It's Rose Sale Time!
Invocation: Jeannie Hill.  Flag Salute:  John Munn.
Visiting Rotarians: None today
Visitors: None today
Sunshine report:  None today
Club Announcements: 
Upcoming speakers
March 8 – Karen Peterson, Editor of the News Tribune
March 15 Rose Stevens from Lakewood Rotary to discuss their Nepal Project
March 22 Dona Ponapinto United Way of Pierce County.
Tyee Spaghetti Dinner - A special thank you to Ellie/Chris of Carr’s and Joyce Oubre and McDonalds for coordinating the donation of food for the dinner. We served about 200 students and their families. Upcoming clean-up day at Tyee in early May. Still coordinating with Rick Ring and the school.
Lakewood PlayhouseJohn Munn gave a special thank you to Carr’s Restaurant and the support of the members who attended Lakewood Playhouse’s Auction. They were very excited to raise $30,000 for the expansion of the Playhouse. They are looking to expand the lobby and first floor bathroom.
Join fellow Rotarians from around Pierce County at the Pierce County 100th Anniversary party for Rotary on March 21st for at Hotel Murano. Ticket Prices are $35.
Fun and Fines:  
Heidi Wachter had advised Jim that she and General Ed would not be in attendance. There was no Alan Billingsley. So Marie Barth was asked to be the fine master and she said yes.
John Munn got fined $5.00 for the success of the Lakewood Playhouse Auction announcement. He took the time to thank General Bill and Karen George for being an Auction item – dinner with General Bill and 6 people raised $500. 
Tom McClellan got to share his views that he will be presenting to the City Council this Monday on what the City should do to clean up Lake Waughop. He is going to offer to oversee the project for a $1 a year.
Teresa Nye explained the success of her Ticor Training at the Lakewood Library even though the rain opened up right before the start time and scared away a few attendees.
Marie didn’t have much more to say so she asked the few of us in attendance to all throw in $3.00.
Once she shared that all the confessions started.
David and Judy Cotant enjoyed 9 nights in Puerta Vallarta for $50.
Randy Black was in AZ for spring training $5, and they bought Tina a new 2017 car for $5.
Bryan Christensen had his $50 birthday check ready to go.
Bob Lawrence had 12 days in Mazatlán. Again his wife Judy forced him to go on another vacation where he had to drink margaritas and enjoy the sunshine. He did not happen to run into the Cotants while there.  $50 to Paul Harris and $50 to Club.
John Munn complimented Marie on the magazine she sent him featuring her smiling face. Marie also had her birthday to celebrate. She donated $100 for both.
James Hairston then shared it was Water and Sanitation Month. He explained how Rotarians are working on some local water projects and doing what they can to clean up Lake Erie.  During this time Tom shared more about our local lakes. Randy Black talked about washing cars and how that all goes in the water system. He suggested local car washes may be a better idea.  He also talked about the products we use in our lawns that runs off.

Rose Sale

Bryan Christensen shared this year’s goal of 750. This is down from last year’s total because we will not have the same donation option of Wounded Warriors’ spouses. This year there just many people falling into this category so the JBLM has said not this year.

Those in attendance really want to have an option for the donation of flowers. Some of the suggestions were spouses of fire and police, teachers, nursing homes, etc.  Many really liked the idea of doing the donation of roses to teachers and depending on the number we sell we start with Tyee Park Elementary and then go to other schools here locally.  We would just need to drop at the schools and have the office hand them out to their teachers.

The committee is not sure they can make that work this year but they were going to take it into consideration.

With this goal of 750 that means each Rotarian should sell 17 dozen roses.

Charlie Maxwell shared some of his tips. He has a spreadsheet and he makes contact with all of those he has relationships.

Sheri Hodson handed out packets to those in attendance. We went through the important dates and how to fill out the forms.

All forms are also on Clover Park’s Clubrunner page,

Yellow and Pink Orders are due by March 31st

Delivery Dates are Tuesday, April 25 and Wednesday, April 26

We will be looking for volunteers to go to other clubs, sort the roses, and help with delivery of roses for those that can’t deliver all of theirs.

Georgene Mellom will be sitting at the front table and asking you what your goal is for this year. When Teresa orders the roses we have to have a very accurate number. Otherwise they are ours.

We can take cash, check, or credit card. Remember we share some of our profit if credit is used.
Raffle Drawing:    
$507 in the pot and once gain Marie Barth held the lucky ticket but once again she could not pull an ace. $5 to Marie.
And Finally...
In honor of Bob Lawrence, Alice Peeples, James Hairston, your humble editor, and any other pilots I may have missed, this description sounds about right:
I want to be a pilot