Are you ready for the infernal equinox?
Meeting notes for March 16, 2016 recorded by Dee Ebsen
Edited by Tom McClellan, who knows that it is really the vernal equinox
The Invocation was given by Alice Peeples and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Heidi Wachter.  All members joined in the Rotary 4-Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians were introduced and welcomed by Charlie Maxwell.  We were happy to greet and welcome Curtis Thiel (Assistant District Governor) from Puyallup South Hill Rotary.     
Visitors were introduced:  Tom McClellan introduced our guest Speaker Col. Leonard Kosinski, and his two associates, Master Sergeant Todd Wivell, and Staff Sergeant Naomi Shipley.  There were no other visitors. 
Future Programs were reviewed by Tom McClellan
March 23, 2016 – County Auditor Julie Anderson with information about the 2016 elections.
March 30, 2016 – John Munn and Jeremy Thompson from Lakewood Playhouse with information about the After School Program.
March 30, 2016 – Melvina Heck from the Korean Women’s Association.
April 6, 2016 – Choi Holliday, with information about Pierce College’s efforts to track student success metrics.
Other Announcements:
  • Karen George was not in attendance therefore we had no “Sunshine Report”, however, Marie Barth did share with everyone that we had “sunshine” today.
  • Curtis Thiel reminded everyone that DLTA was fast approaching (April 1st and 2nd) and would be held in Victoria B.C.Brian Christensen and Jim Hairston are attending.Everyone is encouraged to attend if possible as it is a great time to learn and share experiences with other Rotarians.
  • Joyce Loveday announced that there is a new Rotary Club, Downtown Victoria (BC), and our club will be participating in their support by sending a gift of $100 to help with their initial expenses. 
  • Joyce also reported on Reading Night at Tyee School which was held at the Center Force Building.In addition to all the learning activities, our club served over 200 meals.A special thank you to Ellie and Chris Carr who arranged for all the food donation from their suppliers and coordinated the preparation and serving of the meals.
  • Also, Joyce reminded everyone that the second Break Bag Repack Day will take place on March 26th at EFN from 12:00 to 2:30 p.m.
  • Alan Billingsley has two seats available at the upcoming Communities in Schools Breakfast featuring Jermaine Kearse as guest speaker.  Please see Alan if you are interested in going. 
  • Brian Christensen and Georgene Mellom reminded everyone about the importance of Goal Setting and meeting their commitment to the Rose Sale, one of two major fund raisers for our club which helps raise funds for programs and good causes in the community which will be taking place during our next year.  Brian is looking for volunteers for the 1st packing and preparation of roses for pickup and delivery; volunteers for delivery; and volunteers to visit other Rotary Clubs and promote sales of roses to their members.  He circulated sign-up sheets for all three categories.
  • Joyce reported that as of right now, Charlie Maxwell has not yet turned in any of his customarily large number of rose sale orders, so if you turn orders in today, you will be ahead of him.It has been confirmed by Charlie that he has a goal of 150 dozen roses and to date he has sold 138 dozen roses.
  • Georgene Mellom shared with us the KEY THINGS TO REMEMBER when selling roses:  Set a goal; Make a plan and get a mentor to help you if this is new to you; Contact in person, by letter, e-mail or telephone people you know and are in touch with on a regular basis and ask for the sale; Set a time aside to put your plan into action; Take an hour and “just do it”; Don’t forget to ask for a donation to purchase a dozen roses for the Wounded Warriors.
  • Joyce decided to “Re-Test our Knowledge”
What is our Goal for the number of dozen roses to sell this year?  (1000 dozen)
What is our Goal for the number or dozen roses committed to Wounded Warriors?  (200 dozen)
FUN & FINES with Ed Troubaugh:
  • Ed paid $25 for a trip to Vancouver.
  • (On a side note, Ed suggested incentives for those who don’t sell/buy roses -- Charlie will cut off garbage pickup at your home, and Randy will cut off water service.Also, Ed noted that Sheri could make insurance claims look better when the sale of roses was involved.It seemed that Charlie agreed, however, Randy was very hesitant to agree to any such tactics, and Sheri remained silent.)
  • Curtis Thiel was fined for his Golf Handicap.He was unable to remember if he had one or if he did, what it was, so he decided to pay $20.
  • Ed asked Colonel Kosinski’s associates how many engines were in a C119 – being unsure, he paid $20. (answer 2, on a good day, and one would hope that both would be running long enough to get to jump altitude)
  • Heidi Wachter paid $50 for a WinterPark, Colorado skiing trip $50 (4 days).   For the record she declared that any comparison of names between defendants and rose sales is purely coincidental.
  • Helen McGovern-Pilant paid $100 for a ski trip to Whistler, and another to NYC to meet Marcus Samuelson, who reportedly is some bigwig chef dude.   
GUEST SPEAKER: Col. Leonard Kosinski, commander of the 62nd Air Wing from McChord (JBLM) was introduced by Tom McClellan.
Col Kosinski was warmly received and spoke to us on the topic of service.  He shared with our club what we have in common in so far as serving our community.  He feels all service is done to benefit the community we live in, the country we live in and the world.  All service helps someone else and involves sacrifice.  It involves giving of your time, making a commitment and maybe even sacrificing your life.  He stresses with his units that service contributions make a difference and affect other people’s lives forever.  Military personnel are committed to serving because they believe they can help across the country and the globe.  
Col. Kosinski felt there was a stronger bond with the service personnel at JBLM and Lakewood than at any other base in the United States.  He emphasized his appreciation to everyone and to Lakewood for all they do to make that bond strong and for the camaraderie between the two groups.
The weekly drawing was completed with Helen McGovern holding the lucky raffle ticket; however, she did not draw the lucky “Ace” so walked away with $5. 
Meeting Adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
And finally, some Rock 'n Roll trivia.
1.  When Crosby, Stills, and Nash sang the following: “I’ve been saving all my money, just to take you there, I smell the garden in your hair.”  Where were they singing about taking her?
A. Marrakesh
B. Woodstock
C. A shower (I mean, she had a garden in her hair, so maybe time to wash)
2.  In the song that Dave Barry named The Worst Rock Song of All Time, "MacArthur Park", Richard Harris sang about leaving something or someone out in the rain.  What was it?
A. A cake
B. His mother
C. His lover (that would be something to sing a big song about. Seriously, dude, someone's knocking at the door, somebody's ringing the bell,do me a favor, open the door, and let her in.)
3.  In Elton John’s song Rocket Man, what was the title character doing?
A. Burning out his fuse up here alone.
B. Burning up the room with cheap cologne.
C. Turning out to use a parasol.
D. Squirming on the cover of Rolling Stone (oh, wait, was that Dr. Hook?)
4.  Bad Company insisted that it was “All Right Now”, but still suggested that,
A. Let’s move before the raise the parking rate.
B. Let’s groove in for a rave at Golden Gate.
C. Let’s move before the rain makes me forget (about what I left out in it, dang, was it cake, mother, girlfriend, what?).
D. Let’s move before the Raisins rock ‘n roll (the Raisins were a notoriously bad rock band).
5.  What was Creedence Clearwater Revival worried about?
A. A bad moon on the rise.
B. A bathroom on the right.
C. A ballet shoe too tight.
D. A Bentley on the dike. (or was that a Chevy on the levy?)
6. Who did the Beach Boys sing about, someone who knew just what to do?
A. Take my hand, Barbara Ann
B. Take a van, Bob for rent.
C. Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran (How did they know in 1965 about the 1979 Embassy takeover?)
7. Who did Elton John sing about being in love with, and wanting to hold him closer?
A. A tiny dancer
B. Town of Danzig
C. Tony Danza (ewww!)
8. What song did the sheep rancher play for his sheep that killed his prized ram?
A. Helen Ward’s “You can’t pull the wool over my eyes.”
B. Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs’ “Wooly Bully”
C. Frank Sinatra’s “There’ll never be another ewe.”  (awwww)
Scoring guide: Now seriously, if you need a scoring guide, you must not have done much scoring through the 1960s and 1970s.  Get it? Scoring, as in musical notes? Oh forget it.  All of the correct answers were (A).