This one's a Two-Fer.  Two sets of meeting notes in one article.  So put your reading hats on. 
The July 22 Meeting, notes recorded by Sheri Hodson, edited by Tom McClellan
Jim Hairston’s first meeting as Club President
Invocation: Alice Peeples.  Flag Salute:  Jim Hairston.
Visiting Rotarians: Joy Taylor introduced our guest speaker, Melissa Mallott, who is also a member of Tacoma 8
Other Visitors: Bonnie Boyle introduced her designated driver Paulina Adams.  Alan Billingsley introduced his grandson Gavin.

Sunshine report:  Charlie Maxwell updated the club on his wife, Kathy. She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer due to the number of tumors. Tomorrow she will find out the form of chemo therapy she will undergo. He thanked Judi for her recent card.
Club Announcements: 
Upcoming dates: District Conference is June 24-25 in Olympia
July 21 Rotarians Night at the Rainiers. Jim Hairston will have tickets for the game soon. It is fellowship with fellow Rotarians from around Pierce County.
August 6-8 - Courage Classic is all set. Heidi Wachter is riding.  The Rotarians made their goal of having 50 riders.  Bryan Christensen made an announcement on behalf of Helen McGovern Pilant.  We were unable to secure a block of rooms, so please make your own accommodations.  Bryan spoke to those who have already signed up individually, and also secured their tee-shirt size.  This is a big area-wide Rotary effort to support the Rotary Endowment for the Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect at Mary Bridge Hospital.  There is still room for more volunteers, so if you like to still sign up, please email Helen and also give her your T-shirt size.
September 10 – With our club’s leadership, and with the support of Lakewood Rotary and other clubs, we are hosting a visit by past Rotary International President, Rick King.  He is a fabulous speaker and we will have the benefit of hearing him over lunch at the McGavick Center.  More info to come.
September 28 – Our 3rd annual theater benefit at the Lakewood Playhouse. Much more to come on this, including securing sponsorships and ticket sales. This is a wonderful evening of fellowship with hors d’oeuvres, wine, and a wonderful theatrical performance.  This is one of our two major fundraisers. Bryan Christensen is chairing the event this year as President Elect.
Jim Hairston read a letter from past-president and longtime Clover Park Rotarian Helen McGovern-Pilant.  As in the past, it has just become increasingly difficult for Helen to meet with us on a regular basis. However she is still very committed to Rotary and will be transferring to the Passport Club that meets in the evening. This Club does not have its own service projects so it combines efforts with other clubs. So she is still our point of contact for the Courage Classic and upon her return from vacation she will still pay General Ed for her vacation. We will miss Helen and hope to still work with her on many future projects.
Treasurer Judi Maier made two announcements on recent Board movements.
(1) Board transferred $15,000 from the General fund to the Charities Account to be used over the next two years. The General Fund is a 501c4 account and by definition it is be a pass through account. Since the balance was so high, the board thought it prudent to move it to the 501c3 Charities Account so we can continue to do more good works in the community.
(2) Since the General Fund is in good standing, we will be reducing the Club dues down to $140 for this year at least. This will cover the dues we need to pay the District and International.  No promises for next year, but your July 2016 statement will reflect this amount.
Joy Taylor, our new Foundation Director, suggested that we start the year off strong and contribute the extra $40 not going to the Club go to the Foundation. Joy pointed out the past Foundation Chair (and past president), Georgene Mellom, had suggested it.
President’s Message:
Jim did not introduce us to his weekly message yet. It must still be underdevelopment.  [ed. note: note-taker and Past President Sheri Hodson is pretty insistent that each president has to have a "thing".  Randy Black had his feeble jokes, Bob Lawrence offered moments in history, Sheri had her own "Two Truths And A Lie", and Joyce Loveday entertained us with Rotary Trivial.  It is time for Newbie President Jim to get his act together, according to Sheri.]
Fun and Fines:  
Even though General Ed said he wasn’t going to fine Georgene Mellom for failing to sign in, he had to. Tom Faubion had to match the $2 fine for ratting on her.
It was noted that there were Judge Grant Blinn campaign signs around town.  Grant explained he was running for Pierce County Superior Court.  Firefighters will be putting up 200 more signs- - they gave their endorsement.  Karl Roth was almost roped into a fine, but his kind words about the Judge were enough.  Heidi Wachter was called on to explain how Grant was going to continue to attend Rotary.  She explained that he was a Rotarian and he will find a way to continue to participate.  John Unfred was asked if Grant had the support of the Police, and before he could answer, Charlie said the garbage men’s vote is for sale. 
David Cotant paid his Grand Canyon $50 Wachter.  Bryan Christensen paid his $12.50 debt.  Outstanding Wachters: Heidi, Sheri, Teresa – no interest yet.
Joyce Loveday, Interim President of CPTC, proudly shared news that 1123 students have finished their certificate or degree this year.  Joyce’s first formal task as interim CPTC president was to preside over the graduation ceremony for over 400 graduates.  She also said she knows she was mentioned in today’s Suburban Times in a very nice article. No fine was discussed.
Karen Fengler Nichols went to China for 10 days – 4 major cities and saw all the wonderful sites. Her last 4 days was in our sister city. [ed. note: If Boise, Idaho had a sister city, would it be Girlse?]  Karen experienced wonderful hospitality from the locals.  Karen enjoyed cuisine and local tours.  She was also part of a crew on a boat where she thought she would be helping propel the boat. However there were several 20 something aged Chinese men who did the majority of the work.  A wonderful experience and she paid $50 for the experience.
We had a wonderful Installation dinner with 67 attendees. All non-attendees were asked to contribute $5.
Tom Faubion had 49 scouts helping him on 1500 feet of trails. He walked them 2 miles into the wilderness, and then put them to work digging trails. Some of the kids had never been on trails before. For his 49 helpers and his 1 leadership position, he paid $50.
Charlie Maxwell advised General Ed that Ed missed Charlie’s birthday.  General Ed said he said you had no money [ed. note: Umm, since when is that an excuse?!!!].  Charlie said he still wanted to be sung to today, and a Wachter for his birthday.  The club members all sang to Charlie and wished him a happy birthday.
Today’s speaker:  
Melissa Malott – is a lawyer. She gave up practicing to be the Executive Director of Citizens for a Healthy Bay.  She is from Wisconsin and of course is an avid cheese head.   Commencement Bay had been in a dismal condition a few years ago. Now it has great biodiversity.  Citizens for a Healthy Bay was established 25 years ago as a Superfund watch dog.  There were 8 when they started.  1 remains to be cleaned up.
They have a boat to monitor the waterways. They watch the wildlife, emerging threats. They look for derelict vessels on the boat. They do education for all ages. Habitat restoration, stormwater workshops, cleanup of hazardous waste sites.
Melissa also serves on the Science Policy and Technical Advisory committee. Her legal background and others’ scientific background all help form their recommendations. They refrain from taking a position until they all have the information, and then share with the public so they can make a decision.
The last major cleanup is the Occidental chemical cleanup – drycleaner fluid. Much of the chemicals are in the ground. There is enough to fill the Seahawks stadium. Department of Ecology is handling the clean-up. They are providing info on how the waterways are used.
From 2008- 2015 Habitat Restoration 3308 volunteers worked 14,438. In kind value $334,123. If you would like to go on a 2-3 hour tour on the boat, email
Questions: How are you funded? Contracts, foundations – Russell Foundation, contributions from people. About 1/3 each.  They used to receive funds from the Department of Ecology. Lost $40,000.
What do you do for individual offenders? Call the hotline. Coordinate with the police.
Any plans to have an economist on the board? If someone is interested, let us know. Economic impact would be great additional information.
Raffle Drawing:   
Alice Peeples was the lucky one to have her ticket drawn. There were 3 aces out of 16  left for a chance to win the $1650. She unfortunately drew the 4 of clubs.
And now, the meeting notes from June 29, recorded by Karen George, still edited snarkily by Tom McClellan
Meeting was started on time by President Jim Hairston.  The year is off to a good start that way. 
Invocation: Dave Cotant.  Pledge: Marie Barth.  Sunshine Report: Karen George - No changes to report
Visiting Rotarians:
John Shaffer and Jim Sharp, both of Lakewood Rotary. Fred Moisio, of Tacoma 8.
Visitors: Martha Leonhart from Tacoma Youth Chorus.  She was presented with a check for $500 from our club’s funds requests budget.  They will use it to fund scholarships for kids who cannot afford the costs of participating.
Heidi Wachter gave an update about the upcoming Courage Classic, a Rotary-sponsored charity bike ride over several mountain passes.  Heidi compared the difficulty of that task to being asked to review our club’s child protection policy.  [ed. note: The difference is that there are no massage therapists and fresh fruit being served up when you get done reading over a legal document.  Why is that?!!!]  Club members should look for a copy of this policy document to be sent electronically.  Any feedback or proposed adjustments should be directed to Heidi. 
Fun & Fines
Bryan Christensen and Karen Fengler-Nichols paid $5 as early leavers
Wachters from Teresa Nye, Sheri Hodson, and (eponymously) Heidi Wachter were distributed for collection, as if that was going to matter. 
Alice Peebles had a very special anniversary to celebrate - 71 years to the day since she, and her mother were released from the Japanese prison camps.  So, she donated $1 per year.  [ed. note: if you have not read Alice’s book, “Child POW”, ask Alice at a future meeting.  It is a compelling read.]
Ken Sharp was fined for his long period of absence, a condition which he blamed on a fellow Rotarian (his boss, from THAT other club), who Ken asserts does not let Ken get away to eat lunch, visit home, use the bathroom, or pretty much anything.  But he snuck out this day. 
Fred Moisio - Fred was actually NOT Fined, but his narc was!  John celebrated 38 years of perfect attendance.
Randy Black was fined an unrecorded amount for having hit golf drives farther than General Ed, during an event at which both participated while golfing the new “Nicklaus Nine” at the American Lake Veterans Golf Course.  Both agreed it was a good time, and for some reason, scores were not discussed. 
Joyce Loveday got some ink in the TNT for being named as the interim honcho of the entire Clover Park Technical College.  She is looking forward to it being an opportunity to excel.
Tom McClellan reported on his recent visit (with wife Shelley) to Banff, in Alberta, Canada.  And he also mentioned that his 26 year old daughter had just closed on the purchase of a house in West Seattle. Definitely grown-up stuff.  $100 was offered to the Rotary Foundation. 
Fred Willis just came back from a reunion of soldiers who were occupiers of Berlin, Germany, as part of the “Berlin Brigade”.  It was so well attended that Fred and Ingrid had to seek accommodation in an adjacent motel, the quality of which left much to be desired.  [ed. note: Still better than a GP tiny (i.e. a pup tent), eh Fred?]

Birthdays: Jim “Tank” Hairston celebrated a numeral greater than the Roman L (the assigned upper fine growth limit), and also won ink in the Suburban Times for being the new CP Rotary president for the 2016/17 year.  Public Relations director Bob Lawrence coughed up a $5 contribution for having penned that article, which Sheri Hodson noted had incorrectly stated the year of Tank’s ascension to the position of His Honchoness. 
Today’s Speaker:
Neitha Wilkey from James Guerrero Architects in Lakewood spoke about some of the great projects they've participated in around town.
1. Harrison Prep and 4 Heroes Building.  This was the largest project they've done with over 12,000 sq. ft. of building.  The two schools only share kitchens and part of the gym.
2. Town Plaza I and II in Gig Harbor  - challenging project because of the strict design standards in Gig Harbor.
3. Lee Medical Building in Lakewood was supposed to break ground back in 2007, but couldn't because of the economic down turn.  Once it got restarted, building codes had changed so plans had to be redone.  They also ran into a bit of a snag when they found an undocumented grease intercepter, but the project has come back around and is back on track.
4. WGS Gun Shpt and Indoor Shooting Range in Lakewood.
5. Residential projects on Gravelly Lake, American Lake and around Lakewood and Steilacoom.
6. St. Joseph/St. John's Episcopal Church in Lakewood, near Lakes High School.
7. Slavic Church of Salvation in Edgewood - largest religious project.  Building seats 1,000 parishoners
8. Lakewood YMCA Locker Room Remodel - "Family" locker room
9. Camp Murray Building 3, made to look in a way befitting the historic feel of the installation. 
10. CPTC - Pedestrian Path.  Ran into complications with the Fire Department as they were concerned over losing a paved road for access during a fire.  Her firm found a way around that by making grass patches drivable by fire trucks. 
11. CPTC 8 Building relocation from the site that became Harrison Prep and 4 Heroes Schools.
12. Best Western Hotel in Oregon.
13. Oldest Wooden structure surviving in Tacoma (according to records).  Pictures showed they did an amazing remodel and refacing of the building.
Neely said that "architecture is a process of working with the owners to put each piece of a puzzle into place.
We had an epic raffle with over $1800 in the pot.  3 aces left, out of 15 cards.  Marie Barth pulled the winning ticket, but only walked away with 5 bucks!!!  SO THE POT GROOOOWWWWWS!!!!