine program at Lakes High School in partnership with Pierce College.
Recent Celebrations
  • Tillicum's Title I Awards (State Office of Public Instruction recognizes schools that have made significant progress in the state assessments) - only school in Pierce County to receive award
  • Three Schools of Distinction (Beachwood, Oakwood and Tillicum)
  • Thirteen new National Board Certified Staff
  • Board of Directors named Board of Distinction by the State School Directors Association
  • Lakes High School graduate of 2008 - Jerome Kearse (who recently was a reading volunteer at Tillicum Elementary)
  • Idlewild Elementary was authorized as an International Baccalaureate program -- Pierce County's first elementary school to receive program
Capital Projects
  • Harrison Prep (opened January 2015) and Four Heroes Elementary (opens Sept. 2015)
  • Meriwether and Rainier opened on JBLM
  • Beachwood opening Sept. 2015 on JBLM
  • Evergreen ground breaking this summer
Enrollment Capacity
  • Boundary adjustments were needed for several elementary schools
  • Consolidating Southgate and Oakwood (combined enrollment was 739 in May 2009; grew to 1014 in January 2015, thus disrupting the original consolidation plan)
  • Impacted schools:  Four Heroes (Southgate and Oakwood), Lakeview, and Park Lodge
Transitioning to new schools
  • Transferring students have already visited Lakeview and Park Lodge.  Family events planned.  Four Heroes students will visit their new campus later this spring.
  • CP Rotary's involvement with Southgate?  Lebeau mentioned that because there will be a Southgate wing that will house Early Learning Center, club might consider "adopting" this much needed part of student learning.
RAFFLE: Tom Faubion announced the raffle jackpot is $332.  General Ed had the lucky ticket number, but did not draw an ace.