Meeting Notes, June 3

Note taking by Karen Fengler-Nichols, with editing by Tom McClellan
The meeting was called to order by President Sheri Hodson at 12:30. Tom McClellan gave the prayer.
Bryan Christiansen led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Bonnie Boyle introduced the visiting Rotarians: Andrew Nieditz of Lakewood Rotary; George Lin of Taipei; and Jim Sharp of Lakewood Rotary.
Other visitors included Rebecca Hendricks- South Sound 911; Rick Bulman- Pierce Co Sheriff’s Chaplain; Kit Burns- Architect; Doug Richardson-PC Council; Eric Norton- WPFR; Russ Guppy- Tacoma Police Chaplain; Mike Zaro – Lakewood Police Chief; as well as Alan Billingsley’s favorite lunch date Hazel and his wife Debbie Billingsley.
Chris Carr joined the meeting. He thanked everyone who helped with the exterior cleanup of his restaurant. His efforts are consumed inside the restaurant so he and Ellie are very thankful for our efforts. He donated the proceeds to this meetings lunch to our club’s giving funds.  The proceeds totalled $405.
Secretary’s Report: No news to report from Bonnie Boyle.
Sunshine Report: per Karen Fengler-Nichols. Continue to keep Bonnie Kern in your prayers as she recovers from surgery.  [ed. note: Bonnie sent a thank you note for the flowers we sent her, noting that she is “on the mend from surgery and hope to be back soon.”
Upcoming events looking for support - The 6th Annual A Pint for Polio is scheduled for July 18, 2015 2-6pm at Ski Park Lake 17299 South Prairie Carbon River RD Orting WA 98360. Ten tickets are available for purchase. A fun event.  Contact
Sydna Koontz reported on the Partners for Parks event to be held July 25 at Fort Steilacoom Park.  More info next week.
Ken Sharp and Sheri Hodson presented a check for $500 to Tacoma Youth Chorus Judith Herrington, artistic director and founder and Martha Leonhardt, managing director. 
Ken, Judith, and Martha gave glowing testimonials of amazing talents of the participants and how the scholarships allows kids to participate who may otherwise not get this opportunity.
Fun & Fines with Gen Ed
Ed Trobaugh addressed visiting Rotarian and firefighter Jim Sharp, and wondered out loud who’s fighting fires since so many firefighters were present at our meeting today. Jim reassured us that the community is well taken care of, and that fires don’t break out at lunch time.
Next, attention was directed to Grant Blinn since an article appeared in the Suburban Times which reported the Judge Blinn spoke at Tacoma Narrows Rotary, of which Grant used to be a member.  But there was no mention in that article of his membership in our Clover Park Rotary. At first Grant stated that was worth a fine of $1 but Gen Ed can make you squirm, so the fine end up up at $10.
Also in that publication there was an article quoting the governor about our states water emergency. Attention was directed to Randy Black of the Lakewood Water District. Randy offered that there are 2 issues: snow pack vs rain water. Lakewood’s wells are recharged by rainwater, so locally we do not have an emergency. He did graciously agree to a $10 donation to the Fun & Fines pot.
Birthdays Don Sosnowski and Choi Halladay, both 47, but we were assured that they are not actually twins.  An appropriate fine was assessed. Karen George led us in song of a copyright-protected song, the title of which will not be mentioned here so as to avoid attracting attention to that unauthorized but still non-commercial usage.  The fine was for the birthdays, it should be emphasized, and not for the singing; there might have been some confusion on this point for anyone who heard the singing.
Ken Sharp and his wife celebrated their 20th anniversary. His fine was $20 plus $5 due to rounding.  Pl;us he also offered to get tickets for the Tacoma Youth Chorus for anyone who is interested.
Gen Ed’s attention was then directed to Marie Barth.  Her reelection campaign has just begun for her Lakewood city council position. She does have two opponents. She has yard signs for those willing to show their support.
Then there was the question of Marie's trip to rendezvous with her ‘boyfriend of 44 years’ and attend their granddaughter's high school graduation in Roundup, Montana.  This granddaughter has survived a diagnosis of astrocytoma cancer since age 8. She now graduates high school and has plans to study nursing at Montana State. Way to go. Marie offered $100 for this happy event.
Helen McGovern Pliant took a trip to Spokane on EFN Business, and took a couple of extra days in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. She offered to pay $25 for the trip.
George Lin stated that this is his last week here in the area since he will be busy next year as president of his local Taipei Rotary. He offered $75 towards his grandson’s Paul Harris Fellowship. He extended an invitation to one and all to come visit him in Taipei.
Meeting Program: Guest speaker Andrew Neiditz of South Sound 911.
Andrew addressed the progress towards unifying and updating the 911 system since 2011 for the 41 participating agencies and 21 cities and towns in south Puget Sound. He discussed three essential components to create the new system and make it work- interoperability, a vote of confidence from the community, and expectations. The greatest accomplishment so far has been the roll out of new radios to improve communications between all agencies. The next phase includes new facilities, new CAD (computer assisted dispatch) systems, and enabling text messaging.
The raffle ticket drawn was owned by visiting Rotarian Jim Sharp, but alas he did not draw the ace. So a $5 prize, and the pot grows.