Learning what the Lakewood Police Department does
Meeting called to order by President Jim Hairston.  Alan Billingsley provided the invocation. Paul Webb led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were no visiting Rotarians, but one guest was introduced by Tom McClellan - Charles Bailey from Rally Point 6.
No sunshine report today.  But Sheri Hodson reported that former member Kurt Graff is doing well after aggressive cancer treatments.  He sends his regards to all in the club.
Judi Maier updated us on Morgan - our 2002 exchange student from Belgium, who is now 30, has purchased a home, and is doing very well.
Judi also announced that she has purchased a new computer for the club to replace our old one, which is still running Windows Vista (support soon to end), and cannot be upgraded.  The computer will be registered to our club’s 501(c)(3) charity, which will allow us to purchase software at a much reduced price.  With the board’s approval, our old computer will be donated to Bellarmine’s robotics program.
Paul Webb asked everyone complete the attendance surveys that were available at the meeting.  We are looking for information to help increase our membership and attendance at our weekly meetings.
Tom McClellan updated us on the upcoming programs:
April 5 – Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive
April 12 – John Munn, Lakewood Playhouse’s new season of shows
April 19 – Ivy Berger, CareNet of Puget Sound, talking about sex trafficking awareness
Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:
A reminder that June 21 will be our installation banquet so there will be no noon meeting.  Mark your calendars and watch for more details.
The district training assembly and conference will be held May 4-6 at the Clearwater Casino Resort in Suquamish, Washington.  You can learn more about the event and register at www.rotary5020.org.
Bryan Christensen reported on the Rose Sale.  We have ordered 800 dozen roses and have collected money and completed forms for 141. If you want to have your roses delivered, you will need to turn those in one week before the delivery date.  This is our major fundraiser so we need everyone to do his/her part to make it a success.
Joy Taylor reported that the Bellarmine robotics team will compete at Auburn High School this coming Saturday.
Joyce Loveday was presented with her first Paul Harris Fellowship, at the hands of Joy Taylor, chair of the Foundation Committee, and President Jim Hairston.  Joyce received a framed award and a Paul Harris pin.
Fun and Fines with General Ed
assisted by red badger Gennette Simmons.
General Ed paid $20.00 to cover his trip to Arizona, where his wife Pam was fitted with a special orthopedic boot.
Karen Fengler Nichols reported that her granddaughter turned 18 last week and Karen paid $10.00 to celebrate.
Teresa Nye arrived late because she was struggling through the numbers and the Wi-Fi connection to place the club’s rose order to meet the noon deadline -.  She and Rose Sale chair Bryan Christensen spent the entire morning working on the rose sale.  Charlie Maxwell inserted himself into the discussion and recommended they each be fined regardless of their excuse.  As a result Charlie paid $5.00 as did Teresa and Bryan.
Anne Winters paid $2.00 for not having anything to confess.
Joy Taylor paid $5.00 for her announcement of the robotics tournament.
This Week's Program
Tom McClellan introduced club member John Unfred who shared the Lakewood Police Department’s 2016 year-end report. John shared the crime statistics, numbers of traffic accidents and traffic fatalities.
The department now has the capability and authority to do immediate blood draws to determine if someone is suspected of impaired driving.  He shared statistics on use of force, officer involved traffic accidents.  
John also shared information about new hires and promotions inside the department.  In the coming year, the department will be working more closely with Western State Hospital, continuing the implementation of the phlebotomy program and looking into the possibility of acquiring a drone.  Lakewood now has a smartphone app called Lakewood 311 which can be used to send information, pictures, etc. directly to the city.  You can use that to report homeless encampments, graffiti, potholes, road signs fallen down, or other non-emergency pieces of information. 
General Ed commended Tom McClellan for great programs and encouraged better attendance.  Please mark your calendars for future Wednesdays and plan to join us for our great meetings and speakers. 
Raffle Drawing:  Georgene Mellom had the winning ticket and drew a four.
And Finally...  Two things.
First, for some important community news to start the 2nd calendar quarter, see this Suburban Times notice.
And second, in the spirit of that announcement, here is a new information program that Lt. John Unfred's police department will be rolling out in our community, in an effort to cut down on motorists speeding.