Whose Cell Phone was That Anyway!!
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order by President Joyce Loveday.
Invocation given by Alan Billingsley.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Karl Roth.
Visiting Rotarians:
Dr. Kathleen Davis – Ballard Rotary and guest speaker; Charlie Thompson – Tacoma South
Today’s Guests: Bruce Barth, former CP Rotarian and guest of Marie Barth; Hazel Billingsley our youngest Rotarian
Future Programs:
3/09/2016 – Charlie Maxwell, Solid Waste and Recycling
3/16/2016 – Colonel Leonard Kosinski, Commander 62nd Air Wing
3/23/2016 – Julie Anderson – 2016 Elections, Structure & Events
Sunshine Report – No reported illnesses
Visiting Rotarian Charlie Thompson – informed us that St. Vincent DePaul is celebrating its 90th Birthday this month.  He invited us all to drop by and visit anytime. 
Jim Hairston – participated in the Pacific Northwest President-Elects Training Seminar held in the city of SeaTac, WA over the weekend. He reported that the event was both very educational and fun.  He met many Rotarians, attended some awesome training and heard some inspiring speakers.
Jim Hairston – also announced that next Wednesday Mar 9th will mark our Annual Rose Sale kick-off and asked everyone to consider how many sales they make this year as we work to sell 1000 dozen roses.
Anne Winters - has graciously offered her time and expertise to update the club website and re-create the club Facebook page.  Stay tuned for the official announcement that the Facebook site is open for use.  Way to go Anne.  Thanks from everyone. 
President Joyce also thanked Judi Maier for the multitude of hours spent bringing the website up to date and maintaining it for many years, and Tom McClellan for his many contributions toward operating and maintaining the website.
[Ed. Note: Anne has already made a big revision to the design of our web site, and it looks wonderful.  More changes are coming, but go take a look at www.cloverparkrotary.org]
President Joyce – reminded the club of upcoming commitments:
  • March 15 – Tyee Park Dinner Feed   5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • March 26 – EFN Break Bag Repack    12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
  • March 21st - Communities in Schools will recognize CP Rotary as a $3,000.00 donor this year during a Breakfast at Tyee Park Elementary School
  • April 16 – Area Beautification and clean-up at Tyee Park Elementary
  • April 21st – Rotaract Organizing Committee meeting
  • April 23 – Parks Appreciation Day (announcement soon about our involvement)
  • March 9 thru April 20 – Rose Sale
  • April 25 thru 27 – packaging and delivery of roses
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Joy Taylor assisting)
Alice Peeples and Jeanie Hill – provided 2 tickets to auction for a Chamber Ensemble that will be performed at the Tacoma Symphony.  Clark Thomson won the bid. $55.
Bonnie Boyle - closed the same of her house and is now a temporary tenant in that very same house.  $100.  
Bryan Christensen - celebrated his “one year over the magic number” birthday.
Bruce Barth – ratted on Marie Barth for a belated birthday.  Marie had her turn for unrevealed revenge. The “look” given Bruce was priceless as she took the opportunity to buy back her “lost” cell phone for $65.
Jim Hairston – payed for his 3 nights attending the President-Elect Training Seminar. $20.
John Munn – fined $10 for an article printed in local media.
President Joyce - was fined $20 for missing last week’s meeting while participating on a committee that made a decision to buy a new twin-engine airplane for the Clover Park Technical College aviation pilot training program.
Joy Taylor – Paid $20 delivering a shameless plug for her Bellarmine Robotics Team and their upcoming competition in Auburn.  She also implicated Sheri Hodson’s son on making the “Drive Team” for which Sheri paid $10, with a promise to pay more if the Team makes higher competitions during the coming year.
Early Departures – Rick Ring. $5.
Today’s Program:
Dr. Kathleen Davis, a retired Physician and member of District 5030. She is currently a member of the Ballard Rotary Club gave a presentation  on water projects in Guatemala.  She began work on this type project while serving as a member of the Vashon Island Club, and continued to pursue her passion when she moved to the club in Ballard.  The presentation covered the Teams work to accomplish the trio of Water, hygiene/sanitation and education as required by Rotary when these type projects are undertaken.  This specific international grant is part of a $67,000 request.  Ballard rotary is looking for Partners interested in working and contributing to this project.
Raffle Drawing:
Karen George held the winning ticket, but did not draw an Ace. She collected $5.