Posted by Tom McClellan on Jun 07, 2018
Tonya Harding let one get away
Notes from the June 6 meeting
of the Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded and edited by Tom McClellan
Big thanks go to David Cotant and Tom Faubion for their standard excellent setup job.  Jeannie Hill was our greeter, and our invocateur.  And of course we thank the staff of Carr's Restaurant for the great meal. 
The large throng of guests included Bruce Barth, Ingrid Willis, Richard Picton (friend of Teresa Nye, and a real estate broker), guest speaker Hillary Franz and her social mediate manager Ashli Blow, 28th District Rep. Dick Muri, and from the peanut gallery, James Hatcher Billingsley.
Visiting Rotarians included Don Daniels (Lakewood) and Ralph Lockhart of both the Grays Harbor, WA and Sol City, AZ Rotary Clubs.  As he frequently does on his visits to our club, Ralph led our flag salute by reciting John J. Daly’s 1917 poem, “A Toast to the Flag”. 
Sunshine Report:
Past President Dee Ebsen has been quite sick lately, and finally got a diagnosis of acute bronchitis, and thankfully not pneumonia.  She is getting her strength back. 
New Member:
Membership director Paul Webb brought forth Lisa Blevins, the world’s newest Rotarian.  She is sponsored by Marie Barth, and her classification is Real Estate.  She was a professional patient advocate for 19 years before pursuing a new career in real estate.  Alan Billingsley joined in the ceremony, and will be serving our club in the new role as “new member mentor”. 
President Heidi read a letter from the Pierce College Foundation, thanking us for our $1000 donation to their scholarship fund. 
Future Programs:
June 13 – John Munn introduces Lakewood Playhouse’s new season of shows
June 20 – No Noon Meeting
June 27 – Jon Proctor, Ph.D., Paladin Rescue Alliance, Fighting Human Trafficking
Upcoming Events:
June 20 – Installation Banquet. Contact Sheri Hodson if you have not RSVP’d and paid.
July 21 – Summer Social, BBQ at Shelley and Tom McClellan’s house. Bring a swimsuit and a side dish.
Aug. 3 – Rotary Night At The Rainiers. Stay tuned for details about tickets.
Aug. 4 – Rotary Golf Tournament at American Lake Veterans Golf Course.
Teresa Nye handed out packets for the Golf Tournament.  We need members to line up sponsors and sign up players.  144 players is the max, so let’s see how close we can get to that number. 
President’s Minute:
Heidi told another joke.  Surgeons discussing best type of patient, by profession.  Lawyers dissed.  [ed. note: Does anyone know of an actual joke featuring lawyers, in which that profession does not come out on the losing end?  Closest I know is this: "Why would Snow White have made a great judge?  Because she's the fairest of them all."]
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh was helped by new red badger Lisa Blevins
Bob Lawrence: Took a trip, but not to California, nor Florida.  Ed got confused.  Those trips are still forthcoming, but this latest one was to Victoria, BC.  2 days x $5 = $20.  Fines for the future trips to be tabulated in the future.
Heidi Wachter: Her skater daughter competed again, in Seattle, took 3rd.  Her oldest daughter was accepted into honors English and History.  Heidi actually paid $30 by check!
Lakewood Rotary President Don Daniels thanked our club members who helped on the food pack project during the recent District Conference.  No fine assessed. 
Ralph Lockhart offered greetings from the Sol City, AZ Rotary Club.  $5.
Dick Muri offered up $5 as a visiting Kiwanian.
Marie Barth: Confessed to taking a 10-day trip to Montana, and immediately proceeded to the “factors in mitigation” of sentencing.  There was rain or snow most of the time.  And a freak hailstorm hit town, with golf-ball size hail.  Insurance is pending on 6 broken windows, a damaged door frame, and ruined rain gutters.  She proposed $25 as a discounted price of $5 x 10days.  Finemaster Ed accepted, but then turned to spousal unit Bruce Barth to cover the balance. 
Ed was all ready to abandon the Fun And Fines segment, when Judi Maier pointed out that Ed always asks her what she knows that he needs to know, and she rarely has anything.  But this time, he did not ask her, and she did have something.  Judi is going to be recognized, at a ceremony she cannot attend due to the Installation Banquet, as an Outstanding Professor at UW for Teaching Excellence.  Ed did not know what to say.  Judi contributed $20. 
This Week’s Speaker
Hilary Franz is the State’s 14th Commissioner of Public Lands. 
She started by pointing out that #1, she is not a golfer.  She tried it one time, and hit a car going 45 MPH.  Also, #2, congrats to Heidi for her skating daughter.  Hilary grew up skating with Tonya Harding, and survived with both knees and both shins intact. 
Her family came to the area in 1937, fleeing depression-era S. Dakota.  Her father was CPHS class of 1955.  Grandfather was a pharmacist on So. Tacoma Way, and an entrepreneur.  Her father became a farmer and cattle rancher in Roy and Yelm.  So she has an appreciation of the area, the land, and the people who work it. 
She runs the largest (1500 people) fire team in the State.  There have been more fires in recent years.  Her 6 million acres of land is 2nd only to the federal government in total holdings.  It includes 2.6 million acres of aquatic or riparian lands (water front or in the water), about 2 million acres of forest lands, and 1 million acres of farm, industrial, or commercial lands.  They own, for example, the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. 
Rents and timber revenues provide a lot of revenue for the State.  She also gets to regulate the timber industry, including mill work and forest practices.
New projects include rural economic development.  King and Pierce Counties are doing well, others not so much.  A Rural Communities Partnership Initiative hopes to enhance opportunities for growth and development.  A mill in Raymond is being reopened as part of this initiative.
20-year Wildfire Strategic Plan
  • Increase capacity to fight
  • Increase forest health through thinning of fuels
  • Treating 1.25 million acres of State and federal forest land
Dick Muri asked about biomass legislation.  She’s working on that.  Power generation project is in the works in Eastern WA, to burn forest waste.
Tom McClellan asked about how to get past public resistance to biomass power generation (smoke worries).  Keys are location and siting, plus public education. 
Someone asked about the federal government owning a lot of land in our state.  The federal budget to manage those lands has been cut 75%.  She has signed a “good neighbor authority” plan with the BLM.  It lets the State come in to help manage 5 national forests, doing thinning and road building.  The feds pay WA for the work, which can be done alongside state land projects. 
Bob Lawrence asked about State Veterans Affairs programs with her department.  She is all for it, hoping to train vets to do land and incident management and other tasks.
Heidi was holding Karl Roth’s winning ticket, with the pot at $209.  But Heidi drew a 3 of hearts.  $5 to Karl, which just covers his early leaver fine. 
And Finally…
Spotted by your editor in Tacoma, this has to be the lamest and least imaginative personalized license plate ever.