Posted by Dave Hall on Aug 02, 2018
Inspiration Amid the Perspiration! (Breaking Heat Records!)
Notetaker: Sheri Hodson Editor: Dave Hall
President Heidi called the meeting to order at precisely 12:30 p.m.
Invocation: Randy Black
Flag Salute: Karen George
Heidi Wachter posted the Rotary vision for us all to say together: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change-across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” We will be reciting this weekly in place of the 4 Way Test, during President Heidi's year in office.  
Visiting Rotarians: Scott and Ann Enquist from Lakewood and former Clover Park Rotarian, Bryan Christensen, from Gateway.
Visitors:   Kendrick Davis, our guest speaker, and our regular guest, Fred’s wife, Ingrid Willis. 
August 1, 2018 – Jamie Vogt on Travel Tacoma
August 8, 2018 – Judy Davis from DASIUM on teen Suicide Prevention
August 15, 2018 – Club Assembly
August 22nd– District Governor Visit
Dave Hall presented ShelterBox Challenge Coins to those who helped set up the ShelterBox Tent for Lakewood Summerfest. It definitely was not a one person job. Thank you to Karen Fengler Nichols, (and her husband, Joe!), Karl Roth, Jim Hairston, Tom McClellan and David Cotant(who helped with break down as well). 
Heidi gave her President’s award of Excellence to the hardworking Golf Tournament Committee which included Ed Trobaugh, Jim Hairston, Teresa Nye, Randy Black, Bob Lawrence, Dave Hall, and Tom McClellan. They all received a large, delicious chocolate bar. 
Former Clover Park Rotarian, Bryan Christensen was selling tickets to Gateway’s one fundraiser “Beer, Brats, and Bands”. See him for the $10 tickets.  It is September 8th at 1:00 p.m. 
Tom McClellan shared that our annual membership invoices have been sent out. Karen Fengler Nichols, the immediate past secretary, was the first to pay. Please get the checks to Tom McClellan or the PO Box as soon as possible. 
Upcoming Dates:
July 26th–Join Heidi at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club for Happy Hour
August 2nd– Rotary at the Rainers (if you have not paid Heidi get it in)
August 4th- Our first Golf Tournament 
August 15th– Club Assembly. We will be meeting with our committees.
September 27th– Tentative date for our Theater Benefit
September 28, 29, and 30th– Lakewood Arts Festival at the McGavick Center – Fliers were on the table for all of us. It continues to grow in all different mediums including art, music and movies.
President’s moment was from Bryan Christensen. Bryan talked about even after he left the Club the first time, his wife Tonja kept saying he was still a Rotarian at heart. She encouraged him to come back because he was already living the 4 Way Test which he really believes in. 
Committee updates:
Fundraising – Teresa Nye shared that for a first year golf tournament we are doing really well. Some of the prizes include a Foursome at Chambers and one at Fircrest GC. It may surpass our Rose Sale. Help is needed and you can let Teresa and Jim know in person, by phone, by email by text……just let them know if you are available.  Saturday, August 4that 7:00 am for registration.
Foundation Report – Joy Taylor shared a new year has begun. We have a goal of Every Rotarian Every Year – each of us contributing something to the Foundation. Sustaining member is each of us contributing $100 to the Foundation. 
Service Projects – Clarke Thompson was not present but Heidi shared there will be a new signature project. Clarke is working with his committee on projects to do this year. 
President Heidi was ready to start the program, almost missing Fun and Fines. However General Ed did get his time on the program. 
General Ed questioned Heidi on why no 4 way test and if that was “legal”. She said it was and we would not be reciting it this year, instead reciting the RI Vision Statement.
Heidi also talked about her trip to Sun Valley to watch her one daughter compete in ice skating where she placed first in one of the events and well in other events. Her other daughter mastered a flip turn. So for the all of this and her trip to Sun Valley she paid a fine of $100. 
Lakewood Rotarians all contributed $2 for visiting the club.
Teresa Nye travelled to the Oregon Lacrosse invitational. She said their team did not start well day 1 but finished strong Day2. $20 Wachter.
Fred Willis shared one of his grandson’s was hit by a car on the sidewalk (he is recovering nicely) and the other twin grandson was accepted in a 1 year program to finish his nursing degree. $30 
Paul and Mary Webb are celebrating their 45 year anniversary – all were good years. Paul had a concern that his anniversary is never announced; he always has to bring it up. Fingers were pointing to the secretary (past and present). Sheri shared we are all responsible for updating our Rotary record and maybe Paul should check his record. She was fined $5. Paul offered a $100 Wachter.
Dave and Sheryl Hall are celebrating 28 years of marital bliss. Dave said he forgot but it wasn’t the anniversary he forgot it was the fine. $30 Wachter.
Today’s speaker – Kendrick Davis from the Lakewood Boys and Girls Club
Kendrick took the time to share with us the mission of the Boys and Girls Club and the many things that are being done in Pierce County and then specifically Lakewood. They are serving 1350 kids between the ages of 6-18. During the school year they have programs after school that include a snack and in some cases dinner.  86% of the attendees are receiving free or reduced benefits. It is $120 a month. Reduced amounts can be $80 or $40. If the $40 cannot be afforded there is additional support.  
The Boys and Girls Club in Lakewood includes other tenants in their building which helps offset some of the costs and provides other resources. 
Lakewood serves 175 youth during the school year when they are open from 2:00 – 7:00. Summer they are open 7:00-6:00 and serve about 150. It has many supporters including our Club. They have many ways to challenge the children include an art room, computer room, gym, etc.  
He shared the success they have had with attending national conventions, where they had to raise money to attend. Taking 5thgraders to Yellowstone, national watch competition and Drama Matters. He also spent time discussing the Springbrook program and how the summer program continues to develop each year. We are a contributor to the program each year with many other community groups. 
How we can help………They’re always looking for volunteers – people to interact with the kids. Donations of supplies are also welcome.
Raffle: Anne Winters had the lucky card but drew a Queen of diamonds for a $5 win. Raffle Pot is $381.00
News Item: "Florida man grabs alligator, chases customers in store while on beer run". My question: If the man gets charged with armed robbery, and the gator then gets euthanized and turned into a purse, could the gator be charged as an accessory? (Hat Tip to Tom McClellan for this one!)