President Heidi Proficiently  Presides Over Her Last Meeting, While Our Speaker Was As Sharp As Ever! 
Rotary Minutes
June 19, 2019
Notes Recorded by David Cotant, Edited by Dave Hall 
Call to Order: 12:30 p.m. promptly by President Heidi Wachter, her last regular meeting; she never once was late in starting the meeting, as noted in a Point of Order by Gen. Harrison and Karen George.
Invocation: Alice Peeples.
Salute to the Flag: Hallie McCurdy
Rotary Vision Statement:  Together we see a world there people join together and take actions to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Sunshine Report: nothing to report.
Rotary Recognition by Pres. Heidi:  Incoming Officers: new President Ellie Carr, President-Elect John Munn and Vice President Teresa Nye.  All received the coveted Presidential Chocolate Bar.
Board Meeting, Friday, June 21, 2019, 7:30am, Carr’s Restaurant.  All in attendance will be hosted to breakfast by Pres. Heidi.
Crime Stoppers Fund Raiser Theatre Event: Wednesday night, June 19th.
Clover Park Rotary Charities Fund Requests were fully given out this year.  It is still good to submit fund requests for deserving causes, but they will be considered in the new Rotary year.
Clover Park Rotary Club Installation of new officers and board will be Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 6:00 pm, Lakewold Gardens.  All CP Rotarians are expected to be in attendance!!!
Important Notice: Phillips Road Game Farm Outing: July 3rdRegular Meeting.  Lunch will be pretty informal (Box Lunches). There are benches there, we will take tables and Ellie will have a few extra lunches for anyone that doesn't RSVP. Walking Shoes recommended as we will be taking the tour of the site to see what is needed and what we can do. Alan will send a follow up email out to everyone the day after the Installation Banquet
Fun and Fines with Gen Ed, capably assisted by Hallie McCurdy and Darryl Owens:
*Mike Killen: early leaver
*Joyce Loveday: CP College year end celebration and recognition of faculty and students.
*Teresa Nye: Arranged a matching LeMay Tour like the one that Georgene Mellom won at CPRI.  Her son and 2 buddies get to travel around with Charlie to see cars that are far older than they are.  Teresa contributed for the tour and for lunch for the group.
*Marie Barth:  Real Estate is a good business currently.  Four closings this week.
*Karl Roth: Failed to sign in. (Karl is undoubtedly preparing for his West Pierce Fire retirement by forgetting admin stuff on a regular basis.)
Speaker: Fire Chief Jim Sharp:  Gen Ed introduced the speaker by pointing out that there may be some nepotism or incest in the fire department. Former chiefs Paul Webb and Ken Sharp were a Clover Park Rotarians, then Ken’s brother became chief, and then Ken’s daughter becomes the Media Relations Representative.  It’s good to know a Rotarian or a Sharp.
West Pierce Fire and Rescue Department had over 16,000 calls for service last year, and the number increased each year.  Services include Fire Suppression, Medical assessment or rescue and transport, Marine rescue, Hazardous material management or rescue, Technical Rescues, Fire Prevention education, CERT (Community Emergency and Response Team) Training and more.  The number equates to about 166 calls per 1,000 citizens per year.  As the population ages, the call frequency also rises.  A big portion of calls are for Non-Emergency Medical evaluation.  The department is working to manage these non-emergency calls is a more efficient manner, yet provide necessary service to those who call.
A fire department’s default response for a medical call is to stabilize then transport to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.  Many calls don’t need the emergency department, so other treatments are needed. Calls come in because of a variety of needs or situations: Homelessness, Poverty, Substance Abuse, Mental Health issues, etc.  If the fire department is called, then off to the ER.  If the police are called, then off to jail.  (If the person jailed is there for a non-crime – medical call, and if they can't pay for medical treatment, then the city pays for treatment.)
New methods of managing the West Pierce Fire Department include:
  •  New Basic Life Support plans to include allowing the person, family, friend or taxi to transport a non-emergent patient.
  • BLS transport vehicles for  low acuity patients
  • Sprint Cars: an SUV type fire engine without hoses and ladders will be able to respond to determined low acuity calls without calling the big (low efficient) trucks.
  • Connected Care: A coordinated effort of Northwest Physicians Network and West Pierce Fire and Rescue to identify frequent 911 callers that seldom need emergent care, but rather need connection to community services.  This is a pilot program that has reduced non-emergent calls by 40% and has been recognized by other agencies as a major advancement in managing such calls.
Fire District Levies will be on the August Election Ballots
 Prop. 1: M & O (maintenance and operations) this will continue at the same level, but needs 60% yes and needs $40% voter number that voted in the last election.
 Prop. 2:  Regular Lid Lift levy is $1.50 / $1000 home value.  Needs a simple majority yes vote.
 Prop. 3: EMS Lid Levy is %0.50 / %1000 home value.  Also needs simple majority yes vote.
If all levies pass, it would be less than the previous levy level, and be equal to $ 961.12 on a $300,000 home value.
Is it Worth It?  YES:
The Goal is to provide the same level of service and resources, add 5 additional fire fighters, and make the Connected Care program an ongoing program.
Raffle:  Chief Sharp's ticket was drawn, but no ace. Still "won" $5.00.