Posted by Tom McClellan on Jun 16, 2018
It's not the jump that hurts you. It's the sudden stop at the end.
Meeting Notes for the June 13, 2018 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by David Cotant
Edited by Tom McClellan
12:30  Call to Order: Pres. Elect Heidi Wachter. Invocation: David Cotant. Flag Salute: Becky Newton. 4-Way Test was recited by all in attendance.
Ed. Note: This was President-Elect Heidi’s last meeting as PE, and after the Installation Banquet next week she will be the full-fledged president with all of the powers and privileges appertaining thereto (“Mwah-ha-ha!”).  And sadly this will be the last issue for which I will serve as editor, to be replaced in the new Rotary year by PR Director Dave Hall. So that means I have to empty my bucket of accumulated but unused humor items (you can’t take it with you).  So here goes. 
Visiting Rotarians: None.  However, Bonnie Boyle was recognized as being almost a Visiting Rotarian even though she is a member of this club.  Welcome back and good to see you.
There is nothing to fear:

Guest / Visitors:  Tom Wie with Judi Maier; Bruce with Marie Barth; and Ingrid with Fred Willis
Here is a Rock formation:
Sunshine with Jeannie: Alice Peeples is feeling a bit “Puny”, and not up to coming to the meeting today.
 * Pres. Elect Heidi asks people to watch for an email in the next few days with the Committee Assignments for next year, and to respond to her if there is desire to be on other committees or conflict. 
 * Next Week, June 20th, No Noon Meeting.  Installation Banquet: 6:00pm, Tacoma Country Club.  Be there.
 * Pres. Heidi will then be off to Rotary International Conference in Toronto to become fully Rotarized.
 * Lakewood SumerFest: July 14th, Ft. Steilacoom Park. 
Dave Hall will have both the Shelter Box Tent and display, and the Clover Park Rotary Tent.  Volunteers are needed to: 
A. Set-up both displays, 
B. Man the Booths during the Fest, and
C. Take-down at the end of the day.
This will be a chance for Rotarians to learn how to deploy a Shelter Box, and to promote the Golf Tournament as well as Rotary activities. Contact Dave Hall if you are available. 
This is bad sticker placement:
 * Rotary Summer Social Bar-B-Cue:  McClellans’ Home, 196 Lake Louise Dr. July 21st.  Invitations are in the mail.  Bring a swimsuit and a side-dish, and perhaps a lawn chair.  RSVP to
Would you rather walk on burning hot coals, or a lane of legos?

President’s Moment:  Heidi’s kitchen skills are reportedly questionable.  Her utility slotted Spoon/Fork/Spatula was recently discovered to actually be a Pooper/Scooper.  Good joke, Heidi, and reportedly this is the last iteration of this theme for Presidential Moments (And the crowd goes wild!!!).
Fun and Fines with Gen. Ed and Judge Susan Adams.
Judge Adams as fine collector was promptly fined $2.00 for being late.
PE Heidi: Failed to sign in $2.00.  Neither did Bob LawrenceSeems like a Domino effect:
Joy Taylor: Happy Birthday and yayyyy! for feeling better.  She was down with the left-over flu from Robot Competition.
Pam and Ed Trobaugh: 63rd Wedding Anniversary + 7 years of dating while Ed was at West Point and not allowed to marry.  $70.00.
A great Dad Joke:
David Cotant: Granddaughter’s High School Graduation.  Top 10% at Steilacoom High, and in the State. $20.00
Bob Lawrence: For trips to serve as guard dog over grandchildren. $20.00.
Bob used to be a C-141 pilot in the Air Force, known for flying really low.  Hey Bob, how low did you really fly?
Sydna Koontz: Home from Hawaii, and not here as sponsor for induction of Renee Hanna as a CP Rotarian. $100.00
Fred Willis: $5.00 just because.
Anatomy Clarified:
John Munn: Right Ankle in a big black cast.  Take the recommendations of the wife, not the 10 y/o son.  Jumped off the roof without a parachute.  The jumping was not the problem.  It was the sudden stop upon recontact with the Earth.  Son thought it would be great, wife thought it would be bad.  Wife was right.  Make note.
On that subject, here are some great test answers:
Speaker: John Munn; Lakewood Playhouse 80th Anniversary Year Program and update.
New Logo:  Clover Park Technical College art class submitted new logo designs, and 2 were chosen.  See them on the website as above.
The Fund Raiser was a great success.
      *New Lighting:  LED lighting will give the playhouse far better capability to manipulate lighting, will use less energy, and produce less heat.  All saving money while providing better theatre. 
      * Remodeled Bathrooms.  A great improvement for the theatre.  The men’s bathroom urinal trough has been retired.
      * New Sound System and Speakers.
      * New Carpeting
The Clover Park Rotary Theater Event will have Brighton Beach Memoirs: (a Neil Simons story).  The date is not yet set.
The cost of production of a performance run varies, but musicals cost a lot more than other productions.  The greatest expense in general is the royalties, the rights to use the script.  Production costs for regular play could be more than $6,000, and for a musical could be more than $16,000.
Upcoming Productions:
Brighton Beach Memoirs. The Neil Simmons Story
War Of The Worlds: a Live Radio Show
The Velveteen Rabbit
Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Forbidden Broadway Hits: Popular songs with a twist.
Angels in America: Part One
Angels in America: Part Two
Inspecting Carol: A Christmas Carol gone Wrong
The Producers: a Mel Brooks story.
   Plus several productions for the Educational Series and Theater development.
Questions: How do you choose the plays? 
    A. What’s popular on Broadway, National Reviews, Pole of audience and public, and Board vote.
Q. How much are Season Tickets?
     A. Adult $140.  Educator  $125.  Military $120.
There are about 500 season ticket holders, and the number is steadily growing.  The median age of season ticket holders is now in the 40s, down from the high 50s a few years ago.  About 12,000 tickets are sold for individual attendance.
Q.  Amplify for the club the educational aspect of the theater.
     A. The Theater can use all aspects of production to educate and train students.  Stage sets, the technical aspects of production, the techniques of acting, the reading and memorization of parts, the discipline of working together and in conjunction with others.  Students’ lives are changed in many positive ways by their involvement in theater.
Q. What has the State done for the Playhouse?
     A. A State grant for $58,200 was acquired through the help of Rep. Dick Muri for lighting.  This was a focus and dream of both Marcus and Art Fick, both now deceased.  The old system was from 1967, and was very limited in flexibility, capacity, and was expensive to operate.  Lakewood Playhouse is grateful to have this dream realized.
Raffle:  Speark John Munn had the winning raffle ticket, but could not draw an ace.  $5.00
Adj. 1:23 pm.
Respectfully submitted, David Cotant
And Finally, for the new editor soon to take over, here’s how to write good:
     1. Avoid Alliteration. Always.
     2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.
3. Avoid clichés like the plague.They’re old hat.
4. Comparisons are as bad as clichés.   
5. Be specific, more or less.   
6. Writers should never generalize.
Seven.  Be consistent!
     8. Don’t be redundant; don’t use more words than necessary; it’s highly superfluous.
     9. Who needs rhetorical questions?
     10. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.
     11. And finally, always chek speling: